Thursday, December 15, 2016

Adv Antonio Andre Pereira.

Certified copy of the Order said to be passed by High court on 7.12.2016 dismissing writ petition no. 1045/2016 before even admitting the same for hearing of the concerned respondents is not yet read and for reasons best known to the Judges. This State of Goa stand captured from the Portuguese Rule only to place its law abiding sons of the soil under bondage of evil minded politicians hailing from across the then boundaries of Goa and only to be plundered their land and natural resources by falsely promising to them that they will be liberated from Portuguese Rule as with freedom to rule their State themselves. There was no reason to extend the Central laws in Goa of which provisions are founded under the British concept of jurisprudence that treat the citizens as tenants of the State and replace the State made laws in force in State Goa founded under Roman concept of jurisprudence besides the laws founded by usages and custom of times immemorial. That without such extension it was not possible to extend the jurisdiction of the High Court of Bombay to Goa. None in Goa holds land by State land tenure to be covered under inherent jurisdiction of the High Court of Bombay which stands established in the State of Maharashtra consisting of State land tenure holdings. The Jurisdiction of High Court of Bombay came to be so extended when the then Chief Minister and Revenue Minister of Goa, Daman and Diu provided false information in the year 1963 to the then Planning Commission that Territory of Goa is 100% covered by State land tenure holdings. It is a fraud played by those vested interested persons seeking to capture the power of the State unto themselves by ousting the legitimate indeginous people of Goa from all of body politics.

Monday, December 12, 2016

GOA PEACEFUL MOVEMENT By Agnelo Gomes, Combakar

Goans are very peaceful citizens of this planet and we are not engaged in treason nor sedition against brutal conqueror India, we are defending our birth rights protected by UN against a conqueror that preaches morality but is one of the most violent nation in the world “Global Peace Index (GPI) for 2014 is 143rd nation out of 162 at the of the list and Goa should be at 4 or higher going back to status in 1961 – the most peaceful” .
We demand Macau Status to Goa like China gave to Macau to protect Nation Goa before extinction in hands of brutal gang rapist India; like Macau will remain part of India and will have absolute autonomy what Dr. Antonio Oliveira Salazar from Portugal proposed but rejected by then Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru.
Now our Nation is left destroyed with rampant corruption, no law and order. Rapid Rise of Indian Migrants amounting to 1 Million outnumbering Goans 2:1 ration, losing our identity.
There is uncalled development that brings more Indians on our soil, destroying our environment, agricultural land, destruction of sea wild life, dolphins, bird sanctuaries, breeding grounds for corral fish, sea throttles that come nesting in coastal areas. Uncalled Coastal land is created by reclamation of coastal areas destroying sea habitat for fish, corrals, cubbes, tisros, crabs, etc., dolphins

Friday, December 9, 2016

India - Pakistan War Clouds – by A. Veronica Fernandes, Candolim

These days, BJP government at the Centre is creating artificial clouds of war against Pakistan giving an impression that war is the only solution to stop Pakistan from waging a proxy war against India thru the terrorists who are constantly creating problems for India especially in Kashmir. First of all, let me say openly that I strongly condemn Pakistan for helping the terrorists to create problems in India by killing Indian soldiers and even innocent civilians. In no way these heinous acts are acceptable.  But will the war against Pakistan solve the problem? Somebody the other day suggested an all-out war against Pakistan till the entire Pakistan comes under the possession of India.  This is like dreaming.
If India wants to wage a war against Pakistan, do we have now a professional and a competent Defence Minister like Israeli Moshe Dayan or American Dick Cheney? We have at the helm of our defence affairs an immature and ignorant in military affairs defence minister Manohar Parricar.  He may be an expert and qualified in some other field but surely not in defence. If by relying on his Zero knowledge of defence system and war techniques, go to war against Pakistan, I am afraid we may fall in further problems and end in a way we ended in 1962 War with China whence India was totally destroyed, our soldiers were butchered and hundreds of acres of our land grabbed by China.   This happened because our then defence minister Krishna Menon was ignorant of War games.  Though he was sacked from the Cabinet immediately after that war but because of his lack of knowledge on this subject India suffered a humiliating defeat and that was the only defeat independent India suffered from our neighbours.
India under BJP is in a mess, nothing is moving well, people are disgusted with the government machinery.  BJP came to power by openly declaring that they will do something good, better than Congress but with the naked eyes one can see nothing but clouds looming with fascism and RSS-ism.  BJP is proving now that it wants to implement its hidden agenda of turning India into a Theocratic State. All the BJP leaders are having a mind-set of parochial and sectarian thoughts.  They will never develop India, on the contrary they will take India back to the Stone Age.
India is blaming Pakistan for sending terrorists to India.  I don’t know how far this is hundred percent true but one thing is certain, in Pakistan its own people and government are also suffering from terrorism perpetrated by the indigenous Pakistani terrorists only.  Their aim is not only to hit India but also Pakistan and it is a pity that Pakistan officially is incapable to control these terrorists.  Secondly, Pakistan being an enemy of India, we cannot expect Pakistan to kiss us.  They are our worst enemies and wherever possible they will surely hit us.  In view of this, is it not our duty to lock our doors properly and man them with efficient guards instead of keeping our doors open and vulnerable for our enemies to enter?  When Mumbai attack took place, where were our Coast guards? Sleeping.  Indian officials are on record to sell even atomic secrets to our enemies for a Whiskey bottle.  In view of this how can we rely on such people to protect India?  Indians are known to be the best bribeabe commodities and greater the rank greater is degree of bribe.   
Once again I condemn Pakistani backed terrorists’ infiltration on Indian soil but the solution for this is not war but diplomatic negotiation and discussion, if necessary to involve third party closer to Pakistan.  India got good diplomatic ties with all the Muslim, Arab and Western countries. Their good offices must be sought to enlighten Pakistan instead of counting on war.  War will never solve this problem because both the neighbours are nuclear powers but India is too decent, too matured and too advanced nation compared to Pakistan that is ready to do any amount of sacrifice to destroy India, fully or partially.  I came across Pakistanis in Kuwait who are ready to go into extinction but will be happy to see India should disappear partially at least. They have inborn anger against India for dismembering Pakistan and creating Bangladesh out of one unified Pakistan.  They will forgive anything to India but never and NEVER the war against Pakistan to create independent Bangladesh. 
Pakistan is a hurt nation and I disagree with those Indian statements saying India should bring Pakistan under its banner thru a fierce war.  Those who think in these terms are day dreamers and idiots. Even if I get Pakistan free of charge, I will never accept that part of the subcontinent.  Qualitatively that part is backward and cruel and also militant compared to India and it will be impossible for Indian administrators to control them. In this case, they will do more harm to India and Indian interest though India may have such ambitions because of its hegeomonistic lust that prompted India to annex militarily so many neighbouring territories including Hyderabad, Kashmir and Goa. 
Because of India’s hegemonistic ambition, Zulficar Ali Bhutto first gave a call to manufacture an Atomic weapon to deter India from further dismembering Pakistan after the birth of Bangladesh.  Said Bhutto in his masterpiece “If I am Assassinated” written in the prison cell where he was confined after sentencing him to the gallows:  “We will rather eat grass but will definitely produce an Atom Bomb”.     


After illegally invading Goa in 1961, the Indian Government have forcibly transferred its civilian population into Goa (occupied territory) and has illegally entered their names into the Goan electoral roles. By changing the demographic profile of Goa, the Indian Govt has violated the Geneva Convention IV [Article 49 ( 6th para)]. (This also constitutes a WAR CRIME according to the International Criminal Court Statute (Under Article 8(2)(b)(viii) of the 1998 ICC Statute). 

Now, the Election Commission is busy deleting Indigenous Goans names from the electoral register, and encouraging non-Goan voters to register. 

Next , the Indian Agencies will SUBVERT the election process in Goa ( as they have always been doing). for example- by splitting the Goan votes by promoting several pro-Goan parties, etc. They are fully aware that if a True Goan rightfully wins the election, he/she would expose the illegalities done by the Indian Occupation forces to Goa/Goans through fraudulent land laws, regional plans, electoral rolls, demographic change, environmental damage, etc..

A True Goan MLA/ sarpanch is seen as a serious threat to the Indian occupation forces, and therefore the Indian Agencies would go to any extent to stop a True Goan candidate from being elected.

There is no democracy even at the village level. The FRAUDULENT PANCHAYAT is another scheme to fool the Goan villagers. Panchayat members, who are elected by Goan villagers, are then bribed to make them work against Goan interest (e.g. approving real estate project, thereby destroying the environment), Villagers have no say regarding major decisions in their village, like land conversion, or construction licences for projects, but TCP can give full permission for constructions on Goan Land, thus making a mockery of democracy. 
Next, after the elections, the INDIAN AGENCIES ( via TCP, bureaucrats, chief Secretaries, Governor etc) will support the MLAs to work against Goa/ Goans, by rewarding them for their actions ( by allowing bribes, corruption, etc). They have even been using Goans ( Catholics) as puppets to make ( or endorse) anti – Goan decisions, so that it would appear that these are democratic actions taken by Goans themselves ( and blaming corruption amongst Goans)..


All Indigenous Goans ( Catholics), irrespective of which passport they hold, are GOAN CITIZENS !! and must be allowed to vote in Goan elections. Goa is an occupied territory and Goans were never interested in Indian Citizenship, but very much care about Goan politics. Therefore DUAL CITIZENSHIP must be granted to allow Goans to vote. Or a GOAN CITIZENSHIP must be established along with a Goan PASSPORT. ( E.g.-Similar to the Nagaland Accord signed last year between India and Naga rebels- )

The Indigenous Goans have been living under INDIAN DICTATORSHIP since 1961 due to this SABOTAGE of the Goan political system. The “so called elected MLAs” have NEVER represented Goa / Goans and have always made decisions which were detrimental to Goa / Goans. Moreover, Goans have no safeguards from this DICTATORSHIP, as even the Governor acts as a mute spectator (collaborator) and readily passes all anti-Goan bills /laws.

Now, the International Community is beginning to realise that India is not a Democratic Country, and does not represent the people. The current Kashmir conflict has exposed India. Although India show they had “Elections” in Kashmir (with installation of a puppet Government of Mebooba), in reality, this disputed territory is under military rule with around 1 million men perpetrating large scale brutalities ( killings, blinding civilians with pellet guns, destruction of properties, etc). Similar situation also exists in other states too. 

If Kashmir had no elections, it would have been a strong case for international intervention [Like US intervention in Kosovo, Bosnia, derecognition of Govts in Communist Nicaragua, Cuba, Lybia, Syria ( and support for Contra rebels in Nicaragua, Libyan rebels, Syrian rebels, Cuban rebels in bay of pigs, etc). Although, India tries its best to argue that Kashmiris have elected a Pro-Indian Government, it is just a matter of time when India is held accountable for its SHAM DEMOCRACY.

TRUE GOANS will not get fooled by this FAKE DEMOCRACY !!!

Elections in Goa are a MERE EYEWASH, just meant to prove to the INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY that Goans have willingly accepted the Indian rule. ( so that India can legitimise their occupation of this seized territory). 

If Goans can PROVE that they are SUPPRESSED under ANTI-GOAN DICTATORSHIP, it will warrant INTERNATIONAL INTERVENTION to liberate Goa from Indian occupation (like East Timor, Bosnia, Kosovo, etc).

It is therefore of VITAL IMPORTANCE that an Indegenous Goan ( Catholic) party is formed, to fight for Goan causes and to protect Goan land (roughly old conquest territory), Goan Language ( Roman Concanim), Goan food ( beef and pork) , Goan public holidays ( Good Friday, SFX feast), sanitisation of electoral rolls ( deletion of illegal non-Goan voters) , registration of indigenous Goan voters worldwide, etc.etc. If Goans are not represented in elections , a parallel Goan Parliament has to be formed ( which will soon receive international recognition).