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22nd December, 1961

New York : The New York Daily News in an editorial headed,'The Hindu Faker', yesterday slammed Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru for attacking and capturing Portuguese Goa.

“Of all the sidelights on Indian Prime Minister Nehru’s grab of Portuguese Goa, we treasure most the Hindu leader’s own crack that the quick success of the operation proved it to have been right. “The late Adolf Hitler couldn't have said it better. A bank robber might as well argue that the loot was justly his because he took it in a hurry without killing anybody and made a fast getaway.
“Seriously, though, this Hindu faker Nehru has encouraged greedy, grabby characters like Soekarno and Mao Tse-tung all over the world. After a lifetime of pacifist preaching, he may turn out to have been a champion breeder of wars.
“Can the United States do anything to register a strong disapproval of Mr Nehru’s hypocritical aggression?
“It happens that the US Time Corporation, prior to the Goa grab, was all set to build a five million dollars, 1,500-job, watch-making plant in India. Now Time Corporation notifies New Delhi that the deal is off, and the factory may well be set up in Pakistan, the neighboring nation that Nehru hates most.
“Why not a similar re-jiggering of US aid to India and to Pakistan?”

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Time Magazine 
Friday, Dec. 29, 196

The scorn heaped on India's Prime Minister Nehru for his Invasion of Goa was almost unanimous in the world's press. Samples :
London Daily Mirror: "He has shocked his friends and sadly diminished his own status in the world." 
Madrid's Hoja de Lunes: "A crime."
Paris' Combat: "Neutralism has committed suicide."
Milan's Corriere della Sera: "Nehru is two-faced: warlike when facing the weak, submissive and pacifist when facing the strong."
Chicago Tribune: "Champion political hypocrite of the year."
Detroit News: "The big Brahmin with all the morals has now become Big Brother with all the tanks and planes. He has taken a leaf out...

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India: End of an Image : Time Magazine

What are the basic elements of our policy in regard to Goa? First, there must be peaceful methods. This is essential unless we give up the roots of all our policies and all our behavior . . . We rule out non peaceful methods entirely - Jawaharlal Nehru, 1955
Last week, after years of advocating a policy of nonviolence and lecturing the world—especially the U.S.—about its aggressiveness. India's Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru went, as he piously put it, "contrary to my grain.'' On Nehru's orders, Indian forces Invaded the tiny, 451-year-old Portuguese colony of Goa....

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Walter Russell Crocker first lived in India as an army officer during World War II. He returned in the 1950s, serving two long terms (1952-1955 and 1958-1962) as Australia’s High Commissioner in New Delhi.

In his book ‘Nehru A Contemporary’s Estimate’ Walter Russell Crocker, Australian Ambassador to India says “Nehru would push and slap the people who got too close to him in Public, as Indians tend to do.  Nehru was irritable, but also bombastic and verbose, making too many speeches (often three a day) and spending too much time lecturing the west.

Walter Russell Crocker says “The people of India were not better-fed or housed and were more corruptly governed. They were subjected to a worse law and order situation and more unemployment”.

Nehru was careless with his time, once giving 3 hours to a high school delegation from Australia, while his ministers waited. Crocker, who served in Delhi as Australia’s Ambassador, said “Nehru had not sympathy for Gandhi’s Religion, or for religiousness at all”.

Walter Russell Crocker was deeply critical of many of Nehru’s Political decisions especially “The Invasion of Goa” and “India’s Kashmir Policy”.

According to Walter Russell Crocker Nehru’s Annexation of Goa was illegal, though only Rajagopalachari and Jayaprakash Narayan opposed it. Walter Russell Crocker writes “ what many of us will not believe : If Portugal had insisted on a Plebiscite, Goans would have preferred Portuguese rule to Indian”.

Nehru knew this and he said in 6th September, 1955 “Indian Union was not prepared to tolerate the presence of the Portuguese in Goa even if the Goans wanted them there”

This explains why Nehru never held a Plebiscite in Goa after 19th December, 1961.

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GOANS KILLED BY INDIAN TROOPS 1961-62 By Franco Fernandes

Vasco Vieira Garin, Portuguese Representative to the United Nations, 18th December 1961 “What is important and most pressing is a cease-fire and withdrawal of Indian troops from Portuguese Territory, because people are being killed in Goa by the Indian Invaders”.

The Background : Manuel Santana Rodrigues runs a Restaurant at the seashore resort of Bogmalo , near the town of Vasco-da-Gama. He had Seven Children. On January 15th 1962, 10pm two Indian Union Army men came to his Restaurant and demanded packets of Cigarettes. Manuel said he has no Packets of Cigarettes. They had an Argument.

The Crime : Manuel Santana Rodrigues returned to his House that day. On January 16th around 1 AM those two Indian Union Army men who had argument with Manuel Santana Rodrigues came to his House and threw a Hand-Grenade inside his Window Severely Injuring his wife Milagrina Rodrigues and Killing his 12 year old Daughter Luisa Rodrigues on the spot.

The Aftermath : On 17th January 1962 over 5000 black-clothed Goans coming from all over Goa attended the funeral service of the ill-fated Luisa Rodrigues, to mark their protest. There were Anti Indian demonstrations in most part of Goa.

The Bandit Indian Union soldiers who, by the code of any other civilized country would have had to submit themselves to trial and punishment by court-martial, were permitted to escape into the Indian Union.

Indian Union Response : The Indian Union Media did not report on his incident till February.

D.F Karaka from The Current Weekly of Bombay, “Is this your Peaceful Liberation, Mr. Menon ?”.

Jawaharlal Nehru “Just a few inevitable casualties necessary in a great war of Liberation.

Indian Military General KP Candeth, called the Murder a “Regrettable Incident”.

Similar Atrocities : A 12 year Old Goan boy was riddled with bullets by Indian Union Troops at Cansaulim, while returning home from a shopping errand on which his mother had send him.

Germano de Sousa, a school teacher from Calangute and father of three infants, was killed by Indian Union troops, while returning from church, merely because he did not understand what Indian Union troops ask him in Hindi.

Yet all these Victims were according to Nehru “ Just a few inevitable casualties necessary in a great war of Liberation”.

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WHY ONLY WE? by Bendo Juze

As a young man I was following up the Political Indonesia way back in May 1998. With the long time President Dr. Suharto of Indonesia falling from power through a public revolt, reports started coming that now attention was falling to a tiny enclave called East Timor which was a former Portuguese colony and was occupied by Indonesia in 1975.
Had heard that two years before two East Timorese, Bishop Carlos Filipe Ximenes Belo and José Ramos-Horta won the 1996 peace prize for peacefully fighting for the cause of East Timorese Independence. And with Suharto’s fall the fall of this illegal occupation began. Beginning October 1999(just 12 years back) east Timor became a free country though there was lot of Bloodshed.

Indonesia always justified it’s occupation of East Timor by saying INDIA INVADED GOA( But finally Humanity triumphed in East Timor.
If you see in history, the following lands were occupied by the Portuguese.
1)         Goa,Damao, Diu
2)         Brazil
3)         Mozambique
4)         Sao Tome and Principe
5)         Cabo Verde
6)         Guinea-Bissau
7)         Angola
8)         Macau
9)         Timor Leste (East Timor)

Have a look at all these lands today. If you see Macau has been handed to China but follows the “one state two administration policy” meaning Macau is culturally distinct from Communist China. All The rest except “GOA” have become free countries, some of them are even smaller than Goa in Population and by land. Sao Tome is such a small country, Could Gabon(its large neighbor) not claim it? Could Senegal not Claim Cabo Verde? Nothing happened. All the other Portuguese Colonies are culturally distinct.

And not to me mislead facts, The KASHMIR issue today just rises from the fact that Maharaja Hari Singh wanted to be ruler of a free Kashmir. When he needed Help, he pleaded it from India which agreed only provided he joined the dominion of India. And what follows is what we see

Finally why did India Need Goa? Just to immerse its people in Goa’s better lifestyle and Culture and to use Goan Identities for getting PORTUGUESE Passports and enter the European Union. I just tell this. India had such a Big Coastline. But Only Goa was kept so good.
Why? Was just because of the Portuguese. I’m not saying they had to stay forever, but we Goan’s needed a land of our own after 451 years of rule by the European powers when the concept of India did not last till 1947. And seeing the state of Goa now all I can say is what Good was done by the Portuguese in 451 years was undone by India in 25 years ( not saying 50). All I can ask is, Why, Why, Why? Why only we among all other Portuguese colonies had to suffer. Can anything be done now?

INDIA-PORTUGAL TREATY OF 1975 by Lucio Mascarenhas, Sangolda

INDIA-PORTUGAL TREATY OF 1975 by Lucio Mascarenhas, Sangolda
In 1974, there was a coup in Portugal. As is usually the case, one oversmart and insubordinate military officer [Spinola] thought that he knew better than anyone one else. And he had had a good reputation for fighting in Portuguese Guineau. Therefore, the communists and other sewer rats latched onto him, and used him to stage a Coup.
The same thing happened with France. People thought that Charles de Gaul would rescue the situation in French North Africa, but he only betrayed France and Christendom, and surrendered Algeria like a rat to the Arabs and Islamists. The result today is that millions of Arabs and Muslims have begun to colonize France itself.
Coming to the traitorous rat who staged a coup in Portugal: He formed a new administration which permitted a communist outlaw of Goan origin, Mario Soares, to return to Portugal and not be prosecuted as a absconding criminal. In fact, the absconding criminal was even made a minister. This criminal got together with his ideological fellows in India and signed a "treaty". This "treaty" is registered with the UN, and is available on the Internet.
However, the treaty is illegal, null and void. Putting aside the question of the legitimacy of the Portuguese government that signed that treaty, I ask these questions:
Was Goa merely a possession of Portugal? Could Portugal, in this age and day, unilaterally transfer Goa to India?
The answer is No.
Goa was not a mere possession. We are integrated into Portugal. We are integrally Portuguese. We are Portuguese citizens - which Portugal still, despite the "treaty" legally and constitutionally recognizes.
At one time, lands were purchased and sold without reference to its peoples. Such transactions were never moral in themselves. However, today, International law has so developed that is no longer countenanced.
The Sale of Alaska by Russia to the USA. Of Florida by Spain to the USA. Of Louisiana by France to the USA. The Sale of Alor and other Portuguese dependencies to the Netherlands. The sale of the Nicobar Islands by Denmark to British India. Etc.
Since there was no reference to the people of Goa, and since the people of Goa did not ratify the "treaty" or agree to it in any manner before or after, it has no value and no legal meaning.
The "treaty" in itself is an act of Fraud. It alleges that Goa became an integral part of the Indian Union from the dates of the Indian occupations - 1954 & 1961. That is Fraud because between those dates and 1974, when "Portugal" formally "repudiated" Goa, the Indian occupation was not accepted either by the Goans or by the Portuguese government, and the same could not be imposed upon either as having been with their agreement and assent by retrospective effect and effectively by one not in continuity with them, but a mere robber and outlaw!
Goa can become free only when Portugal returns to its senses. We need to wake up Portugal. At the moment, metropolitan Portugal has rebelled against the Portuguese State, against the Portuguese Communion, and has seceded and constituted itself a secessionist state. It abandoned Timor and other Portuguese provinces to their fates and to the tender mercies of their enemies.
We need the Counter-Revolution to begin in metropolitan Portugal. A revolution that looks forward to restore the Portuguese state as a multi-territorial, multi-ethnic state, the Portuguese Communion, as it was until 1974. And for that the Portuguese African and other provinces need to be recovered also.
This may seem hard and utopian. It is not. It is more difficult attempting to build an independent Goa without reference to Portugal. It is more difficult attempting to build a restored Portugal only with metropolitan Portugal and with Goa. It is easier to join up together with all Portuguese patriots, Goans, Metropolitans, Africans, East Asians, etc., and work for the restoration of the Portuguese Communion


Ever wondered why no one In India speaks of the 1962 Indo China war. Reason is that in this war India tried to Provoke China after Playing a Friend Game by Nehru called "Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai". The same Leadership of India which Invaded Goa months earlier was invilved in China. Smart, The same who take pride in speaking about wars in Pakistan never speak about war's with China. The Following is found abt the Sino India war on Wikipedia(
During June–July 1962, Indian military planners began advocating "probing actions" against the Chinese, and accordingly, moved mountain troops forward to cut off Chinese supply lines. According to Patterson, the Indian motives were threefold:
  1. Test Chinese resolve and intentions regarding India.
  2. Test whether India would enjoy Soviet backing in the event of a Sino-Indian war.
  3. Create sympathy for India within the U.S., with whom relations had deteriorated after the Indian annexation of Goa.
By early 1962, the Chinese leadership began to fear that India's intentions were to launch a massive attack against Chinese troops, and that the Indian leadership wanted a war.In 1961, the Indian army had been sent into Goa, a small region without any other international borders apart from the Indian one, after Portugal refused to surrender the exclave colony to the Indian Union. Although this action met little to no international protest or opposition, China saw it as an example of India's expansionist nature, especially in light of heated rhetoric from Indian politicians.
India's Home Minister declared, "If the Chinese will not vacate the areas occupied by it, India will have to repeat what she did in Goa. India will certainly drive out the Chinese forces", while another member of the Indian Congress Party pronounced, "India will take steps to end [Chinese] aggression on Indian soil just as she ended Portuguese aggression in Goa".By mid-1962, it was apparent to the Chinese leadership that negotiations had failed to make any progress, and the Forward Policy was increasingly perceived as a grave threat as Delhi increasingly sent probes deeper into border areas and cut off Chinese supply lines] Foreign Minister Marshal Chen Yi commented at one high-level meeting, "Nehru's forward policy is a knife. He wants to put it in our heart. We cannot close our eyes and await death."The Chinese leadership believed that their restraint on the issue was being perceived by India as weakness, leading to continued provocations, and that a major counterblow was needed to stop perceived Indian aggression.
It is said that Nehru never recovered from this defeat and was one of the cause of his Death. Krishna Menon, The Main Man behind the Goa attack, resigned as Home Minister in Disgrace after the war with China. He later left the congress and stood as an Independant candidate. Menon died at the age of 78 on October 6, 1974, whereupon Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi remarked that "a volcano is extinct".

IS GOA INDIAN ? By Lucio Mascarenhas, Sangolda

IS GOA INDIAN ? By Lucio Mascarenhas, Sangolda
Portuguese India or Goa came into existence in 1510, when the Portuguese, at the request of the Goans and of the Vijayanagar Empire, liberated it from the Brahmin Sultan of Bijapur.
The Indian Union or Bharat, is a country invented by the English who conquered and fused a great many states and nations into the British India Empire. Later, this Empire was partitioned twice on religious bases: in 1937 , to separate the Budhist dominated Ceylon and Burma (Myanmar), with the consent of the Indian National Congress, and again in 1947, to separate the Muslim dominated Pakistan and Bangladesh.
Today, what was British India is the following sovereign states: Bharat, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma (Myanmar), Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Maldives. Not to mention Malaysia and Singapore which were separated a long time ago.
However, on the other hand, there is another anthropological reality - East India or the East Indies. This is a much larger sweep of territory, including the Sunda Archipelago, the Phillipines, the Indo-Chinese Peninsula (which houses the modern states of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Burma), and goes on the western side, beyond Pakistan into Western or Iranian Baluchistan and into Cis-Montane Afghanistan.
This East Indies is divided into two halves — called Hither India and Further India. The latter is the part dominated by the former British India Empire, while the former is the Eastern half.
In August 1947, the British East India Empire was divided into two new states — Bharat and Pakistan. With that British India came to an end - ceased to be.
From commencement, Bharat has strenuously protested, in the face of doubts by the Pakistanis, Lankans, Nepalese, Burmese, etc., that it did NOT wish to reverse the partitions of 1937 & 1947, and that it recognized the territorial boundaries of these states, and did not covet a single square inch of their territories.
Yet on the other hand, Bharat has insistently claimed the right to absorb the enclaves of French and Portuguese India embeded within its territories.
Bharat demanded that France and Portugal negotiate with it the transfer of these territories to it. In the face of popular agitations, France acceded and conducted a plebiscite, in which the people of the French Enclaves — Chandernagore, Yanam, Pondichery, Karaikal & Mahe de Labourdonnais voted to be integrated into Bharat.
Accordingly, France negotiated a treaty and transfered these territories to Bharat.  Portugal, however, refused to even consider any negotiations. Bharat attempted to stir up public agitations in the Portugese India but failed to gain public support.  In 1954, Bharati irredentists, organized a movement, ostensibly a pacific one, but reinforced with armed troops of irredentists and regular soldiers and invaded Portuguese India by surprise.
As a result, the enclaves of Dadra & Nagar-Avelim were lost to the terrorists sponsored by Bharat.
But in other parts, notably the isolated enclave of Terecol, the terrorists were ruthlessly put down and the enclave reunited with Goa. The Portuguese also began to build up forces to protect Goa. However, soon after, the Portuguese were forced to relocate most troops to Portuguese Africa, to put down the Communist rebellions there.
Both before the 1954 invasion and after, Bharat officially promised that Goa's fate would be decided by the citizens of Goa.
However, when in 1954, Bharat invaded and occupied two Goan enclaves, it annexed them without any plebiscite, merely as a result of a conquest by force of arms!
This is duplicity. This is hypocrisy.
But more was to come.
Since Goa was not a territory alientated from Bharat, which did NOT exist at the time of its foundation, and since Bharat had already assured those states that had more recently been alienated from it that it had no designs on them, Bharat therefore had NO rights or moral basis to levy any claims upon Goa and its citizens.
And therefore, Bharat had no business interfering in the internal affairs of Goa and to dictate whether the Portuguese should remain or not. Only the Goans could have the right to decide that.
When the government of Bharat however, saw that the Goans did not support its program of mischief and robbery, and that the criminal acts of 1954 could not be repeated, it took a new tack.
It enforced a blockade upon Free Goa, in an attempt to starve and terrorize its citizens to fall in with its program.
From 1954 to 1961, when Bharat invaded and occupied Free Goa, this blockade was in effect.
During this blockade, the terrorists inflicted a great deal of suffering upon the Goan people. Goans seeking to travel across the frontiers were humiliated and dehumanized.
None of this, however, broke the spirit of the Free Goans and Bharat could not make any headway.
Therefore, becoming desperate in the face of its humiliating failure despite all means adopted, Bharat decided to invade and occupy Free Goa by force of arms.
This was accomplished in December 1961, when some 50,000 Bharat Army terrorists supported by another 25,000 invaded and overwhelmed the poorly armed and lightly manned Free Goan armed forces comprising of some 5,000 Goan and Portuguese troops and policemen! (I call these soldiers terrorists, since they did wrong under the Nuremberg principles, and their actions can only be described as "Crimes Against Humanity" and as Terrorism!)
What bravery and courage was displayed by the Bharatis in taking on such a mighty opponent!
But what is important is that following the invasion, Bharat announced that Goa had become a part of it by might of arm, thus throwing into the dustbin its pious promises that the citizens of Goa alone would decide the fate of Goa!
Bharat amended its constitution by the 12th Constitution Amendment Act to claim that Goa had, as a result of its criminal invasion and occupation, become an integral part of Bharat!
There was NOT ANY KIND OF POPULAR VOTE, REFERUNDUM OR PLEBISCITE by which the Goans decided that they wanted to be integrated into Bharat!
Subsequently, in 1974, when the Portuguese Communist terrorists and bandits overthrew the Portuguese government, they signed a "treaty" with Bharat wherein they recognized that Goa was integrated into Bharat from the day of its occupation!
This "treaty" is illegal and without any value. That is because Goa was and is not Portugal's to bargain over without the express and stated consent of the Goan people, in accordance with all norms of international laws.
Goa is NOT Portugal's chattel, and Goans are not Portuguese slaves that Portugal, granted the dubious point that the Communist terrorists, pirates, hijackers and bandits ARE the legal Portuguese government since 1974, so that Portugal can gift or cede Goa and Goans without any legal reference to the wishes of the Goans!
Therefore, this "treaty" is nothing but a fraud and a mockery of all norms of law and decency and an attempt by Bharat and its allies in the Portuguese underworld, the Portuguese Communist terrorists, ship pirates, hijackers and bandits, to add insult to the injury of the Goan people suffered at the hands of terrorist Bharat!
Lastly, I want to pointed draw the reader's attention to these facts:
In 1947, four princely states — the Nizamate of Hyderabad, the Nawabates of Junagadh, Mangrol and Manavadar — were invaded by Bharat, their rulers unseated and plebiscites held, by which the peoples of those states voted to be integrated into Bharat.
In 1954, a plebiscite was held in French India.
In 1961, NO PLEBISCITE was held in Portuguese India.
In 1975, a plebiscite was held in the invaded and occupied Kingdom of Sikkim, wherein the foreigners, Nepalese citizens settled there, voted to merge the Kingdom into Bharat!
Now, this is my challenge:
PROVE that there was any LEGAL POPULAR MECHANISM — Plebiscite or Referendum, (in keeping with, for example, the UN Resolutions to which Bharat is party), whereby the citizens of Portuguese India had freely chosen to have Goa integrated into Bharat OR admit that, in fact, Bharat merely pretended to annex Goa on the basis of its unmitigable banditry!
Prove that the Chavan-Soares Treaty of 1974, which was signed by Mario Soares, a Communist bandit who represented NO legal or elected Portuguese government, and moreover, that did not CONSULT the Goan citizenry, constituted a legal transfer of Portuguese India to Bharat
Prove the moral and legal basis of Bharat's claim to Goa both before and after its occupation, OR admit that there is in fact none.
Draw the necessary conclusions from the above and state the present legal and constitutional position of Portuguese India - whether it is a legal part of Bharat, or of Portugal, or of neither, and state the reasons why.
I once again draw the reader's attention to these facts: Bharat INSISTS that it does NOT covet a square inch of the territories of states severed from it, not in 1510 but in 1937 & 1947, even while it pretends that it has some divine right to impose itself upon us Goans who have been separate since 1510!
Again, Bharat has time and again, strenuously assured these states, severed since 1937 & 1947, that it did NOT seek, wish or desire to reverse these Partitions. And yet, it pretends that it has some divine right over us Goans!
Who is game to take up my challenge?


It was quite a relaxing day yesterday and since i had nothing much to do, I thought of Listening to the CD of National Anthems of the European Countries which my friend had send me from Portugal. It was so beautiful to listen to all of the European National Anthems. That I just thought almighty God why Goa and Goans can have one or at least a Patriotic Goan Konkani Song.
Because I will never stand up or feel Indian Anthem as one of our own all my life long because Indian Anthem was created for Indian States and Goa was still a Different country, born and baptised 300 years before the Indian name came into existence given by the British and most of all the name Goa is not Mentioned in the Indian Anthem.
Since Goa is not mentioned nor its Language was mentioned in the Indian National Anthem and during its formation as Independent Country in 1947, itself proves that Goa was never a part of the name (INDIA) given by the British.
The very Indian Anthem proves that Goa was indeed a different country of its own and was never part of INDIA.
For this logical reason alone I felt strongly about having Goan National Anthem. All my Goan Tiatrist and Patriots pass this to our Goan pride to be made into a Goan National Anthem. Goans do need Goan National Song that will unite where ever we Goans may be we could always sing the Song and say Viva Goa.

GOAN LIBERATION BY GOING TO LAW? by Lucio Mascarenhas, Sangolda

GOAN LIBERATION BY GOING TO LAW? by Lucio Mascarenhas, Sangolda
Human law has progressed in some ways over the last hundred years. First there was the establishment of the International Court at the Hague, then the Nuremberg and Japanese Trials, the development of the United Nations and of International Laws, etc.
As illustrated by the Pinochet incident and the treatment of Slobodan Milosevic, the Cambodian and Rwandan situations, etc., laws in many countries and in regional groupings such as the European Community has been further developed to extend jurisdiction to crimes not normally within the jurisdiction of the laws of these states. Thus, a 'Criminal Against Humanity' can be hauled up and tried even when his purported acts were perpetrated in third countries.
Today, there are influential groupings of Goans throughout the West, in Lisbon, Portugal, in London, in America and Canada, in Australia and New Zealand, etc., and there are very many qualified, capable and eminent lawyers, criminologists, etc., of Goan extraction.
Moreover, Portugal is also a member of the European Community.
All this creates a great opportunity for the Goan Liberation Movement.
Goans must haul up Portugal before the European Community and International Court of Justice for its act of fraud perpetrated by the so-called 'Chavan-Soares Treaty', and force it to nullify that fraud upon Goa, and to resume its obligations towards Goa under the relevant provisions of International Laws. Furthermore, it should be possible to also haul up the Indian Union under these laws.
For residents in the United States, it should be possible to file a case against the Indian Union for damages for its invasions of 1954 & 1961, its act of occupation and pretended annexation, its flagrant acts of hypocrisy, the trauma, injuries, losses and displacements resultant to the invasions, the occupation and the pretended annexation, acts of state-sponsored terrorism prior and subsequent to the invasion, the rape of Goan women, the murder of Goans, the robberies by troopers of the invading forces, the destruction of Goan assets such as the Diu and Dabolim airports and the Goan Airlines TAIP (Transportes Aeros India Portuguesa), etc., as also against Portugal for its act of fraud, the 'Chavan-Soares Treaty'.
And even if it is only a class-action suit for billions of dollars in damages, it will still force Portugal, the Indian Union and the world to sit up and notice.
All this will build up pressure on both Portugal and the Indian Union and force the Goan Question to the forefront of International consciousness, and make it impossible for both perpetrators to continue with their wrong-doing.
I would suggest that Goans get together and look into these possibilities seriously.


As a child of the brain washed generation I was taught in schoolbooks that some so called Great Freedom Fighters fought for the so called Liberation of Goa. I remember one Incident way back in 1993 as a kid.
The Gomantak Times published an article saying “Freedom fighter struggles for life”. It carried an article of a Beggar who was dying on the road but he claimed to be a Goan Freedom Fighter. When asked what did he do for Goa’s freedom, He says that he with his gang Bombed a Police station (Bombed, Even Mumbai was Bombed and this is taken as a Crime). And now he claims that the Government should give him a Pension.
Mathematically speaking considering that 50 years passed since Goa was Invaded (As India’s Supreme court says It), most freedom fighters should be very old ( at least 60+) or should have passed away. But contrary to that it seems that the Number of freedom Fighters Increases with the years! How come? Are there any special individuals whose age decreases with years, like the King who wanted to grow younger?
This point out one of the biggest frauds, the “Menace of Fake Freedom Fighters”. I’m pretty sure that a Point will come when a Migrant born after 19 December 1961 will claim to be a Freedom Fighter.
The fake freedom fighter Menace dates back to the tenure of the first chief minister of Goa Dayanand Badodkar. During that time, it was V N Lawande who controlled the freedom fighters lobby which displeased Bandodkar. And in order to gain control of the Freedom Fighters Association, he put in a thousand odd fake names of his ‘chamchas’ as freedom fighters. And that is how today we have freedom fighters in Goa who had not even seen the Goan borders during that time.
The guidelines for recognition of Freedom fighters and the extension of Central pension to them are very precise. The guidelines specify that only the person who has been sentenced to imprisonment for not less than six months, or sentenced to death, or died after release from detention from injuries sustained in detention, or became permanently incapacitated due to such participation,” could apply for the status of freedom fighter.
Shockingly the erstwhile BJP led NDA government sought to confer the hallowed privilege on 4,000 people from neighbouring Maharashtra comprising those who had merely participated in the rallies held in Pune and other parts of Maharashtra or courted arrest for a day. Veteran freedom fighters are appalled that such acts of tokenism which are purely symbolic and marginal should be sought to be equated with those who had made great sacrifices. This sought to belittle the struggle of genuine freedom fighters.
In the video provided by Parrikar’s Government it says that 1.71 lakh people fought as Goan Freedom Fighters. Among those felicitated by the parrikar regime were 42 freedom fighters from Karnataka, 36 from Madhya Pradesh, 20 from Maharashtra,10 from Jammu and Kashmir, 9 from Rajasthan, 7 from Gujarat and five each from Tamil Nadu and Daman, apart from others. And Most of them were RSS members thus creating a Disillusion that the RSS was involved in Goa’s Freedom struggle.
But this story takes an Interesting Twist. The inclusion of more fake freedom fighters has already angered the original list of fake freedom fighters which include Prabhakar Sinari, Vasant Molio, Flavian Dias and Nagesh Karmali. Ha Ha. Tit for Tat. These are the people responsible for the Ill’s of Goa today. Today when Goans are struggling to cope up with the Migrant Influx.
The Goan Identity is eroded, Crime rate is Increasing and The only issues these fake freedom Fighters think about is, defaming the Portuguese, renaming Portuguese named streets to Indian names and what Not.Many of them were actually criminals who were facing Justice in Portuguese Jails and after being released or escaping spread lies about the Portuguese to others to gain support and Sympathy.
And above all get a Pension at the Cost of the Poor Goan tax payer. Worst of all is that unlike freedom fighters who faught the British these Goan ones Get pension 3 or sometimes 4 times a year i.e on 26th January, 18th June, 15th August and 19th   December!!!!. Riducilous isn’t it. If you have a friends circle and someone calls you for his Birthday Party. Will you give a present Just to the birthday boy or to all from your friends circle at the Party? It is high time Goans arise and stop this menace. This is a worse form of corruption and no doubt why till none of these Freedom Fighters have spoken against corruption.
The true Goan freedom fighters wanted a Goa for Goans and not for other Invaders. No doubt many of them died cursing the Invasion. Many are reported to have even attempted suicide. Take the case of the Late Dr Jose Francisco Martins who was so frustrated and embittered with the state government machinery for the treatment meted out to him at the Porvorim police station that he is reported to have stated "I regret the day I took up the fight against the Portuguese. I wish I had the sense then to do the opposite". Worst of all, many of those so called freedom fighters were shouting “Jai Bharat” on Invasion day but 6 months later ran away to settle in Portugal seeing the state of affairs. Strange From “Jai Bharat” to “Viva Portugal”. These were the traitors of the Goan Identity.


Brought to you by Bendo Juze

In a recent interview taken by Jose' Pedro Castanheira for to the main Portuguese weekly Expresso ( on the 27th Jan 2007, General Ramalho Eanes and ex-President of the Portuguese Republic is of the opinion that Goa was an unique case in the Portuguese Colonial Empire and had met all the conditions to become an independent state. General Ramalho Eanes remembers Goa as a "great school" and describes the Portuguese decolonization process as a non-glorious one.

Interviewer: In 1958, you went to Goa. It was your first assignment. You took with you an edition of The Lusiadas from 1876.

Ramalho Eanes: Exactly. Goa was to me a great school. In Goa I learnt a lot of good and bad things (bad because it influenced for a long time my colonial vision). I lived and served under an unit commanded by a Goan Lieutenant and therefore the unit was more like a family rather than a military unit. The soldiers and sergeants were Goans too.
Goa was an historic and political micro cosmos, distinguished and different. It was only lacking the political power in order to be considered a de facto independent state. All the main posts were occupied by Goans - only the Governor General and the Military Commander were not Goans. My Commander and the 2nd Commander of the Regiment were Goans. The Administration of the territory, even the Superior Administration, was run by Goans, the Judges of the Supreme Courts were Goans; The Medical and Surgical School was run by Goans...

Interviewer: Are you saying that Goa met the conditions to be independent?

Ramalho Eanes: Yes I am. Goa met all the conditions because we had made something there which we had not managed to make anywhere else (I only realised this later). A new culture had been created which was not ours but
It wasn't Indian either. Goa had its own cultural personality. Recently, Professor Fausto Quadros compared Goa to Timor; I think he is somewhat right. Goa could have been not the Portuguese State of India but The State of Goa (independent).

Interviewer: Goa could have been made independent following the independence of India by Great Britain?

Ramalho Eanes: I think so. Salazar, after the II World War, had all the conditions met to grant independence to Goa.

Interviewer: Do you think Salazar is responsible for the invasion of Goa

Ramalho Eanes: Salazar is entirely responsible because he was unable to read the geopolitical situation determined by the end of the II World War, in which colonies made no sense. Salazar did not understand that and ended up conducting us to a non-glorious decolonization process that we produced. He is the first and largely responsible for that.

Interviewer: However, you yourself volunteered when the invasion (1961) took place.

Ramalho Eanes: I was several times asked in Goa what I thought about the future. I was a young Lieutenant and I was convinced that Portugal was from Minho to Timor, which could have been a model in the world. I told them that Portugal was there to stay and that they were as much Portuguese as myself. When the invasion took place (1961), I thought to myself that despite the fact that I did not lie, I had deceived them - so the minimum I could do was to offer myself as volunteer.

Interviewer: Did they not accept?

Ramalho Eanes: No. It was too quick. Nobody ended up going there. We didn't even send ammunitions or essential armaments.

Interviewer: Did you ever return to Goa?

Ramalho Eanes: No. I had accepted an invitation to visit India – and naturally I would have visited Goa - but Mrs. Indira Ghandi was murdered [in 1984] and the visit was cancelled.

Interviewer: In 1962, you went to Macau, which is very different from Goa. Macau also had conditions met to be independent?

Ramalho Eanes Never. Macau was indeed a Chinese territory. Whilst there was in Goa an Elite which was neither Portuguese nor Indian - it was Goan -, in Macau there were Chinese and Portuguese. In Goa, Afonso de Albuquerque recommended the marriage of several noble Goans with Portuguese.

Interviewer: The mix of races...

Ramalho Eanes: Which demonstrates that deep inside we are not racist.

Interviewer: Do you think that the Portuguese are not racist?

Ramalho Eanes: Yes. Although they show sometimes signs of racism. For several reasons. But we are not racist. The letter from Pêdro Vaz de Caminha is quite relevant; there he does not say that the Portuguese found dark and naked humans; he only describes what those humans had of great and of different in terms of culture. A cultural racist individual sees things in a much negative way.

Interviewer: But in Macau there was no mix of races.

Ramalho Eanes: That is true. One of my greatest disappointments was, when I arrived in Macau, I realised that Goa was not our model after all.

Interviewer: It was an exception.

Ramalho Eanes: I did not realise immediately that Goa was an exception. What I realised was that Goa was not our model - otherwise we would have tried to apply it everywhere else, including Macau.

Interviewer: Macau was kind of the reverse of the standard.

Ramalho Eanes: Yes. And for a young Captain it was clear to me that Macau could have been something totally different. We could have made of Macau what the English made of Hong Kong. But there was nothing in Macau. It was a village, very pleasant and beautiful. 


Tiatrists in Goa have always played an important role in highlighting social issues faced by the Goan People. Many examples say it. The ‘Trio Kings,’ Conception-Nelson-Anthony, notorious for stage songs chopping Bandodkar’s policy to pieces, thawarted his moves to woo the catholic vote bank. Their songs were said to have ruffeled his feathers more than the strong Opposition parties ever did.When all offers to rein in the in the Trio failed, Bandodkar imposed a Tiatr Tax!!!! Tiatrists faced tough days, but none suffered as Kid Boxer did.

Caetano Manuel Pereira was born on February 17, 1917 at Siolim, Goa. His childhood naughtiness earned him the nickname ‘Boxer’ which was adapted to the stage name of Kid Boxer. He was a member of the famous Kid-Young-Rod trio. The second member was Young Menezes, a jet-speed singer, who once sang a self-composed song of 500 words without pausing to renew his breath. Minguel Rod, one of the greatest Konkani tiatrists, completed the triumvirate.

In 1958 Kid Boxer sang an Anti Indian Song in Mumbai. Goan Freedom Fighters there got him jailed and he was later deported to Goa( shows that Independent India knew that Goa was an independent entity). The Portuguese employed him in Emisorra Goa and as an artist he worked with the likes of Jacinto Vaz, Allen Costa and Georgina Jacques. According to many he was the highest paid Konkani artist of that time. Some of his hits were.

Divo pettounk guneanacher/ Uzwadd ieunk Chintnacher/ Zo Kon zanna konnem ghoram bandleant tim pongeranchea zaddacher. Suskar soddlet maeyani/Dolle bhortat dukhani/ Aiz putancheo maeyom duddu na zaun, rodtat zorinnim.

A song in codes though whose actual meaning was known to his close friends only. Yet his songs were Poppular. The above was scripted when the GOVT Of India banned money transfers and travel for Bombay Goans to Goa in wake of the economic blockade in the 1950’s.

After the Indian Invasion he was again arrested while singing in Mapusa. The song he sung was
Tum Bhitor sorlai chukon, mortoloi sukon, dusreacho desh pochona; Tum nestai fokot valo, ani khatai fokot palo, hem matui hanga sobona; Tum panpotti khatai, ani poch’chu korun thuktai, lozui kaim dissona…..

After his release Kid returned to Bombay and began stage acting again. In one of his shows containing a ‘zupatti’(tongue lashing) a so called Goan freedom fighter raised a rukus over his anti National song. Though the Audience was with Kid the Law was not. He was arrested and incarcerated at Nasik jail for 6 months and tortured Physically and mercilessly. Still his spirit was not quashed. He wrote another Tiatr, “Somzonnem Zali Chuk”. Here he sang a hit, “Suv mhoine Nasik coventan kaddle, torui converter zaunk na” which means “ Despite beinh in a Convent in Nasik for 6 months I was not converted”.

Kid boxer was an expert and incomparable delivering his melodious ‘zupattis,’ like ‘Nesson dusreachem kapodd, hath paiem kamrun bosleat Makod.” This was in accordance to his conviction and as that of many Goans that Goa was invaded and illegally occupied by India.

Luckly this time he was not charged with sedition which in those days was only a crime in India and U.S.S.R.

GOA'S ACCESSION TO THE INDIAN UNION by Lucio Mascarenhas, Sangolda

GOA'S ACCESSION TO THE INDIAN UNION by Lucio Mascarenhas, Sangolda
Dear Friends
I have been trying for some time to ascertain the LEGAL & CONSTITUTIONAL process by which Goa (or to give it its' former legal & constitutional name - the Estado da India Portuguesa) acceded freely, legally & constitutionally to the Indian Union.
However despite my best efforts, I have, till now, not found any such informaton... It is truly amazing how even today in our "information age" this information is not to be found anywhere...
I am absolutely certain that the insinuation made in certain quarters that there was in fact no such legal & constitutional Accession and that the Indian Union has merely occupied Goa in flagrant violation of law and morality is nothing but a malicious lie; and I am fully confident that Nehru has NOT committed / perpetrated any such criminal act of robbery and illegal occupation such as perpetrated by Pakistan in POK but I am certain that he has behaved in a proper and gentlemanly manner and procured the free, legal & constitutional Accession of the former Portuguese India.
Jawaharlal Nehru had this to say of Goa on June 4, 1956:"I want to explain myself. If the people of Goa, that is, minus the Portuguese Government, and when the Portuguese go and the people of Goa deliberately wish to retain their separate identity, I'm not going to bring them by force or coercion or compulsion in the Indian Union. I want them to come, and I'm quite certain they want to come too. But that is not the point. I merely say that my national interest involves the removal of the Portuguese from Goa, not coercion being used in bringing about the union of Goa with India although I wish it, I desire it and it is the only solution...
"That is matter ultimately for the people of Goa to decide.... I want to make perfectly clear that I have no desire to coerce Goa to join India against the wishes of the people of Goa.... But the point is that we feel that Goa's individuality should remain and that whenever the time comes for any changes, internal or other, it will be for the people of Goa acting freely to decide upon them."
Moreover has not Portugal, through Dr. Mario Soares, formally acnowledged this free, legal & constitutional Accession by way of the 1975 treaty with India?
If, on the other hand, we admit this "insinuation," then the implications are truly momentuous and unbelievable: the Estado da India Portuguesa remains a legal & constitutional entity that is merely in the illegal and unconstitutional Occupation of the Indian Union!
I am absolutely certain that such cannot be the case and that just as in Hyderabad, Junagarh, Mangrol and Manavadar, Nehru would have had the proper and legal procedures fulfilled.
However I want to see the proof of this...
I would appreciate if anyone will provide me with these proofs:-
  1. The Legal Procedure that the Estado da India Portuguesa underwent in order to Merge into the Indian Union, whether as an integral whole (Goa, Daman, Diu, Dadra & Nagar-Haveli, the Anjedive Islands;
  2. Is the Anjedive Islands a part of the state of Goa or of Karnataka? If the latter, when and how did this change come about?
  3. Text in entirety of the 12th Amendment to the Indian Constitution that incorporated the former Portuguese India into India;
  4. Text in entirety of the UN Resolutions 1541 (XV) and 1542(XV), of the Security Council's motions, discussions, and resolution regarding the question of Goa and its Dependencies, in 1954-1961;
  5. Text in entirety of the International Court of Justice decision of 1960 (?) in the matter of Portugal vs. India;
  6. Basis of the separate accession of the enclaves of Dadra & Nagar-Haveli to the Indian Union and the legal basis and compositions of the interim administrations under the Free Dadra & Nagar-Haveli government;
  7. Text of the enactment of the law which imposes the so-called 'Anti-Secessionist Oath' and the legal basis thereof.