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The meaning of colony in the political sense, is of a group of people of one ethnic group going into and settling in land belonging as a homeland to another ethnic group, or on such "foreign" land or amidst a "native" people. 

A dependency, on the other hand, is a territory subjugated to control by outsiders, by a people foreign to itself. 

Phoenician colonists founded Carthage, which went on to become center of an Empire that seriously threatened Rome and its Empire before finally failing against Rome. 

Arabs colonized West Asia, including Iraq (Chaldea, Assyria & Adiabene), Syria (Aram), Lebanon, North Africa, etc. 

English colonists founded a series of colonies on the eastern shores of North America, these then seceded in the "American War of Independence" to form the United States of America. 

The former English colonies that seceded and united as the USA were governed from London by the Colonial Office, a department of the Government of England to administer its colonies. With the loss of its principal colonies, England's Colonial Office work became directed towards territories that were conquered by England but never colonized in the strict sense of the word. 

"British India" was never an English colony, it was an English dependency. 

Goa was never a Portuguese colony. 
The test of a colony is that the Colonists are descendants of the Colonizers. That was true of the English North American colonies. Neither are the people of the former "British India" descendants of English colonists, nor are Goans descendants of Portuguese colonists.

Goa was also, not strictly speaking, a Portuguese dependency - it was, strictly speaking, a Self-Governing Territory of Greater Portugal. 

In "pre-Modern times" sovereignty was usually acquired by military conquests, not by a free choice by natives in favor of suzerain rule by invaders or foreigners. 

The peoples of Goa, engaged in a desperate fight for survival against the Turk Adil Khan and the Arab colonists of Bhatkal who relocated to Goa and persecuted the Goans, allied with Portugal against their common enemy and after a year long desperate war, routed the Muslims from Goa. Goa became a part of Greater Portugal as a result of this joing Goan-Portuguese effort to expel the Muslims from Goa. The vast majority of the Goan people unaffectedly gave their love and loyalty to Portugal. A territory when it once becomes part of a political entity in a lawful manner is not morally permitted to break the connection without a grave, serious and urgent cause. Goa and Goans had none against Portugal - we were not oppressed, we did not agitate, we did not war. The Indians invented lies about Goan disaffection against Portugal - but by its own standards, it should handover Jammu & Kashmir, Nagaland and other "disaffected peoples and territories" to the UN for free plebiscites so that they can freely choose Self-Determination. 

It is the pretension of "moderns" that sovereignty is not acquired in these times by military conquests, that we are no longer "as barbarous as our forefathers" but are, by comparision, "civilized." 

If that is so, the rules must be the same everywhere and equally applied. 

The Goan people never authorized the United Nations entity to designate Goa as a "Non-Self Governing Territory" and then to pretend to remove it from such designation as a result of its alleged absorption by the Indian Union. 

If peoples can be designated "non-self governing" by a Pan-World body, it must as equally apply that standard to the "subject" and "minority aboriginal ethnicities" of "Great Britain," Russia, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, etc. 

The refusal to do so is hypocrisy. Mendacious hypocrisy. 

The pretension of the UN to designate Goa under Portugal as "non-self governing" is hypocrisy, mendacious hypocrisy. 

The pretension of the UN to then "withdraw" that "designation" of Goa's being a "non-self governing territory" following the Indian occupation of Goa, and its conniving and complicity in the Occupation of Goa, is aggravated hypocrisy. 

What it proves, to the sane and the moral person, is that the UN is a criminal organization, a terrorist entity. 

Goa did not need to vote in 1510 to be or not to be part of Portugal. 

Individuals and groups question Goa's status as part of Portugal have a moral and legal duty to prove their case that Goa had a case against Portugal, that Goa made such a case, that Goans sought to secede, that Goans did freely secede of themselves, and that they then freely exercised their choice to merge Goa into the Indian state. 

None of these are true. 

India recognizes Pakistan and Bangladesh which separated from her in 1947, Burma,  Ceylon and the Maldives which separated from her in 1937, as "independent nation-states" and formally assures them and the world that it does not harbor any claim or desire to re-absorb them back. 

This is is sharp contrast to the Official Policies of the Federal Republic of Germany ("West Germany") against the "German Democratic Republic" ("East Germany"), and of Communist China ("People's Republic of China") against Taiwan-Formosa (the so-called "One China Policy"). 

This is also in sharp contrast to India's pretensions via-a-vis Goa. 

As a matter of fact, from the purely logical viewpoint, if India must be irredentist, it must be irredentist not only towards Pakistan and Bangladesh, Burma, Ceylon and the Maldives, it must also, by logical extension claim Aden, the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait, Malaya and Singapore which were all ruled from "British India," and it must further not allow the pretension of an independent Indonesia (Indian Islands) but must war against it and "absorb it back into itself." 

[Ref Indonesians - "In fact, the name Indonesia itself comes from the Latin Indus 'India' and Greek nêsos 'island' which literally means the 'Indian archipelago.'"]

There can't, from the purely logical viewpoint, be two Indian nation-states. Either there can be India or there can be Indonesia, but both can't possibly coexist from the purely moral and logical viewpoints. 


WHEN a people invade and occupy the homeland of another, then arrogate to themselves the right to make "binding and obligatory decisions" for the native people of the occupies land, such as to appoint a peon-chaprasi Dadlani as "Prime Minister of Dadra-Nagar Aveli" or to unilaterally strip Goans of Portuguese citizenship and to impose upon Goans "Indian citizenship" and an "Anti-Secessionist Oath" (sic!) or a "judicial decision to legitimize" the occupation of Goa by India as "by right of conquest" on the part of the Supreme Court of India in re Padre Monteiro, it is "Charter" and a Certificate that the "conquered people" are chattels and slaves of their conquerors, that, and nothing else. 

The conquerors, the conquered and others may put whatever spin and gloss on the facts, but the facts remain that this remains the truth, that such acts constitute a formal and legal recognition that the "conquered" have no other legal status other than as slaves and possessions and chattel of their "conquerors." 

There are two types of Collaborationist, Quisling Goans - those who, like "Archbishop Neri of Goa" pretend that the invasion and occupation of Goa by India is a moral act; and pretend-Pragmatists who say, "Well, it's too late now, or the Indian state is too powerful for us to resist, so let us make the best of a bad deal." 

Both classes are liars and hypocrites and self-certified criminals, and there distinction between the two is only one of pretense. 

Both classes certify that they are Slaves and Chattels of their Indian conquerors, that and nothing else, and work to persuade and teach and subvert all Goans into submission to this immorality and criminality, to be strumpets and playthings for their Indian masters. 


As context on the real moral and legal duty of Goans, I will set out a citation and a quote in the recent exchanges on The Goan Question initiated by Miguel de Britto. The quote is: «Instead of living a life of hope in dreams, Goans should roll up their sleeves and work for the betterment of their state.»

The citation is: «Catechism of the Anti-Catholic Church given by Antipope John-Paul II, 2310 (Page 423) "Public authorities, in this case, have the right and duty to impose on citizens the  obligations necessary for national defense. Those who are sworn to serve their country in the armed forces are servants of the security and freedom of nations. If they carry out their duty honorably, they truly contribute to the common good of the nation and the maintenance of peace."»

All men have only one real moral and legal duty in the face of certain criminality and evil - that is to resist and to work for its overthrow.

This is as true of the correct response to the Nazis and to Saddam Hussain's invasion of Kuwait, for example, as it is true of Goans to India. 

Morality and law know and allow no other response. 

Goans have only one political loyalty - To Portugal, which is not to the Noahide, Freemason, Judaizer, Anglolatrous criminal entity of "Carnation Portugal," which is only another part of the same criminal fraud against Portugal. 

Pope Pius XII made quite crystal clear that Goans owned moral and legal duty to Portugal, a statement that got the goats of the Indian robbers. 

Against that, the fake popes of the Vatican II Protestant Church only pretend to morality, but have always acted against it in practice. None of them have ever denounced India's crimes against Goa. Antipope John-Paul II, who collaborated with the Communists and the Russian invaders in Poland, never used the moral principles he preteded to, to apply them to Goa and its occupation by India. 

Goans never have any moral or legal duty to the Indian Occupation. All elements of the Indian State - Armed forces, civil services, judiciary, etc. are all criminals and must be treated unequivocally and unconditionally as Criminals. 

Goans have only one true moral and legal duty towards India, which is to eject it from Goa.

As for those who say that it is impossible, given the relative sizes of India territorially and manpower wise - I reply: Relax. God had brought down mightier powers before, and He will do so yet again. 

Goa's Liberation is not a matter of "If" but of "When." This is not a pipedream. That will be a terrible day, not only for India, but also for the Goan traitors and quislings, who will in that day get their just desserts.

Monday, November 18, 2013


While the Chinese threats to regain its occupied territory in the Indian Sub-continent south of the Himalayas becomes increasingly apparent, as China gets stronger and stronger, what does it augurs for Goa? As the Chinese threats loom high to regain its occupied territory south of the Himalayas becomes increasingly apparent, as China gets stronger and stronger, what is it likely to mean to Goa?
Can there also be some very good and valid reasons for China to come to the rescue of the Goans?  By right, Goans are well placed to call for invasion from any country just like some Goans colluded with sand called on India, all though they did so without knowing India’s own hidden agenda.
Rescue through invasion can be called by any country or territory when it is in distress because of inaptness or dysfunction of administering government, on humanitarian grounds or if a territory is under illegal or fake occupation which can in plain and straightforward language can be classified as colonialism. Many countries are conscious of this fact, just as India pretended to be at Goa’s invasion, in 1961. Many countries are supportive of helping other countries when in distress and do actively come forward to redress such situation particularly on humanitarian just as many are sworn and committed to wipe colonialism of any kind from the face of the planet, in this 21st century and are prepared to come to the rescue of the suppressed population.
In this respect Goa’s case has now verged on humanitarian ground because of the forced displacement and social disruption through political manipulation on her population, in order to make space for transplanting invader’s own population which has now reduced the indigenous Goa’s population from majority to mere fraction and has created an outcry in the Western World over their re-settlement and rehabilitation.
It is immaterial for a rescue operation whether a Goan territory was to lie in the Indian Sub-continent or on mainland China for that matter. However, since China is also part of the Indian Sub-continent because part of her sovereign territory lies within the boundary of what is called Indian Sub-continent, it therefore has a role of responsibility to play within that Sub-continent of India. Therefore, China being part and parcel, is potentially an equal player as India, to act as an arbitrator, as India did when she acted unilaterally as self-appointed arbitrator and force divided Pakistan’s Eastern region into Bangladesh on 19th Dec 1971, exactly to the hour and the minute to her unilateral invasion of Goa ten years earlier.
India then acted as a big brother, but Indian Sub-continent is not an exclusive preserve of India, but the Sub-continent is also a shared preserve of China and other nations including Goa, and therefore because of its size, China can act as even bigger brother with a clout even harder! Since China’s territory also lies within the demarcated boundaries of the Sub-continent that makes China an equal ‘football’ field player over the whole Indian Sub-continental field and empowers and privileges China the right to act as a fair and just arbitrator over the region, unlike crook India!
Since China is expected to be the next Super Power by 2020, it means it has to get its house in order even earlier. That means it has to first regain its occupied territories in the Sub-continent of India to consolidate itself in position as a Super Power. This would mean a direct confrontation with India because India will refuse to relinquish the occupied Chinese territories, just as it has refused to relinquish Goa. India might even look forehand for a bunch of so called freedom fighters as it did in Goa and declare the occupied territory of China, as liberated, and yet hold the territory under its occupation like it has done to Goa.
Therefore, while China frees its own occupied territories, China has equally compelling reasons to free Goa as well in tandem by acting as a bigger brother to prove that it does not work in its own selfish interest in isolation, but in impartiality both to itself and others, and in consistent to maintain and uphold a level order as dispenser of Universal justice over the whole field of the Sub-continent in its new role as a Super Power. In this scenario both China and Goa are in the same boat. Both have their territories occupied by India and both issues are International. Therefore, as a even bigger brother in the region China has the duty to put the state of the Sub-continent in proper order for the purpose of security, peace, stability and progress of the region at large. All China will be doing is putting the Sub-continent of India into the right perspective.
Besides these foregoing common or shared factors within the Indian Sub-continent, there are several factors that interlinks Goa to China. than any sector of India. Goa has been connected to China over the centuries on very strong fraternal grounds. Goa as a province of Portugal was responsible for the security and administration of all overseas Portuguese colonies and therefore Macao was directly administered from Goa and not from Lisbon, centuries before Honk Kong came to vision. For centuries Goa has been China’s sole economic gateway for trade to the Western world and the Middle East. As a result there has been much related Goan blood that runs through the veins of some citizens of Macao which has enriched Goan culture in twin heritage.
Yet there is another factor that has brought Goa closer to China over the recent decades 
Goan mountainous soil has been transported to China to such a degree that it has contributed to the Chinese growing economy, that when a Goan steps on Chinese soil he will most likely to feel that he is stepping literally on Goan soil. The other factor is that the iron ore mining rogues and thieves including the Goan governments in vogue during this era, who have fleeced and sold Goa’s resources at the cost of Goa’s irreparable environmental destruction, have benefited from China enormously, and have retained part of their booty in Chinese banks in yuan and renminbi. These are the very same people who have left a legacy in China of delving in luxurious life style at the cost and without the knowledge of ordinary Goans in Goa, whom they regard as powerless sleeping fools.
In Goa, with the excessive windfall of wealth acquired in China, these very guys have dished philanthropic crumbs to Goans in the shape of football, temples and TV stations to earn fidelity from Goans and thereby to expand and exploit the Goans even further through entrepreneurial empires, that control every domain of the Goan economy and the Indian administered Goa Government as well, altogether. 
Some of the media that have grown out of the mining industry fallout are likes of Prudent and Navhind Times that have been responsible to formulate their own sort of discreet ideology that cuts across Goan sentiment and promotes pro-Indian one which has left the Goans for the last 52 years brainwashed, unaware and in bondage. Navhind Times particularly has been notorious at this from it’s very incept.
Taking off the negative impact that Goa has suffered from its crazy exploitation resulting in irreparable environmental degradation of Goa and its society under the brand named ‘Liberation’, let us tally into the potential outcome in what augurs for Goa and her future generation if present Communist Chinese invasion was called at the invitation of the Goans.
There are untold benefits that will windfall in such event for Goa and Goans in Goa and those Goans in Diaspora at large. It will mean a totally new era ---a deliverance of immense magnitude.
First of all for the first time once again a Goan will regain himself to walk on the planet as a proud Goan and not anymore Indian (and III Class for that matter because he has been denied Plebiscite to decide out of his own freewill).
Overnight Goa will hit the sky to sail herself in orbit like a glittering star on path of 21st century modernity. What can be at assured from China, going by China’s honest track record vis-à-vis Macao and
Honk Kong, will be is a guaranteed Macao/ Hong Kong style self-rule, at least, for Goa, unlike India’s bygone false promises and fake liberation, by taking Goans for clowns. This could be ideal for Goans under Chinese invasion because it will mean all non-Goans that have entered into Goa after 1961, will be forced and pushed out of Goa. 
It will be a death knell for the Ghanties (only on regulated time-limited permit as contracted foreigners)and Russians in Goa. This dirty job of pushing the Ghanties out will not be done by Goans, but will be left for the Chinese themselves to do as in Macao and Honk Kong much in contrast to India who wants to see Goans to be outnumbered and replaced by foreigners like Russians and Ghanties.
Financially, Chinese invasion will be a celebration of a life time for the Goans because under the self-rule accorded to Macao as seen, nearly every one has become a millionaire so much so there is now an acute fear in the financial corridors that the world financial capital will be Macao/Honk Kong having shifted from London. Under the Chinese rule Goa will automatically fall into this slot making it a Macao/Honk Kong/Goa trio!
The government will not be anything like what the Supreme Court recently described as "chaotic", "anarchic" and one blessed with "infantile wisdom".that has hitherto been permanent feature of Indian administered Government of Goa, that has taken an air of a fish bazaar, with pan munching semi-educated legislators lacking decent dress code and likewise a civilized behavioural conduct that go together. Where their roost is popularly referred by laymen Goans all over as a den of forty thieves of Goa, and not of Baghdad.
This time it will be a government manned by highly educated, disciplined, morally clean non-corrupt legislators and technocrats, and not the likes of the class of IITian Parrikars 
Just as it is inevitable, unstoppable and successful the looming invasion appears will be, the quicker it results the better will be for Goa. While the Goans fervently beg for Special Status from India, they could pleadingly await for China to step in into the Indian Sub-continent to regain its rightful place and rid the Sub-continent as quickly as it can of its hangover of the colonial past. 
The Goans, most hopefully can perhaps then dance the Samba and Salsa under their own flag in tune with self-ruled sister nation Macao in conjunction with Brazil in a real Portuguese flair and flavour at the Opening Ceremony of 2016 Olympiad in Rio Janeiro This is something the Goans very much missed the last summer at the London Olympics.

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Just for the record, the Goans were and continue to remain unhappy about India’s occupation of their land.
If India’s ‘liberation’ was in any way legal, then so was what Hitler did to the Jews and Pol Pot to his countrymen.
The following are a list of people who seriously have a problem with Hindus and their oppressive regime:
1) Northeastern peoples: Who want’s to be known as a ‘chinky’? Who want’s their women raped and stereotyped as loose? Why should these people love India? They rightfully deserve independence or deserve to be merged with China. What good are the Hindus doing them?
2) Sikhs: It’s a well-known fact that Nehru promised these people freedom from India. Just like he did for Goa. He lied – a common Hindu ‘strategy’. Since independence, the Sikhs have been murdered and killed and forced to serve the Hindus. Research the 1984 anti-Sikh riots instigated by Hindus to get a glimpse of what this is about. They continue to fight for their freedom. Research – The Khalistan Movement.
3) Kashmir: Every Indian knows that Kashmir doesn't belong to India. Typical Indian strategy – create a religious problem where there isn’t one, then say Hindus are being oppressed – then walk in and destroy the indigenous peoples while encouraging native Hindus from India to settle there. The same strategy was used in Goa.
4) Lower Caste Hindus: Interestingly enough, the group with the biggest issues against Hindus are their own lower castes. Many are now converting to Christianity (this pisses of the upper castes who won’t give them a fighting chance at a decent life but want them to remain lower caste slaves) or even Islam (Maybe this is a better option for them?) Research ‘Lower Caste Oppression’
5) Groups of organized militia throughout central, eastern and western India known as the Naxalites: These people are disgruntled villagers of every religion who have decided to throw off the shackles of a nation that does nothing for them and fight for their own independence. They are communist and often resort to Violence. A few weeks ago over 100 (!!!!) policemen were killed by them. Research the ‘Naxalite movement’.
6) South Indian Tamils: For decades, these people have been fighting for independence from India. They rightly claim that India has forced cultural attitudes, an official north Indian language, etc. while doing little to educate or help the people. Interestingly enough, it is the Catholic Church that has and continues to play an influential role in educating the poor here, caring for the sick, dying and homeless and helping people in general live decent lives. The Christians are hated for this.
Research the ‘Tamil Eelam’ movement.
7) Muslims: India is 14% Muslim as per the latest government records. Every 5-10 years since independence, Hindus have organized (with the support of the government) genocides against different pockets of Muslims. Hindus do not let Muslims settle in their areas and cut off supplies of water, food, medical supplies, etc. to ghettos where Muslims live. Naturally, an entire generation of Muslim youth are now awakening to a world where everyone hates them and in some parts (research Gujarat Muslim Genocide 2002) EVERY MUSLIM FAMILY has lost at least one family member. How would you feel if this happened to you?
8) Christians: Last, and certainly the least since they’re the smallest and most helpless minority, the Hindus have now begun attacking us – the Christians. They allege forced conversion of Hindus – a laughable allegation. Christians have had to face genocides in Orissa in 2008 and Karnataka, Goa and Madhya Pradesh more recently. Interestingly, each of these states were run by the Hindutva fascist BJP government which directly advocates the killing of minorities and the imperialist expansion of India’s territory. Research ‘Hindus killing Christians’.
Hindus – Do you still wonder why India is such a F*****G mess?
Readers – Don’t fool yourself – Hinduism will spread in your country and then attack you using the freedom and liberties you’ve bestowed upon them. Do no underestimate the hate of the Hindu. You will be sorry that you did.


GOA was not liberated in any sense of the word in 1961. Goa was actually
invaded by the Indian armed forces, then militarily occupied, and finally
annexed by India. There never was any plebiscite where Goans could decide
the future of their country. The Indian government of the day simply took
over and occupied Goa by force. Portugal granted independence to all its
colonies after 1961, and the fact remains that if the Indian invasion had
not taken place Goa would have today been a free and independent country.
And the Indian government has not even honoured the promise made by its
then prime minister that Goa would be given a special status. So should
Goans be tolerating, much less celebrating anything like a ‘Liberation’
day, or should they be bemoaning Goa’s Occupation Day?