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“The English gave Political Unity to India” – Union of India, Jawaharlal Nehru


August 7th, 1952 in the Indian Parliament Nehru said “We want no people in the territory of India against their will and with the help of Armed Forces. We want no forced marriages or forced Unions. This Great Republic of India is free, friendly and affectionate Union of the States of India (Cheers)”.

September 17th 1953 in the Indian Parliament Nehru said “Whether it is Kashmir or any other part, we are not going to hold it by the strength of arms. Mature Nations as we are. We have to show our maturity by trying to understand things, by saying and acting in a manner that helps, not Hinders”.

Time Magazine Jawaharlal Nehru 1955  “What are the basic elements of our policy in regard to Goa? First, there must be peaceful methods. This is essential unless we give up the roots of all our policies and all our behaviour. We rule our non peaceful methods entirely”.


In December 1928 during the Indian National Congress session at Calcutta Nehru Said “Goa has a culture distinct from the rest of India and will be treated as a separate entity”.

Nehru, addressing the Congress Committee of Uttar Pradesh at Sitapur on 21st August 1955 said “It is not true that we covet Goa. That small bit of territory does not make any difference to this great country. We do not desire to impose ourselves on the people of Goa against their wishes. It is definitely their responsibility to choose for themselves. We have assured Goans that it is for them to establish their own future and I further assure them on matters such as Religion, Languages and Customs”.

 Mr Nehru on 4th June, 1956 “I want to explain myself. If the people of Goa, that is, minus the Portuguese Government, and when the Portuguese go and the people of Goa deliberately widh to retain their separate identity, I am not going to bring then by force or coercion or compulsion in the Indian Union. I want them to come, and I am quite certain they want to come too. But that is not the point. I merely say that my National Interest involves the removal of the Portuguese from Goa, not coercion being used in bringing about the Union of Goa with India although I wish it, I desire it and it is the only Solution.

“That is matter ultimately for the people of Goa to decide. I want to make perfectly clear that I have no desire to coerce Goa to join India against the wishes of the People of Goa, But the point is that we feel that Goa’s Individuality should remain and that whenever the time comes for any changes, internal or other, it will be for the people of Goa acting freely to decide upon them “.


Jawaharlal Nehru’s Lahore Bulletin, 9TH January, 1930 “The brave Sikhs of Punjab are entitled to special consideration. I see nothing wrong in an area and a set-up in the North wherein the Sikhs can experience the glow of freedom”


All India Radio Broadcast, 3rd November, 1947 Mr Nehru said “We have declared that the fate of Kashmir is ultimately decided by the people. That pledge we have given not only to the people of Kashmir but to the World. We will not and cannot back out of it.”

Indian Constituent Assembly, 5th March, 1949 Nehru said “Even at the moment of accession, we went out of our way to make a unilateral declaration that we would abide by the will of the people of Kashmir as declared in a plebiscite or referendum, We insisted further that the Government of Kashmir must immediately become a popular Government. We have adhered to that position throughout and we are prepared to have a Plebiscite with every protection of fair voting and to abide by the decision of the people of Kashmir.”

Nehru’s Statement in Indian Parliament, 12th February, 1951 “We have given our pledge to the people of Kashmir and Subsequently to the United Nations, we stood by it and we stand by it today. Let the people of Kashmir decide”.

On June 26th , 1952 Jawaharlal Nehru’s statement in the Indian Parliament “If after a proper Plebiscite, the people of Kashmir said, ‘ We do not want to be with India ‘ ; we are committed to accept it though it might pain us. We will not sent any army against them. We will accept that however hurt we might feel about it. We will change the constitution, if necessary”.


August 1, 1946 Nehru in a Letter to Mr T Shakrie said “The Naga territory lies between two huge countries, India and China, Inevitably, therefore this Naga territory must form part of India and Assam”.

Nehru to Sikhs 6th November, 1947 “The time has changed now. If you wanted to live freely then why didn’t you demand for a separate Country from British?”

Nehru broadcast to the Nation 5th December, 1950 “We are not Pacifists. We keep an army and a Navy and an Air force and if danger threatens us we shall use them. But we seek no dominion over other people”.

YA (Diario) Madrid January 28th, 1957 “Nehru has affirmed, Goa will become part of India, no matter what people think about it, including Goans themselves”.

6th September,1955 Nehru said “Indian Union was not prepared to tolerate the presence of the Portuguese in Goa even if the Goans wanted them there”.

In August, 1955 Nehru said to Mr Zapu Phizo “Whether heaven fall and India goes into Pieces and blood runs red in the country, whether I am there or anybody comes in, Nagas will never become Independent”.

In March 1956 Nehru made a Public Declaration ruling out Plebiscite in Kashmir. This shocked the World.

In 1960 Nehru told Journalist Kuldip Nayar “Taking a small country like Sikkim by force would be like shooting a fly with a rifle”.


Die Presse, Vienna, January 30, 1957 “One can only look upon the Great Nehru as a Hypocrite who played towards the U.N the role of Brutus”.

Richard Russell chairman of the U.S Senate Armed Forces Committee called Jawaharlal Nehru “Demagogue and a Hypocrite”.

Dawn, Pakistan “After a lifetime of Pacifist preaching, he may turn out to have been a champion breeder of Wars”.

Author Paulo Mendonca : Nehru, whose image of Pacifist completely fell apart. In United States, the press portrayed him as one of the “Biggest Hypocrites of the Century”.

The New York Daily “The Hindu Faker”.

Chicago Tribune : “Champion Political hypocrite of the Year”.

U.S President John F Kennedy “Priest has been caught in the Brothel”.

Italian Magazine from Milan, Corriere della Sera : “Nehru is two-faced: Warlike when facing the weak, submissive and Pacifist when facing the strong”.

Patna, January 6th 1962 Nehru said “These newspapers described me as a double-faced man, a hypocrite. They said I was pretending to be an angel of peace on one hand and a tyrant on the other”.


China dubbed Indira Gandhi a ‘Hypocrite’ in 1974, reveals WikiLeaks, China said “Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had “Inherited the Hypocrisy” of her father Jawaharlal Nehru”.

U.S President Richard Nixon considered “Nehru and his Daughter to be mere Hypocrites” Reference - Richard M. Nixon : A life in Full

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