Thursday, August 21, 2014


Respected Chief Minister,

Recently, in the Goa Legislative Assembly, you made a statement. You said, “Hindus is a word used by non Indians referring to Indians, many times, irrespective of religion…… if you go to Gulf countries even a Muslim from India is called Hindu by them”.

Sir, I congratulate you for your interest in history and sociology of the word “Hindu”. You are indeed correct that in the distant past Indians were called Hindus by the Arabs. Of course now and in the recent past this does not happen. And there is a reason why this does not happen now.

Let us see what is the exact meaning of the word “Hindu” to the Arabs. The word originated in the Persian Gulf. If you refer the Farsi dictionary “Farang e Ameeda” the word Hindu means kafir, slave, or a characterless person. The Arabic dictionary “Firaj ul Lugad” would tell you that “Hindu” means a dark patch on the face of a beautiful maiden that destroys her beauty. Other meanings here are a slave or the vanquished. The Urdu dictionary says that Hindu means a black mole on the cheek of a beautiful maiden.

I request you to verify these facts independently.

Now let us see what the origin of the word “Hindu” is – historically speaking.

Hindu was the name of one of the sons of the eleventh wife of Prophet Mohammed Paigamber. Hindu was a child with abnormal behavior who grew up to be an adult with weak character and sociopathic tendencies. The local population hated him. A characterless person was often called Hindu. Aadya Shankaracharya has correctly pointed out this fact. He said Hindu was a word used in a derogatory sense by the invading Muslims of the sixth and seventh century to refer to the local population they conquered.

“Hindu” does not refer to a way of life nor does it refer to any particular religion – historically speaking. The word “Hindu” does not have anything to do with the word “Sindhu” meaning Indus River, nor does it have anything to do with the Greeks or the Tartars. The word “Hindu” does not exist in any literature of India prior to the invasion of India by Arabic Muslims. The word “Hindu” does not even exist in the “Sant Vangmay” or the literature created by the saints and reformers like Dnyaneshwar or Gautam Buddha.

However I have the pleasure to say that the word BHARAT was there during the times of the saints and reformers. It has been extensively used as a word that depicts a vibrant India in a far more complete and a far more comprehensive manner.

Lastly, sir, I would like to recall the words of Mark Twain –“Its no wonder that truth is stranger than fiction. Fiction has to make sense.”

Thank you, sir.
Yours truly,
Dr Mukul R Pai Raiturkar
Margao, Goa.

Monday, August 4, 2014


If anyone has doubt whether Goa was liberated or conquered, here is the Judgement of the case from the Supreme Court of India. It says: "On December 20, 1961 the Portuguese territories of Goa, Daman and Diu were conquered by the Government of India, whereupon on December 30, 1961 the Military Governor of the conquered territory issued a proclamation recognising only certain kinds of import licences, amongst which were not included the licences granted to the petitioner".

Saturday, August 2, 2014


Apart from entertaining in celebrating successfully Goan Festival, it is time for G.O.A. to give a serious look and carve a strategy with a trajectory to end Indian Colonial in Goa and show that we can rule Goa even much better just meticulously as we run our entertainment in London at Goan Festivals at the highest standard!
Goa is extremely rich with wealth buried in its mineral-rich soil as well as its human resources, which has enriched the ‘non-sons of the soil’ outsiders in Goa into billionaires as well as sustained India itself for the last half century. The best resources of any country is her human resources and in Goa’s case through denial, have come to serve and enrich European cities other than Goa itself, all with hard dedication just to earn a livelihood.
Today, at the same time the ex-Portuguese territory of Macao with its autonomous Independent Government has become the richest country in the world by been solely dependent on its own human resources all working within and without Macao being anywhere soil-rich as Goa.
If Goa was independent we would not have to depend on freebies from such like Tilad Rice, Sony and Air India as Goa would be likewise Macao a top ranking rich country that could ferry up and down performers not just once yearly but at will almost on daily basis, to fly out with our own Air Goa airline exclusively staffed with our own Goan airhostesses bearing a truly Goan smile on their lips stretching for thousands of miles across from one end of Dabolim to Heathrow direct, well in a stone’s throw of Goan Festival itself, all ready to perform at the stroke of a beat!
If a fellow Goan, Tony Ferandes can singly aim for world’s biggest airline Air Asia why Goa as a rich independent country cannot do it?
Just as Air Macao proudly became the first airline to land on the new terminal at Dabolim with plane load of own athletes for the Lusophonia Games in Goa!
It’s a shame on Goans, being rather brainless that if few thousand Chinese can do it, why they cannot do such a thing, despite God given untold wealth in the sand under their feet!
Though we should thankfully appreciate meanwhile in our hour of agony the timely sponsorship of Tilad Rice Sony and Air India we should also remember they do so for their long term commercial interest. They themselves will tell you that we ought to be self dependent and dignified with richest wealth in our soil, and not dependent forever on freebies, because some day the Tilad rice can vanish and there will be no crumbs left.
While we dance, drink and serenade at Goan Festival, we should not hide the fact with our faces buried in the sand, to know that under Indian Rule Goa has gained the top ranking reputation in vice-industry, as the leading Drug City of Asia well greased in its smooth running aided and abetted by Goa police itself, whose personnel compete among themselves vigorously for postings in areas that are most lucrative and financially productive other than competing for senior rankings.
Goa, in another milestone destination, is renowned as Mecca of prostitution that confronts a danger to obliterate Goa’s long held image as the Rome of the East, with every type of female from the remotest part of the Globe in shimmering attire making her way to Goa to sell her erotic art and its wares. If one is not allured to the red district they are at full display in myriad massage parlours that keep mushrooming at every corner of neighbour hood and soon to take over villages as a community.
Since this Goa’s decadence is taking place under Indian Rule, G.O.A. when inviting Indian officials and representatives, who are party to that Indian rule, before being permitted to address the festival crowd, should first be made, on India’s behalf, to ceremoniously and publicly admit, concede, confess and belch out the truth and seek pardon and atonement relating to the above foregoing facts, and then be allowed to address the festival audience to what they have then to say.
G.O,A’s. magnificent effort in just entertaining Goans at Goan Festival will remain alive as long as Goa is Goan but will eventually cease to have any meaning and all their valuable time and efforts will sorrowful be in vain and futile in the end, with Goa’s identity and characteristics changing under the Indian Rule and being replaced with their own, Goa will not be any longer Goan anymore!
Already, Goa signifies any Indian shanty City. The Portuguese influence is just a myth not seen in any written word, but embedded in their food, surnames and their own original language Konkani, that is banned from official usage.
The festival will not reflect the identity it is supposed to represent way back at home in Goa as at present, unless G.O.A, having purported to represent Goans all these years in Britain without a political clout, wakes up to reality and seizes that political clout and bangs on the heads of those occupying Goa and makes an effort to retrieve back Goa for Goans only.
It is rather sad and lamenting that Goa with the longest colonial history recorded from one colonial master to another colonial master for over five centuries, still languishes in colonial agony when every country and every island on the planet is free, independent and sovereign.
Even Mother Earth must be seeking release from pain it is feeling at the spot where Goa is, to be at last totally free from all colonialism.  We must be only ones left lost and forgotten as orphans to celebrate our Goan festivals, wherever they be, in serfdom and like fools in paradise, to think that we are free!!
Imagine if such a festival was turned to celebrate Goa’s National Day? How wonderful it would be? Celebrated with pomp and gaiety with our National flag flying high over our heads. fireworks and perhaps with a small detachment our own budding air force flying on long range training all the way from Dabolim and doing some fly-past sorties, all at Goa’s iron ore cost with no entrance to be paid!!  And, of course not forgetting the galore hugs and kisses that would greet each and every Goan!
We fully appreciate the pomposity grandeur and flamboyancy of G.O.A. to make each year Goan Festival bigger and bigger but the Goan identity as known is getting smaller and smaller in Goa, killed by India. What we will be attending in future in Hounslow is Indian Festival and will come to it dressed iin bright red turbans, like the one made its debut on podium at this year’s festival while addressing the Goan crowd.
We will then ‘put two hands to-gather’ and with Keith Vaz on the podium dance the Khalistam Bangra all singing “Ravi Rama--Hare Rama--Corea Kama--Indiec choddoia voir--voroia Goeanc socla --ani sompoia zomnic”