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Going with the trend setters, first, by East Timor [Timor Lest] having attained Independence from Occupying Indonesia through the intervention of the United Nations on May 20, 2002, to end the illegal occupation by Indonesia since 1975, and, the bid by the Scotish people to decide if they wanted to remain with Great Britain or as an Independent Country altogether, through the recently held REFERENDUM, a laudable Democratic process, the former ESTADO DA INDIA PORTUGUESA as it was called, GOA, is also simmering for the much promised and denied Referendum/Plebiscite when India occupied GOA through military intervention to drive away the 451 year standing Portuguese, interestingly, both India and Portugal having been members of the United Nations.
That GOANS have woken up, or should I say, musterred the courge to demand the REFERENDUM after 53 years of fear ridden silence is a matter of great pride for Goa and Goans. The fact of the matter is straight as a barge-pole:
1: India promised that Goa's identity would be protected and it was India's first Premier Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru through his public speech at Bombay in 1956 that said the following:
"I want to explain myself. If the people of Goa, minus the Portuguese, deliberately wish to retain their separate identity, I am not going to bring them by force, compulsion or coercion into the Indian Union.... I merely add that my national interest involves the removal of the Portuguese from Goa...."
2. This promise was never implemented, thanks to Goa's Freedom Fighters who have been enjoying pensions for the past 53 years, as well as a very staunch Goan in Bombay who had the ears of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru..... Cardinal Valerian Gracias. It looks like their only mission was to push Goa into the lap of India, lock-stock and barrel without any guarantees for Goa and Goans.
3. India forced on Goans (like myself) its Citizenship through promulgation of the Citizens Act in 1962, without asking Goans whethert they wanted it or not. UN Charter emphsises that indegenous people must be given a chance to decide their own fate through a referendum or a plebiscite. What I am saying is that this 'choice' was not given/ignored for reasons that nobody thought it fit to demand. It was imposed. As a Goan first, I want to choose what I want to feel nice about. I do not feel nice about things that are forced on me as a compulsion and call it DEMOCRACY.
4. This referendum that I am talking about must have two choices. (1) Remain Independent Or (2) Join the Indian Union WITH SPECIAL STATUS aka Special Provisions under Article 371(I) of the Indian Constitution, which request by Goa, India has repeatedly ignored.
5. The voting in this referendum must be those persons/Goans who were on the Electoral Rolls of Goa during the 1963 Elections and along with their newer generation. Also, all Goans residing and/or settled elsewhere in the world must be given the franchise to vote in this referendum. The voting cannot be based on the current Electoral Roll which is a cocktail of dilution.
6. This referendum must be conducted under the auspices of the UNITED NATIONS.
7. Goans do not recognize the Treaty signed by Portugal (through Mario Soares) and India ( through Y.B. Chavan) in 1974 handing-over Goa's sovereignty to India since this treaty had no representation from Goans in Goa or elsewhere in the world. Besides, Mario Soares and his government was not an elected Government at that time and therefore this treaty could not be signed.
8. Goa's Opinion Poll of 1967 with the two options given was an infringement on the above quoted promises of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Perhaps, if he was alive, he would not have accepted this monstrosity, which was the brainchild of Maharashtra and its Chamcha in Goa, the Maharashtra Gomantak Party led by Dayanand Bandodkar, and therefore was one-sided and meaningless. Thanks to Dr. Jack de Sequeira, the Opinion Poll was won to keep Goa as Goa or be disintegrated into Maharashtra. Accepting Opinion Poll with the stated terms of reference was a risky proposition and Dr. Jack de Sequeira should not have agreed to it but instead go for the above referendum with the above stated terms of reference. But his position is vindicated by the very fact that the Opinion Poll was won.
Some Goans who are not aware of the basic facts about the so called liberation of Goa by India consider the above demands as secessionist demands. NO. these are not. These demands are authentic demands and India will have to relent to these in the very near future. Hopefully, India will take a page out of the democratic appeasement which has taken place vis a vis Scotland and Great Britain.

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16 December 1961, Indian troops crossed the border into Goa.
19 December 1961 - Annexation of the Overseas Province of Portugal called Goa by newly formed India (1947), termed by Indians from the newly formed Republic of India as liberating Goa, incorporated into the Indian Union. 
16 Jan 1967 - Opinion poll day illegally by the Republic of India without settlement of GOA and its sovereignty.
1961-1987: Union territory of Goa, Daman and Diu.
1974/75 – Treaty signed between Republic of Portugal and the Republic of India over the sovereignty of Goa, based on Articles of agreement exclusively with the United Nations. Without the consent of any Person from GOA in black and white representing the people of GOA or without a referendum if GOANS want to be a part of the Republic of India or the Republic of Portugal or Independent or Autonomous with Special Status.
May-30,1987 - August 12th, Goa was included as a state within the Republic of India by the central government of the Republic of India.
After 30th May 1987 to ...........
Full of People from others STATES of the Republic of India and Nepal. DEFINE A GOAN ?
No more a PARADISE, Just like any other STATE of the recently formed in 1947 REPUBLIC OF INDIA.
Thus I propose a term called "THE GOAN" --> Which is a term used only to those who are sons\daughters of Goa by virtue of having 5+ generations of ancestral roots in Goa prior to 16th December 1961 (irrespective of religion beliefs, gender, ethnic origin, colour, race, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, etc). As long as they were legal documented families.


Eugene Correia is the Pre-Historic Ape "Homo Erectus" I really cant Understand how can a Pre-Historic Uncivilzed "Homo Erectus" be called a "Goan" 

In order to understand INDIA in a better way, you need realize that there is no Such country Named INDIA prior 1947, Pre-Historic Morons like Eugene Correia and even Educated PHD Indian Morons like to believe that INDIA as a nation existed for past 3500 years, which is a biggest joke I have ever heard.

India is not really a nation but a political union of many nations coming together to form a country, some were forcefully annexed by Indian Government e.g Goa, Kashmir, Nagaland, Sikkim, Junagadh, Manipur, Hyderabad etc. 

According to the oxford Dictionary, a Nation is, “ a large body of people united by Common descent, History, Culture or Language, inhabiting a particular state or territory” Therefore India is not a Nation.

India as a nation has no history,its an entity which was born in 1947, Yes each ethnic group of India have their own History(Tamils,Telugu,Maratha,Rajput, Goans, Kashmiris, Mallus etc) but we never had a monolithic and common history, we are not even aware of others existence before British built Railways,much of our society even today is not connected.

In 1947 when British granted Independence to British India and Pakistan, India use to have around 260 States, some princely states , and some states without any ruler.

When first Constitution was drafted 40 percent of Modern day India is still in the Hands princely rulers.

Society 200 years ago is quite different in the Indian Subcontinent, Every Tribe in the Indian Subcontinent had their own Language,Culture, Religions,God (Mostly Tribal Gods)–This is how most Indians evolved, well most people who lived in Indian subcontinent During that Time have no idea about the country that they are living in. Most of them were uneducated.

Indians were not even aware of others existence before British built Railways,much of Indian society even today is not connected. 

A Gujrati may not be able to communicate with Bengali, the average Indian seems to identify better with his/her fellow Assamese, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati or Naga people than with other Indians.

A German can Communicate with a fellow German, A Portuguese can Communicate with fellow Portuguese but one Ethnic Indian cannot communicate with another Ethnic Indian, they both are foreigners.

Even today most Educated Indians are not completely aware of their Geography, thats how brainwashed people are, far worse than North korea.

Indian elite in olden days felt that Religion can become an unifying cause , So they brainwashed Hindu Religion onto these tribes, Brahmins ,Kshatriya’s and other upper caste accepted lower caste tribes into Hinduism a Religion invented by British in the Year 1830.

Movies,Books,Education system in School subtly brainwashed people into Hindu Religion.

Since Independence Indian media and many Hindutva schools presented a Selective version of history.

Almost in every History book, Hindus were described as most pious and innocent while occupying British, Portuguese and Islamic people are described as barbaric and without any culture.

Such Fabrications led to a prevailing Culture of Victimhood and Cultural jingoism among young Indians.

The stupid brainwashed young youth of India are product of such disgusting propaganda which Hindutva Cultural Warriors have unleashed in Academic circles.

Indians are superficial, most people in the Subcontinent are basically different tribes and they use to have different moral code.

Brahminical Dharma is imposed on them..and worse most Lower caste lost their own identity when they started obliging Upper castes.

This is the reason why most Hindus suffer from identity crisis.If you ask them about religion most go numb and some become suspicious because , 95% of people cant read Sanskrit or understand it, nor they know about their own religion except few basic things learned from Brahminical Mythological sitcoms like Ramayana and Mahabharat directed by Ramanand Sagar

Supreme Court of India acknowledge the fact that most Indian Ancestors were Immigrants some came from west Africa, some from Arabian Desert, Some are from Persia and some from Central Asia.

So there is no such Thing call "Indians" even Native Americans are called "Indians"

All the bullshit that Caste is British conspiracy and British tried to divide India and have exaggerated minute difference in India is bullshit.

Biological,Genetic studies don't lie,Scientific results are open,and you can contact genetic and molecular institute of India.

for more information contact professor Satyajit Rath

Stop reading bullshit Hindutva media, you get nothing

Academics have nothing to do with Hindutva idiot propaganda.

Out of India theory is even bullshit, Ancestral North Indian Genotype in India is related to Eurasian Caucasus region and South have greater relevance to African,Precisely west Africa.

Some coastal African geneotypes have some common Mitochondrial structure with South India.

In South Asia, and Indian subcontinent there have been inward migrations from Northern Caucasus and West coastal Africa and small communities settled around and started trade among themselves.

This is how south Asia looked earlier, most people have no contact with rest of the world and its a closed society.

This is even the prime reason why Indians are closed minded and most have never seen any other country in their life and worse , very few people from other cultures contacted them.

Only contacts that Indians are aware of are colonial invasions, this created a mindset among South Asians, Every thing from outside is dangerous and disruptive to existing culture.

South Asia was never a free flowing,Trading culture—-Only few communities engaged in Trade and Commerce, precisely there are few castes which have engaged in Trade, rest of the society is always stagnant ,poor .

Please don't fall into trap of Hindutva propaganda, Hindutvas are laughing stock even among Indians.

Serious academics laugh at these Idiots, but most closed minded Indians and highly ethnocentric Indians, believe in Hindutva Fairy tales.

Unfortunately over 45% of India is illiterate,which makes susceptible for brainwashing and worse many Indian youth are insecure,which makes them believe in Hindutva propaganda.

All the glory of Indian civilization and Great Indian inventions or India as Aryan race or Indians are original Aryan,India is a Ancient Country all are bullshit fairy tales.

Sadly more and more young people who were exposed to other Cultures for first time in their life,thanks to globalization are feeling alienated .

Most Hindutva young cheerleaders are insecure young men who cannot integrate into any European or Western culture and they are not part of mainstream, thats why Sudin Dhavalikar has problem with Bikinis.

So they seek refuge in Hindutva propaganda and to get false sense of pride.

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A GOAN FIRST By Adv.Radharao F.Gracias

A GOAN FIRST By Adv.Radharao F.Gracias
I recently came across a facebook post saying “we are Indians first and Goans next”. It sounds terribly wrong to me, politically, legally, historically. And, geographically, too.  Goans, were the subjects of the Bahamani sultan, until the Portuguese defeated Adil Shah and replaced the Bahamanis on 25.11.1510, at the “invitation” of the local people, under the leadership of Thimaya Naik. After that the status of Goa varied, between a colony and an overseas province of Portugal. Then came Operation Vijay, the Portuguese were driven out and Goa came to be part of the Republic of India. And thus Goans became Indians. If by some mischance at anytime in the future Bangladesh happens to liberate Goa, then Goans will be Bangladeshis. And so on. And throughout these happenings, the only thing constant is we have been Goans. And Goans we shall always be.
The question is: how did we become Indians? The answer is simple, as provided by the Supreme Court of India in Mons. Sebastiao Francisco Monteiro v/s. State of Goa, (AIR 1970 page 329). The operative part of the said judgment reads:
“.....occupation, which means belligerent occupation, comes to an end when hostilities cease and the territory becomes a art of the Occupying Power. Annexation may sometimes be peaceful, as for example, Texas and Hawaiian Islands were peacefully annexed by the United States, or after war, -as the annexation of South Africa and Orange Free State by Britain. The question, when does title to the new territory begin, is not easy to answer. Some would make title depend upon recognition. Mr. Stimson's doctrine of non-recognition in cases where a state of things has been brought about contrary to the Pact of Paris was intended to deny root of title to conquest but when Italy conquered Abyssinia, the conquest was recognised because it was thought that the state of affairs had come to stay. Thus, although the United Nations Charter includes the obligation that force would not be used against the territorial integrity of other States (Art. 2 para 4), events after, the Second World War have shown that transfer of title to territory by conquest is still recognised. Prof. R. Y. Jennings poses the question : What is the legal position where a conqueror having no title by conquest is nevertheless in full possession of the territorial power, and not apparently to be ousted?" He recommends the recognition of this fact between the two States. If cession after defeat can create title, occupation combined with absence of opposition must lead to the same kind of title. In the present case the facts are that the military engagement was only a few hours' duration and then there was no resistance -at all. It is hardly necessary to try to establish title by history traced to the early days as was done in the Minquiers and Ecrencs(1) case. Nor is there any room for the thesis of Dr. Schwarzenberger (A Manual of International Law, 5th Edn. p. 12 that title is relative and grows with recognition. True annexation followed here so close upon military occupation as to leave no real hiatus. We can only take the critical date of true and final annexation as December 20, 1961 when the entire government and administration were taken over and there was no army in occupation -and no army in opposition. The occupation on December 20, 1961 was neither belligerent occupation nor anticipated occupation, but true annexation by conquest and subjugation.…..”
As we all know the Supreme Court is the final word in matters of interpretation of facts and law. The said interpretation therefore is binding on all patriots and pseudo patriots, nationalists and faux nationalists.
Now the next question is: when did we become Indians? That answer is provided by the Goa, Daman & Diu Citizenship order dated 28.3.1962 issued by the Union Govt. The relevant part reads:
“Every person who or either of whose parents or any of whose grandparents was born before the twentieth day of December, 1961, in the territories now comprised in the union territory of Goa, Daman and Diu, shall be deemed to have become a citizen of India on that day:
Provided that any such person shall not be deemed to have become a citizen of India as aforesaid if within one month from the date of publication of this Order in the Official Gazette that person makes a declaration in writing to the Administrator of Goa, Daman and Diu or any other authority specified by him in this behalf that he chooses to retain the citizenship or nationality which he had immediately before the twentieth day of December, 1961……..”
There is no scope, to dispute that Goans became Indians with retroactive effect from 20.12.1961, by the aforesaid order. It conclusively follows that prior to 28.3.1962, we were not Indians, and hence allowed to “retain the citizenship or nationality which he had immediately before 20.12.1961”.
And the final question: Are we geographically Indians? The answer is a huge ‘Yes’. We are part of the landmass that constitutes the Indian Sub Continent and all parts obviously come together. And in case any part comes ahead of the others then it must be Pakistan which is the cradle of ancient Indian Civilisation (Harappa and Mohenjodaro). And the river Indus, which gave the country its name, runs through that country. And above all Taxila generally acknowledged to be the forerunner of all universities in the world, is also in that country. It is the university that gave us, Chanakya the political analyst, Charaka the father of Ayurveda, and Panini the grammarian, all of whom are considered to be our icons. Does the Republic of Pakistan therefore not have a claim to the concept of ‘India’ a claim no lesser than that of the Republic of India?
To conclude, there ought to be no doubt that we are Goans first and always and are Indians as a consequence of what the Supreme Court says: “True annexation by conquest and subjugation”. And the legislation that followed.