Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Goa Liberation ? By Arwin Mesquita

The Liberation of Goa was supposed to be the most happiest moment in history for Goa. But are we really liberated?

1) Goa was once the most beautiful and cleanest places in India, now it's going filthy by the day. Just look at the pictures in 1961 and going into today

2) Black Money rich Indians are buying out Goan land left right and centre with the assistance of the Corrupt Goa Governments, looks like Goa is being liberated from the Goans!

3)The Centre, Goa Government and mining companies are looting and taking award most of our rich Mineral Wealth. Had we had this for Goa, we would have been one of the richest states in the world

4) At Liberation time most of the Public Administration was by Goan, now that is gradually going to be a Goan minority! Again being liberated from the Goans

5) Environment is gradually being destroyed, water/air polluted. We are gradually importing the stinking corruption from rest of India!

6) Promises made by the then Indian Government in 1961 for Goans to decide the destiny of Goa to preserve the identity of Goa and now totally ignored !!

So what are we really celebrating !!

MISUSE OF FREEDOM By Satyajit Prabhudessai

During the freedom struggle in India there were two types of freedom fighters-the Extremities and the Moderates. Extremities are those type of people who want to achieve freedom in extreme way through violence, strength, power etc. Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar, Savarkar etc. were Extremities, where as Moderates were the people who want to achieve freedom through peaceful ways i.e. non violence, moderate means Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru, Maulana Azad etc.were Moderates.

In Goa many freedom fighters fought against the Portuguese rule and gave us liberation, with the help of Indian Army. All people who were jailed during Portuguese regime cannot be said as freedom fighters, because many people were caught in smuggling alcohol near the borders of Goa, some were caught for robberies,etc. But a true freedom fighter is the one who fought against Portuguese, without any of his vested interest and only to benefit Goa and Goans,so that freedom should be achieved by us in democratic way.

 Some of our freedom fighters even refused to accept pensions from the govt. and said that 'we fought for Goa's freedom, achieved freedom for our people and our State and not for  the benefit of collecting pensions and schemes.' Unfortunately these people are no more, they suffered and were punished under Portuguese  rule.

Looking at the present scenario freedom fighters will be the most unhappy people in Goa, they never expected  democracy to be how it is  today. In the name of democracy our politicians looted the State and Goans, they do whatever they want bring projects by grabbing communidade land, farmers land, tenants land etc.doing something which is not required at all without being bothering about the ecology and environment. Deforestation, cutting of hills is the order of the day today. 

There is no safety for Goans in Goa, one cannot raise his voice against illegality and if raised his voice is suppressed for instance the recent death of activist Bismarque Dias and when people ask for justice for Bismarque's death they are  manhandled  and arrested by our police. Is this  democracy, is this  the reason why our freedom fighters shed their blood and gave us freedom. Portuguese were much better in governance, Goa was much better in their hands.

The Portuguese dictatorship was hundred times better than Indian  democracy to be honest Indians gave us freedom only to benefit them and treat us as their colony. The only difference is Goa now is a colony of Delhi and not Portugal.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Isn’t Liberation a cruel joke when Goa is in chains?

As incessantly as the regularity of the passage of time, Goa basks in the glory of “liberation” with the same set template of going through the motions of celebrating freedom from the yoke of colonisation. But are we liberated?
Freedom and colonisation are both easy to sell to the rest of India, where the first was the prize for the fight of many Indians against the later. So when the Indian army, on the orders of the Defence Minister Krishna Menon, raided Goa, in December 1961, it incorporated into its imagination the words freedom and colonisation the way it meant in British India. For sure India got Goa in 1961 through an armed annexation which it called the culmination of Goa’s freedom movement. The Indian troops managed to secure Goa easily with no resistance by the Portuguese, leading to the Governor General of the Estado da India to sign the instrument of surrender.

Let there be no mistake. 54 years later after Estado Da India was annexed, Goans do not need any certificate of patriotism. Their Indian-ness is complete. When thousands line up to surrender their Indian passports and line up again to get their Portuguese ones, each one tells us of their sadness, grief and horror of being betrayed by their country, which has taken away their land, their way of life, their identity, their freedoms and their confidence to stand up and fight against the tyranny of their own state. And lest we forget, the generation which is lining up to give back their blue passports to acquire the red ones, neither know nor feel any of the affects of inquisition or dictatorship of the Portuguese. They do not have the ghosts of the past haunting them, but the ghosts of the present. And these ghosts are not imaginary but very real. From the panchayat in Pilerne to the Secretariat in Porvorim, from the municipality to the minister’s office, the common Goan faces the everyday bullishness of a system of governance that forces him to literally surrender his liberties and his rights in the same manner, that the Governor General of Estado da India signed the instrument of surrender on December 19, 1961.

At the heart of this feeling of abject emptiness, (akin to what Mr Kurtz the European felt in the forests of Congo in Joseph Conrad’s epic novel Heart of Darkness, as he uttered ‘Horror Horror’ on his death bed), is the horror of the common Goan of losing his land, as it is grabbed by the state.

In Tuem, names of legal lease holders been illegally deleted from Form I & XIV, as the government has taken over land 3,08,625 sq mtrs of land in prime forested areas for its electronic city project, by changing the land use of the extinct Regional Pan of 2001 and the “in abeyance” Regional Plan of 2021. Herald investigations have also revealed that not only leased land but legal tenanted land has been taken away from a farmer, Amarnath Naik, without his consent or permission. Is this the liberated Goa we live in?

In Tiracol village, there has been a planned, systematic takeover of the village, by taking away households and lands in the garb of an eco tourism project. Herald has stood in solidarity with the villagers of Tiracol who are battling the twin enemies – Leading Hotels and the government of Goa, who have become facilitators, in absolute violation of the Tenancy Act and the Mundkar Act. Is this the liberated Goa we live in?

From Canacona to Carmona, massive projects built by cutting hillsides, destroying forests and violating CRZ provisions, with fancy seductive titles showcasing their presence in the lap of nature, have been cleared by either bypassing or manipulating the Regional Plan through utter corruption in the panchayats in collusion with local politicians. Is this the liberated Goa we live in?

The takeover of land by the state government, by the central government and by private players is the biggest slap on the face of a “liberated” Goa. It is a Goa in chains, it is a Goa weakened by corruption and it is a Goa where the powerful and the rich are the liberated dictators with the common man living a life of misery as a slave.
The word liberation is cruel joke played upon us.

And how has this takeover of land happened? We wish to draw upon and take the liberty of borrowing from a seminal essay by scholars Jason Keith Fernandes, Amita Kanekar, Albertina Almeida and Dale Menezes “How Goa is getting colonised, one mega project at a time”, (May 31, 2015) in the DNA newspaper, to seek answers. The authors wrote, “In Goa, land was traditionally appropriated and tightly controlled by the bhatkars. Relief to the mundkars and tenants came in the form of the Goa Agricultural Tenancy Act, 1964 and the Goa Mundkar Act, 1975, but this relief was eventually thwarted by a new and developing economic system that no longer made it economically viable to cultivate land and made it seem more alluring to sell land to the highest bidder and share the spoils, albeit disproportionately between the bhatkar and the tenants. What we see is that, although the mundkar and agricultural population in Goa is not able to forge alliances with similar beleaguered communities across India and the world, more bhatkars – in the form of national and global capitalists – are getting added to the old ones in Goa. These national and multi-national corporations have allied themselves with the local Goan bhatkars and thus combine modern as well as traditional power to drive out the mundkars and the agricultural tenants from their ancestral homes and the lands that they have long tended. This is the process by which Goa gets colonised, one mega-project at a time”

The biggest fear among “liberated” Goans is the loss of land through mischievous take overs. Non Resident Goans are paranoid that when they return to Goa, they will find their unattended properties seized and their names struck off land titles due to manipulation at the sub-registrar’s office. Is this the liberated Goa we live in?

In the Goa which is in chains, the all powerful current BJP government is set to control the government and its men in a manner never done before. Key positions in sensitive departments are being filled by loyal RSS and BJP followers who will take decisions not according to merit or law but according to the wish of the master in Goa and the supreme master in Delhi who is longing to get back to Goa. But let there be no mistake. The chaining of Goa has not happened in this rule alone. Let’s not forget that a frustrated Goa, tired of corruption and deals had voted the previous government out. And as Goa hopes and prays that these chains will break it knows that the same tried, tested and failed faces will not work. Goa needs a new start, a new energy, and a new polity, ruled by real people.

But Goa is resilient. Even though there is a sense of foreboding, that we have indeed surrendered, people give us hope. Activists, foot soldiers and other crusaders, even out of India, tell us not to sign that final surrender declaration and fight till we reclaim this land of ours both physically and metaphorically.

This chained land needs its real freedom fighters now and a very real liberation. Let Dec 19, 2015 be the start of this liberation.

Goa's Invasion With Rapes by A. Veronica Fernandes, Candolim

On 17th we got the news in our local Portuguese school where I was studying that Indian Military has illegally already started its march over Goa entering the Goan territory by force, using its Military might.  The resolution brought into Security Council directing India to withdraw its troop back to India was vetoed by the Soviet Russia.  Later on India's permanent representative to the UN Mr. Jhah said "even if that resolution was passed, India would never withdraw its Troop from Goa" thus legalizing illegal act.  And this is the same India now clamouring for a permanent Seat in the Security Council.  Will any one trust India to do justice for other nations if by chance India got a Seat in the Security Council?  That India will not get this Seat is a forgone conclusion because Pakistan will lobby hard to deny this Seat to India and China the arch rival of India will use its Veto Power to deny India of a Permanent Seat in the Security Council. The Security Council is meant for matured countries and not fickle minded countries like India that is on grabbing spree of others' territories by using its might Military arsenals.
On 18th December  India grabbed Goa physically and on 19th Goa became officially a part of Bharat.
On 20th of December news started pouring in that Indian Military began raping Goan females here and there. In my village a beautiful Portuguuese “Paklin” staying at  Vaddi Vaddo escaped from the clutches of Indian Military personnel going to Aguada when she ran away to her neighbouring house.  In Pilerne one young Goan female while walking on one deserted road was grabbed by the Military personnel and raped in their Military vehicle.  In Sancoale when one lady “Dukornkarn” refused to surrender one Militry personnel, he fired at her house.
In my village in Candolim because of the heavy Indian Military traffic flow on the road to and fro Aguada, fear gripped the minds of the females and their parents because what Portuguese soldiers did not dare to do the ugly Indian Military will do for our local females. And that they are ugly in this matter was proved later on in Bangladesh when so many Bengali females were raped by the Indian Military personnel. 
Exactly during this period annual novenas (salve) were going on in the evenings in our Church from 5.00 PM to 7.30 PM for the celebration of feast of Nossa Senhora de Esperanca on the last Sunday of that month.  Hearing the news of rapings of Goan females by the Indian Military personnel, our Church Pe. Vigar, Pe. Nicholau Noronha, a staunch anti-Portuguese, declared suspension of Salves in the evenings till he was convinced of normalcy.
How tragic were those days for us having females in our families?  Now again the Novenas for the same feast are going on but without any fear of rapings by Indian Military but by the Ghanttis, Migrants and unwanted dirty Indian tourists who think Goan females are cheap. Even the commercial girls now available are from outside Goa.  It is this non-Goan dirt that is creating dirty image of our clean females and clean Goa. 
May God bless our Village and Goa  and protect our females from all evils, Amen

Friday, December 18, 2015

Goans Were Cheated By Bharat – by A. Veronica Fernandes, Candolim

Refreshing my memory once again going back to December 1961, it was wintry morning of 18th of that month, at about 6.00 AM. My father was adjusting the flow of water in our field touching the main road about 70 metres away from our house.  That particular moment the convoy of Indian Military vehicles consisting of a huge fleet of Jeeps, Lorries and Tanks moving on the road to Aguada where a huge number of Portuguese troop stationed. 
Suddenly the Convoy stopped moving further by seeing my father and one of the ranking soldier in the front Tank called my father and asked what he was doing alone in the field. My father gave him the reason.  Then the same top Indian Military man asked my father whether he knew how much is the distance from that spot to Aguada and Chapora too and whether any troop is stationed at Chapora Fort.  Then my father was asked whether he knows the number of troop stationed at Aguada.
Finally the same Indian Military personnel asked my father who was wearing a sleeveless Banyan, “WHY YOU ARE WEARKING THIS POOR BANYAN?” For this my father replied saying “BECAUSE I AM POOR I AM WEARING THIS POOR BANYAN”.  Then with a broad smile on his broad face, the Indian Military man said “YES, WE KNOW PORTUGUESE GOVERNMENT HAS PURPOSELY KEPT YOU GOANS AS POOR ONLY.  HENCEFORTH YOU GOANS WILL NOT REMAIN POOR, WE ARE COME TO FREE YOU, TO MAKE YOU RICH AND GIVE YOUR GOA IN YOUR OWN HANDS”.
While going to the field my father was using the slogan “Viva Portugal and Salazar Zindabad but while coming home surprisingly he used the slogan saying “Jai Hind - Salazar Murdabad and Nehru Zindabad”. When my mother asked what has happened, he said henceforth we will not remain poor thinking that honey and milk will directly flow thru a pipeline into our homes, starting from Delhi .  But what happened ultimately? My father felt that we were cheated.
Yes, we were cheated because since the ouster of Portuguese from Goa we Goans are treated as conquered people by Bharat.  We are conquered people because according to the landmark judgment on Goa by the Supreme Court of India, on 19th December 1961 Goa was conquered by Bharat.  Hence, we are not liberated on this date and as such it is wrong to mark the 19th December as the Liberation Day of Goa.
Within a week of the conquest of Goa, to fool the Goan masses Bharat Serkar dumped Goan market with cheap Onions, Potatoes, Dry Chillies, Bananas and other fruits and commodities.  Seeing this, Goans thought now "Achchya Din" already come and will remain forever. But within a fortnight everything cheap coming from Bharati territories disappeared from Goan Bazar and scarcity of essential commodities appeared everywhere.  And in this way, Goans were denied many things which were earlier easily available.  In one word the Hell was let lose on Goa in all the angles in the name of Fake Liberation.  I pity myself for being the victim of this Hell.  Whom to curse?  My elders died by cursing and cursing the Indian Raj and Indian "Rajkhabari" for bringing my beloved Goa to this level. It is not Goa of the choice of our elders but it is the Goa of the Cheats and Corrupts.

Liberation Of Goa – by Nixon Fernandes

Liberation Of Goa – by Nixon Fernandes
Goa was liberated on 19th Dec 1961 and were included in the Indian territory by the then PM of India. Goans have paid a very heavy price for this annexed of Goa into India. In fact Goa and Goans are still paying the price.
The military that came to liberate Goa from the Portuguese rule unfortunately didn't leave and after the liberation stayed back in our beautiful Goa and started grabbing lands on the pretext of security in the name of defence. Now they have set their eyes on all the islands of Goa. For the Navy Goa is their holiday destination and nothing else. Goa is for their leisure purpose, look at the way they have captured the only civilian airport of Goa at Dabolim and now claiming that it's a military airport.
Now our Defence Minister Mr. Parrikar wants to give a part of land in Betul for this amusements called as Defence Expo, looks like Mr. Parrikar forgot what happened few years ago when two naval aircraft during training coiled against each other and many young and budding lives were lost. Mr. Parrikar is justifying his move by saying revenue will be generated and tourists will come to watch this Expo at Betul but in reality all those land grabbers from other states will be there to grab more and more land, their evil eyes are set on Goa, coz Goa's land is a goldmine for them. Goans doesn’t need any kind of Defence Expo and unwanted guests in Goa anymore, it’s the BJP who wants to fill its coffers by hook or by crook.
Today everyone who has money and muscle power wants to sell Goa to the highest bidder, be it CM in Tiracol, DM in Betul and our Arch Bishop in Vanxim, all are on the same page, all of them wants money and more money, their greed has increased and now it knows no leaps and bounds, if anyone objects they try to take him/her on their side if S/he is not bowing to their pressure then they are eliminated systematically, a classic example everyone has in front of their eyes is of Fr. Bismarque Dias.
If we want to change this then the real liberation of Goa should come from within us, yes we the people of Goa should start reasoning now, do we really want to protect Goa or just shout and do nothing, if we want to protect Goa then we have one last chance, it’s the power that we possess in our own hands and nobody can take that away from us. It’s the power of our precious vote.
Let's all join hands and vote for the candidates who will protect Goa and won't do just lip service like some of the current MLAs and Ministers. Lets vote for clean, non-corrupt and honest candidates who will be the guiding force for all of us, S/he can be one among us, we have a last chance before2017 assembly elections to choose the wise one.
Let's all decide this coming assembly elections lets Liberate Goa from the clutches of the hungry beasts who are out to destroy our beautiful Goa. Let's liberate Goa from the communal and Corrupt parties and their Ministers and MLAs.
Finally lets liberate Goa from the Maharastrian import CM, who in spite of knowing that the state has only one only official language i.e. Konkani yet he took the oath in Marathi.
Let's kick him and his affiliates out and let really liberate Goa for once and for all.
This will be the real Liberation of Goa.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Today, on December 16, 1971, in Dhaka, Pakistan Lt. Gen. A. A. K. Niazi signed the "Instrument of Surrender" to Indian Lt. Gen. J. S. Aurora, and handed over his 7.62mm service pistol to the Indian officer as a mark of complete defeat. 90,000 Pakistani soldiers surrendered.
Field Marshal Sam Bahadur's boys won the war for the Indian Republic.
Bangladesh was BORN! Bangladesh was given back to its' people!
4 days later and 10 years earlier, on December 19, 1961, in Pangim, Portuguese Gov. Gen. M. A. Vassalo e Silva signed the "Instrument of Surrender" at a formal ceremony held at 2030 hrs., thus bringing an end to the Portuguese Rule in Goa, the longest held colonial territory in the world for 451 years. 4668 personnel were taken prisoners by the Indian Defence Forces - a figure which included military and civilian personnel, Portuguese, Africans and Goan.
Maj.Gen. K. P. Candeth's boys won the war for the Indian Republic.
Goa was KILLED! Goa was not given back to its' people!


The circumstances of the President of Comunidade/Gãocaria of Jua:- José Bismarque Desidôrio Dias' death under controversial circumstances has not been cleared up and is open to hypothesis which demands a "transparent" inquiry into the occurrence, which is going on.
Witnessing the forthcomings of people who not knew Bismarque can be well ascertained. Allow us to elaborate on the same:-
Post-meeting, on group chat, concerning Zico, he spoke point blank with his honest opinions since he was one of the few who knew Bismarque personally, above all who was also "denied" a humble request to speak for five minutes.
Such are the folks, considered suffering from Síndrome Sequeira and are known as Feicu Qalandares. They are a bunch of illiterates who will, as usual, come out from Goa, who do not know the meaning of liberation, invasion, occupation and colonialism. They only know one empty word "liberation", (which is also so-called) with no meaning whatsoever of what it should have otherwise meant, and which they have been taught by the illegal governance of the Indian Republic, to be fooled and kept in her slavery.
Deconstructing the said post:-
1. This is a fight by every single Goan JFBD?
- A person who knew Bismarque well, wasn't allowed to speak, his time constraints weren't taken into consideration. Nor did the public speak on the mic, but just a few individuals of JFBD. If "every" is considered, that depends on how many souls have registered themselves in JFBD. There were no arguments nor people hitting one another, hence none can consider, whatever happens as "fights", but "reasoning" the intelligent crime.
2. Crab Mentality?
- Unfaithful non-comprehending Goans who do not know the value of the Comunidades, basically need to be "fucked" black and blue, only then will they visit their true senses. Crabs are yet better, but Goans have basically inherited "Stray Dog Mentality" - Rostáde. Bismarque has been a victim of the same.
3. I may not have vast knowledge?
- Then why the interference!, when people use the word "may", it is always "so-so".
4. Nook and corner and youth in the forefront?
- Zico was denied his request. As also he isn't a "youth", though people have placed him into that faction. Like all homo sapiens males, he does get erections and can make babies, hence one cannot call a person who has crossed his teenage life as "youth". Everyone ate apples, just because another ate an apple first, doesn't mean, that s/he is much more educated than the experienced.
5. Merzina Clemente?
- All what we can denounce on these words that she isn't Aunt Sally but has been "used" carefully by another for his/her future political motives in 2017, everyone wants to play the good guy/girl.
Everything added above are minor opinions from various other Goans. We feel that this was a 90% rehearsal towards the candidates in 2017. Non-comprehending Goans who understand nothing about the "Basis of Law" as usual love to "go" on such jolly good rides towards another illegal agenda under puppet governance of the Indian Republic.
Do Goans want to suffer more?

Tuesday, December 8, 2015


It is now clear that INDIAN AGENCIES ( i.e Intelligence Bureau,via chief Secretaries, etc) are USING the Goans ( Catholics) to make decisions leading to the destruction of Goa and Goans. For example- Nilesh Cabral(MLA) proposed CBI inquiry against Claude Alvares (Goa Foundation),, Michael Lobo ( NDPDP) declaring a proposal to convert huge comunidade agricultural lands around Mapusa for expansion of Mapusa ( benefiting non Goans),,, and Francis D’Souza ( Deputy Chief minister and Town and Country Planning minister) trying to change the Regional Plan to destroy the environment and demographic profile to benefit anti Goans. They have also USED Forensic Medicine HoD Dr Edmund for providing a bogus Autopsy report on Bismark, to make it appear that the death was natural/accidental..

These Indian agencies (who behave like snakes) are therefore attempting to prove to the International Community that INDEGENEOUS GOANS have themselves to blame for the concretization of Goan villages, and therefore saving themselves from possible International Intervention ( e.g. air and drone strikes on anti- Goan targets, etc) for this illegality...

Also there is no system to protect Goans at the VILLAGE level. The FRAUDULENT PANCHAYAT SYSTEM does not protect Goan villages. Panchayat members who are elected by Goan villagers ,are then bribed to make decisions against Goan interest ( e.g. Carmona panchayat approving Rahejas real estate), making a mockery of democracy. There is no referendum in villages for major decisions like land conversion, or construction licences ( But TCP can give full permission to construct on Goan Land).

Any True Goan who has the potential to expose these illegalities are murdered in a sophisticated way (E.g. Mathany, Bismark), so that Indian snakes can continue with the destruction of Goa without being exposed to the International Community. Bismark was poised to Unravel the Illegalities of the Government, therefore they have got rid of him. The murder of Bismark was so smooth, that it was definitely carried out by more than just ordinary hired killers.

These are the same manipulative strategies India have been using in Kashmir after they were forced under International Pressure to end Governor’s rule (and genocide of the Kashmiris in the 80s/90s) and have elections.. However they have managed to heavily bribe the National Conference ( Farooq and Omar Abdullah) then and now the CM Mufti Sayeed to support the Indian rule over Kashmir and suppress the right to self determination of Kashmiris..So now India argues that Kashmiris support India as they have elected a Pro- Indian Govt.. This proves India is just a SHAM DEMOCRACY.

Another U- Turn by India- 

After Pakistan’s PM Navaz Sharif’s meeting with US president Obama last month, there was a SUDDEN U- TURN by India. (Obviously under US pressure). The BJP, who have been refusing to talk with Pakistan on KASHMIR insisting that “talks and terror cannot go on together” (and trying delaying tactics),, have suddenly started dialogue., 

Last week, Modi held a bilateral meeting on Kashmir with Nawaz Sharif in Paris. This was followed by secret Kashmir talks between the two National Security Advisers in neutral Bangkok.

Today BJP External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj will travel to Islamabad to hold talks on Kashmir with her Pakistani counterpart, Sartaj Aziz.

Let’s see what BJP has to say about why it is resuming the dialogue with Pakistan after earlier rejecting talks. Will it tell the truth that it has bowed down to International Pressure?

The Censored Indian Press will also fool the IGNORANT Indian population, with its Indian version that the talks were about Pakistan sponsored terrorism, instead of reporting the humiliating truth that India bowed down to International pressure , and forced to sort out the Kashmir dispute.

The Bottomline is that if India goes against International opinion, Pakistan would no longer be under international pressure to block and suppress Muslim insurgents, who would then cause widespread insurgency in India , leading to the disintegration of India., 

Moreover, India is well aware that any US intervention into India will be a cakewalk ( nowhere as difficult as Afghanistan or Iraq, whose people continue to fight on). US just needs to demolish the command and control centres of India in a day. Selfish Indians would then immediately bow down and serve their new masters, as Indians have always done in the past ( when the Moghuls or British invaded it).

The urgent need now is for indigenous Goans is to form a United Front and Demand Independence at the International level. Goans have been living under Indian dictatorship (fake democracy) for too long !!!.

Sunday, December 6, 2015


Municipalities should embark on renaming places, primarily because they derive from colonialism and therefore, not in the spirit of the new Goa State. Names should be replaced by what proponents of name change groups state reflect the history and culture of the indigenous Goans (GAKUVED/Gãocares).
Renaming places is also seen as a catalyst to transformation, but is there an amended established body to discuss the same, known as:- Goan Geographical Names Council (GGNC)? Wherein, inter alia, will ensure the standardisation of geographical names and to facilitate the transformation process for geographical names?
Is the renaming of places an exercise that is likely to continue for a long time in Goa that will continue to redefine itself by Ganttiaisms?
BOLETIM OFFICIAL isn't there anymore, OFFICIAL GAZETTE will mislead Goans. It is critical for municipalities to be mindful of three procedural steps when introducing a name change, namely, giving sufficient notice as to when public meetings will be held, consulting with as many communities within the municipality and stakeholders as possible, and allowing enough time for public and stakeholder debates before name changes are recommended to the Minister. Failure to do this will result in municipalities having to go back to the drawing board and bearing the costs of long drawn-out litigation. Has this been done?
Human law has progressed in some ways over the last hundred years. First there was the establishment of the International Court at the Hague, then the Nuremberg and Japanese Trials, the development of the United Nations and of International Laws, et cetera.
Today, there are influential groupings of Goans throughout the West, in Lisbon, Portugal, in London, in America and Canada, in Australia and New Zealand, et cetera, and there are very many qualified, capable and eminent lawyers, criminologists, et cetera, of Goan extraction.
Moreover, Portugal is also a member of the European Community. All this creates a great opportunity for support towards a SEPERATE STATE or INDEPENDECE. Goans must haul up Portugal before the European Community and International Court of Justice for its act of fraud perpetrated by the so-called 'Chavan-Soares Treaty', and force it to nullify that fraud upon Goa, and to resume its obligations towards Goa under the relevant provisions of International Laws. Furthermore, it should be possible to also haul up the Indian Union under these laws. For residents in the United States, it should be possible to file a case against the Indian Union for damages for its invasions of 1954 & 1961, its act of occupation and pretended annexation, its flagrant acts of hypocrisy, the trauma, injuries, losses and displacements resultant to the invasions, the occupation and the pretended annexation, acts of state-sponsored terrorism prior and subsequent to the invasion, the rape of Goan women, the murder of Goans, the robberies by troopers of the invading forces, the destruction of Goan assets such as the Diu and Dabolim airports and the Goan Airlines TAIP (Transportes Aeros India Portuguesa), Emissora de Goa Transmitters et cetera, as also against Portugal for its act of fraud, the 'Chavan-Soares Treaty'. And even if it is only a class-action suit for billions of dollars in damages, it will still force Portugal, the Indian Union and the world to sit up and notice. All this will build up pressure on both Portugal and the Indian Union and force the Goan Question to the forefront of international consciousness, and make it impossible for both perpetrators to continue with their wrong-doing.
1. We must unanimously agree that the events of 1954 & 1961 were forced upon us without our request for them, i.e. gratuitously, and that there was no provocation or legal or moral basis for the Indian Union to levy any claim upon us or Portugal which the Indian Union had made.
2. We agree that, therefore, we are not a legal, moral and constitutional part or member of the Indian Union, and that the Indian Union is merely an aggressor and occupier, in the illegal, immoral and criminal occupation of our country.
3. All, each and every pretended action, law, et cetera, by the Indian Union and or its subsidiary bodies, including the collaborationist governments, legislatures, et cetera, of the Occupation are illegal, null and void.
4. We recognise that Portugal in signing the 1973 Treaty with the Indian Union has both committed a fraud upon us, and also formally abdicated and resigned any and all claims upon us, that therefore, as a result, while we continued to be under the jurisdiction of Portugal until that date, from that date we were cast adrift and constituted into a separate state.
5. The Constitutional Law of the EIP as of 1973, whether enacted by the EIP or by Portugal, remains in force and is still the Constitutional Law of the EIP.
6. We demand nothing less than the full complete and unconditional restoration of the Status Quo Ante prior to the piece-meal occupation of the EIP in 1954 & 1961. The Indian Union has no locus standi in the EIP, and is not to remain under any form, whether as transitional administration, or a contributor and participant in one, et cetera, whatsoever.
7. We demand not only the Restoration of the Status Quo Ante, but also of Restitution and Reparations; of the Constitution of an International Council of Arbitration to whom the persons and estates of persons, whether deceased or living, be handed over, of such persons who had participated or caused the criminal acts of 1954 & 1961, pending their trial and the application of their estates to Restitution. Moreover, even the Indian Union, as an entity being culpable, must formally and sincerely apologise and make restitution and reparation for its wrongdoings.
8. We demand the Constitution of an Interim Administration under the auspices of Portugal and the Lusophone Community: Brasil, Cabo Verde, East Timor, et cetera. However, specifically, we refuse any participation by Angola and Moçambique as being complicit in the crimes against us.
4th point of the five traditional modes of acquisition of sovereignty over territory - CESSION:-
CESSION is the transfer of territory, usually by treaty, from one State to another. The situation is rather like the transfer of property in municipal law. Therefore, there may sometimes be exchange of territory. The treaty signed between Portugal and India bears no significance to Goa because Portugal neither had Sovereignty over Goa nor held absolute ownership titles over the territory of Goa, Portugal was only an administrative member and it lacked the capacity and authority to enter into any treaty with any nation as regards transfer of sovereignty of Goa. Hence the peace treaty signed between India and Portugal is null and void. (Treaty between India and Portugal, (No. 14321) on recognition of India's sovereignty over Goa, Damão, Diu, Dadrá and Nagar-Aveli and related matters. Signed at New Delhi on December 31, 1974). It is not the sovereignty, but only the administrative responsibility that can be transferred by Portugal to India. So if India assumes the responsibility of an Administrative member nation, then it may do so under Article 73e of Chapter XI of the UN Charter, to develop Goa into a fully self-governing independent sovereign territory.
The U.N. Security Council in similar circumstances had proclaimed annexations illegal, void and untenable. The Security Council declared annexation of Goa by India as illegal (vide S/5033, Scor, 988th meeting, December 18, 1961). But no liberation movement ensued in Goa, as ours is the first of its kind. It acted against Iraq under Security Council Resolution No. 660-678 for annexation of Kuwait in 1991. The U.N. declared annexation of East Timor and Western Sahara illegal. The U.N. precedents, contemporary International Law, Jus Cogens and Vienna Convention of Law of Treaty would clearly regard annexation of Goa by India in 1961 after fourteen years of the independence of Indian independence unjustified and illegal. The official stance of the colonial government of India that the illegal annexation has assumed finality is not only absurd, null and void but also unacceptable to the people of Goa, who are yet to exercise their right to self-determination. The colonial Government has failed to justify her annexation of Goa, under International Law.
Considering the historical material and records, documents and treaties, the sovereign and independent political status of Goa, which had been continuing for centuries, has been dislocated by the Indian colonial Administration. The unlawful colonial occupation of Goa shall have to be terminated by the Indian Government at the earliest moment in adherence of the U.N. eradication of colonialism. The U.N. is yet to oversee this process.
Since there was no reference to the people of Goa, and since the indigenous people of Goa did not ratify the TREATY or agree to it in any manner before or after, it has no value and no legal meaning.
The TREATY in itself is an act of Fraud. It alleges that Goa became an integral part of the Indian Union from the dates of the Indian occupations - 1954 & 1961. That is Fraud because between those dates and 1974, when "Portugal" formally "repudiated" Goa, the Indian occupation was not accepted either by the Goans or by the Portuguese government, and the same could not be imposed upon either as having been with their agreement and assent by retrospective effect and effectively by one not in continuity with them, but a mere robber and outlaw!
Goa can become free only when Portugal returns to its senses. We need to wake up Portugal. At the moment, metropolitan Portugal has rebelled against the Portuguese State, against the Portuguese Communion, and has seceded and constituted itself a secessionist state. It abandoned Timor and other Portuguese provinces to their fates and to the tender mercies of their enemies.
Are you listening Mário?
Chakravarti Rajagopalachari said:-
The Hindu, December 20, 1961:- "It would be presenting a deceptive picture to suggest that everyone is supremely happy over the Goan development without any reservation".
Swaraj, December 27, 1961:- "…India had totally lost her moral stature to raise her voice against militarism; and that Portugal's presence in Goa was not greater offence than China's occupation of Indian Territory."
Such situations are proven to be less pallatable to many of the locals, witnessing the degrade and downgrading of the Estado da India to State of another colonial power, which otherwise could have been better being a SEPERATE STATE or INDEPENDANT for the indigenous people of Goa.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Will Costa Prove To Be A True Goan? – by Jose Maria Miranda

As a Goan who always takes pride in the achievements of my fellow compatriots, I am surely happy that another Goenkar has become the PM of Portugal. Antonio Nobre da Costa, also with ascendancy in Margao, served as PM for a short while in 1978. Far from achieving such feats here, Goans, may, in fact, lose even the Chief Ministership, in few years from now.
Unfortunately, Costa belongs to the same Party as Mario Soares, - the man responsible for selling Goa on a platter to India, without ensuring any safeguards, which would have neither harmed India nor Portugal.
Presently, while registration of birth in Portugal by itself does not give Goans the right to settle, vote or travel, yet by their laws, they are considered Portuguese citizens. This subjects them to the risk of being disenfranchised in India. Promises by Home Minister, Rajnath Singh about one and half years back and assurances by Goa’s CM in August last,  that the issue would be  settled “soon” have and will remain unfulfilled until next elections and forgotten altogether thereafter. BJP will never stick to such promises, which are meant only to deceive gullible people.
The exodus of Goans due to the ease in obtaining Portuguese passports is surely deplorable, but with no improvement in job situation, those quitting for want of jobs and financial difficulties cannot really be blamed.
Antonio Costa has many problems in hand in Portugal. He did well as Mayor of Lisbon. But it is doubtful whether he will ever pay any attention to this Goan issue, which is a creation of one of his predecessors, incidentally of the same party, though he was not a part of it then. Portugal behaved selfishly then by trying to regain lost world sympathy at the cost of the Goans. What is happening to Goa and to Goans today is the result of the blunders committed both by Portugal and India then. If Costa tries to alleviate the woes of Goans, surely they will be ever grateful to him.  Else there will be no reason for us to rejoice.