Thursday, November 17, 2016

Goans Have Never Figured The Scheme Of Things Of ‘De Novo’ Coloniser – by Floriano Lobo

It is a fact that GOANs have never figured in the scheme of things of the 'de novo' coloniser of Goa.  Starting from Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, helped by his acolytes such as the AGD sponsored Goan freedom fighters, some of whom have written books and articles such as 'SORROWING LIES MY LAND' , and the Church, through shameful connivance by none other than Cardinal Gracias of Bombay, who claimed himself to be the son of Goa, to sell their Goa for 30 pieces of silver to start with, not bothering to hold Nehru to his much publicized promises that he will not coerce Goans to join the Indian Union against their wishes if they deliberately wanted to stay separate to preserve their identity.
The unfortunate choice of gullible Goans to put MGP of Dayanand Bandodkar in power in Goa for almost 17 years which only desired to amputate the Special Status for Goa through Goa's merger into Maharashtra, added to the silencing of the demand of Goans for full or semi autonomy.
Following in the footsteps of Pandit Jawarharlal Nehru's hypocrisy, the Congress Party of India waxed eloquence on the need for Goa to have Special Status to preserve its identity, confidence tricked gullible Goans at every election times ( as it is being done presently through the statement made by Luizinho Faleiro), not to bother about it after having gotten elected. This was so because our own Goan Leaders in the Congress Party are given the choice to either voice these sentiments and see themselves ousted. And without exception they have chosen and will choose to be on the side of holding positions and pelf rather than think about the future of Goa and Goans. The Traitors of Goa.
The half-breed of the MGP in Goa, the BJP of Manohar Parrikar, continued to flog what Goans wanted and even took it to the highest level of instructing his mentor Modi to play along with gullible Goan by dangling the carrot of Special Status before them to ensure two Parliamentary seats in the 2014 elections. Goans, as expected, peed in their pants and did the impossible possible, falling for this ruse by even publicly handing over a memorandum to the to be elected PM who did not hesitate in nodding his cunning head, like the fox, who knows how to entertain the crabs on the river banks to find themselves willingly adjourning his dinner plate.
If the above statement from the GOA BJP is seen to be a U-Turn on the election promises, then Goans must either consider that they have jelly for the grey matter in their brains or they are dimwits. This will happen again and again unless Goans wise up to the fact that India will never agree to cut its feet to let Goa out of its hands, the goose that lays for them the Golden Eggs.
To go back in history, India took over Goa by contravening the UN Charter as its signatory to throw out its own UN co-partner with active connivance of the USSR. It did not rest there. It went on to appease Portugal's Mario Soares into signing the Co-operation Treaty (in 1974), the Treaty that Portugal should have run away from if it had any self-respect viz a viz having learnt a hard lesson from their own Ex-territory of East Timor which is today independent from dominating Indonesia, thanks to the UN. With Goans kept in the dark about this Treaty, its validity is under question.
India shall never, never, never, give Special Status to Goa because Goa, to India, is a prestige acquired through fraud and military power, holding on to it through intimidating martial law for 2 years [upto the elections of 1963] so that the backs of Goans were broken and staunch fighters for autonomy like Adv Bruto Da Costa were rendered frustrated, with no Goan venturing forward to support him, they themselves looking over their shoulders for India's gestapos ready to pounce through the provisions of the intimidating Martial Law. Goa also happens to be the golden goose, snatched from the stupid Portuguese to be looted and plundered which started with Goa's Raj Bhavan being emptied of prized antique furnitures in truckloads going to Delhi, including the powerful Emissora de Goa Radio Transmitter being re-installed elsewhere in India.
The only way GOANS can have their SPECIAL STATUS is to put themselves in Goa's Legislative Assembly declaring to Goans the following shall be honoured on pains of getting shot in case of U-TURNS later:
1. That the Navy shall be ordered to vacate Dabolim Airport in the same manner that Chadrababu Naidu ordered the Air Force to vacate Hyderabad.
2. Scrap MOPA Airport altogether, even if work on it has been initiated.
3. Cancel the Nationalization of Goa's Rivers and Inland Waterways even if this legislation goes through.
4. Get Goa out of the ambit of the one-sided and perverse so called 'Gadgil Formula'.
5. Bring in new BILL to preserve and protect Goa's scarce land from getting into the hands of outsiders, whether agricultural or otherwise.
6. De-roll all migrants who have naturalized in Goa and are included on the Electoral Rolls of Goa on the basis that they are listed in the electoral rolls of their original state.
7. Phase out labour intensive industries to bring in Service Sector industries so that Goans are gainfully and appreciatively employed to stop the brain drain and learn to ask the potent question 'DEVELOPMENT FOR WHOM?'.
8. Restore Goa's COMUNIDADES to their pre-1961 status to revive Goa's lost agricultural economy.
The above will serve more than the Special Status what we are asking for and which is a mirage. Goa needs to go Goa-Centric all the way just like U.S.A. has chosen to go U.S.A.-Centric through getting a rank outsider to the U.S. politics elected as its PRESIDENT in a mindboggling over-turn of the system that worked against its own people and be drained in trillions of dollars to keep supporting regimes that cared two hoots for America.
Do GOANS have the stomach to stand up and fight instead of falling to their knees to every Indian Chaiwalla who comes along with a promising loaded pot of tea?
If not, please stop praying for Special Status expecting that India will have a change of heart, for INDIA will never never consider this even if India has to roll over Goans just like China did in the Tiananmen Square in 1989. And those who will rejoice over this shall be our own Goans Judases who have been chained through their belief that 'THEIR BHARAT IS MAHAN' even if they are dragged over the rocks to be consigned to the dumps.