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Agreed to disagree; okay, Jack was well educated as how some Goans mention, but the UN wants to verify if Goans are "united". Goans always weren't united and still there are so many views towards the comprehension of facts. As also Jack misguided many Goans, who were in population much more than nowadays.

In the American War of Independence from the British, only twelve members were united like a solid rock headed by George Washington. Rest of the public joined, when they discovered the new Republic is for all.

Without complete compendious, there cannot be a revolution! Without local indigenous support it's never possible.

Demands stated are for the total independence of Goa from the Indian Union, abolishment of the caste system, and equal rights for all as per the UN Resolutions 1541/42. But what is required now, is to have leadership first.

And that cannot be done individually, a person needs to be well established in business for recognition and have his/her's coffers full for three generations. People may have differents demands and opinions but no true Goan can listen to those demands, as also no Goan is ready to pick up arms nowadays being a minority.

Now, soon after the conquest of the Indian Union over Goa on 19 December 1961, a new issue of self-identity immediately cropped up. One of the Indian States (Maharastra) laid claim on this new territory on the basis of similarities between language, culture and traditions in both the regions [Guess, they didn't read - Goa and ourselves, by B. K. Boman-Behram]. But a political party (UGP) of Goa opposed and firmly believed that Goan language (Concanim) was an independent language and not a dialect of the other and insisted that Goa has its unique identity of its own and thus cannot be part of the other state.

Late. Indira Gandhi, the then prime minister of India, decided to resolve the issue by holding an Opinion Poll, after dissolving the then existing Assembly. The Congress central working committee resolved at its meeting on 3 September 1966 to hold Opinion Poll. The options were two – either retain Goa as the union territory or merge Goa into the neighbouring state.

The people of Goa voted for an independent state and won. However the percentage of voters who participated in voting were mere 10% of the total population and were mostly non-indigenous people.

The concept of Goa Statehood was sparked by different classes/groups/individuals in Goa who had vested interests, and who wanted to dissolve the identity of Goa. One was the tenant class of Goa who wanted to become owners of the land of Comunidades while the other were the political parties who wanted to exploit the situation. Their dreams and ambitions were only fuelled by the Indian Republic who did not care a damn to the dreams and aspirations of the natives and the indigenous people of Goa.

The Goa Statehood has been conferred upon Goans. Neither the Opinion Poll nor the Statehood of Goa bear any significance to the indigenous natives of Goa, because the events had mainly the participation of the non indigenous people of Goa who have no ownership or legislative rights on the territory of Goa. If Goa is to be integrated in the Indian Republic, it has to be done through self-determination of the indigenous people of Goa and through proper legal processes by signing agreements/contracts with the Gãocars/indigenous people only, and not by mere referendum or plebiscite exercised by the masses, as the Gãocarias are co-operative establishments with absolute ownership rights.

When in 1961, the Indian Union invaded and annexed Goa to them without any plebiscite, merely a result of a conquest by force of arms! This is hypocrisy.

Speaking from the Consulate of the Republic of India from the second floor of Damodar Mangalji & Cia in Pangim; Goa was never a territory alienated from the Indian Union, which never existed before 1947, and since the Indian Union had already assured those states that had more recently been alienated from it, that it had no designs on them, the Union of India therefore had no rights or moral basis to levy any claims upon Goa and its citizens. And therefore, the Indian Union had no business interfering in the internal affairs of Goa and to dictate whether the Portuguese should remain or not. Only the indigenous Goans could have the right to decide that.
When the government of the Indian Union however, saw that the Goans did not support its program of mischief and robbery, and that the criminal acts of 1954 could not be repeated, it took a new tack.

Following the Invasion of Goa in 1961, the Indian Union announced that Goa has become a part of the Union by might of arms, thus throwing into the dustbin its pious promises that the citizens of Goa alone would decide the fate of Goa!

The Indian Union amended its constitution by the 12th Constitution Amendment Act to claim that Goa had, as a result of its criminal invasion and occupation, become an integral part of the Republic of India!

There was no Plebiscite!

There was Referendum! By which the Goans could decide if they wanted to be integrated into the Union of India!

Subsequently, in 1974, when the Portuguese Communist overthrew the Portuguese government, they signed a "treaty" with the Indian Union wherein they recognised that Goa was integrated into the Indian Union from the day of its occupation!

This "treaty" is illegal and without any value. That is because Goa was and is not Portugal's/Mario's to bargain over without the express and stated consent of the Goan people, in accordance with all norms of international laws.

Goa is not Portugal's chattel, and Goans are not Portuguese slaves that Portugal, granted the dubious point that the Communist are the legal Portuguese government since 1974, so that Portugal can gift or cede Goa and Goans without any legal reference to the wishes of the Goans!

Therefore, this "treaty" is nothing but a fraud and a mockery of all norms of international law and decency and an attempt by the Indian Union and its allies in the Portuguese underworld. The Portuguese Communist especially Mario, added insult to the injury of the Goan people who suffered at the hands of terrorist nation - the Indian Union!

The "treaty" in itself is an act of Fraud. It alleges that Goa became an integral part of the Indian Union from the dates of the Indian occupations - 1954 & 1961. That is Fraud because between those dates and 1974, when "Portugal" formally "repudiated" Goa, the Indian occupation was not accepted either by the Goans or by the Portuguese government, and the same could not be imposed upon either as having been with their agreement and assent by retrospective effect and effectively by one not in continuity with them, but a mere robber and outlaw, a bandit!

Goa can become "free" only when Portugal returns to its senses. We need to wake up Portugal. This may seem hard and utopian. It is not. It is more difficult attempting to build an independent Goa without reference to Portugal. It is more difficult attempting to build a restored Portugal only with metropolitan Portugal and with Goa. It is easier to join up together with all Portuguese patriots, Goans, Metropolitans, Africans, East Asians et cetera., and work for the restoration and completion of the Lusofone Community wherein Goa lays as a Black Pimple on its map.

Even after mentioning the brief details; Goans are a bunch of incomprehensive egoistic gutless bastardised wimps who are filled with frustrations, greed and only comprehend on hybrid theories and later make irrational decisions of external paraphernalia of independence, like a name, flag, anthem, constitution, law codes and motto. And, Dr. João Hugo de Sequeira alias Jack is a great example.

Glorification Of British Invaders On Parshuram Bhumi – by Bendo Juze

Glorification Of British Invaders On Parshuram Bhumi – by Bendo Juze
On Jan 15 2016 Goa PWD minister Ramkrishna 'Sudin' Dhavalikar who along with his brother Deepak are the smartest Politicians and has benefited from both the Congress and BJP corruption said Portuguese should tender apology to Goans. Goans can't forget the history of the Portuguese rule. "What happened in Goa prior to 1961 we have seen," said Dhavalikar while speaking on congratulatory motion moved by Congress legislature Aleixo Lourenco to congratulate Antonio Costa, newly elected Prime Minister of Portugal who is of Goan origin.
He said feel reluctant to support the motion but he did it, nonetheless. "I support it for Costa is the son of the soil," he said Dhavalikar.
Further on Dhavalikar clearly said “Portugal never conquered Goa but it was handed over to the colonial rulers by the Adilshah, who was ruling Goa in 1510”. He is Correct. Infact a Brahmin named Mhal Pai from Verna requested a sea Brigand call Timoja Naik to Invade Goa and drive out Adil Shah. So as per this actually the whole clan of Pai and Naik are responsible for the Portuguese rule in Goa and should apologize to Goans
Now the BRITISH Conquered India ruthlessly, tortured Indians, killed Millions, looted and finally divided India. The crimes the British are to vast to comprehend. While Goans were treated a citizens of Portugal in Portugal and Goa, The British Placed Boards at restaurants saying “INDIANS AND DOGS NOT ALLOWED”
Apparently 2017  is being planned “The India-Britain Year of Culture 2017” and  One of the events proposed for this is a Wembley-style event in Goa, with Prime Ministers Narendra Modi and David Cameron addressing an audience in the stadium at Dona Paula via a live video feed. Full Article
WOW. Today some BRITISH Leftovers want to Celebrate British Imperialism by Hosting an "India-Britain Year of Culture" that too in GOA.  Last year a Gujrat British leftover gave a Dazzling Speech in Wembly Stadium London without asking the British PM to once apologize for the Brutal British rule. Is this a “Stockholm Syndrome” wherein Indians have fell in love with their Colonizers as they have fallen in love with their colonizers language “English” and the colonizers Game of “CRICKET”?. Fake Freedom Fighter NAGESH KORMOLI are you there? You wanted to stop a Goa Portuguese Friendship Festival “Semna Cultura Indo Portuguesa” in 2011?
Instead David Cameroon should have been forced to Apologize at Jallianwala Bagh or the Indo-Pak Border and sent back in Disgrace. Goans should NOT ALLOW CELEBRATION OF BRITISH IMPERIALISM on PARSHURAM BHUMI. Whoever want this Celebration anywhere in India or Wembley should be tagged as traitors and BRITISH Leftovers dancing over the body of Shaheed Bhagat Singh and be kicked out of the Holy Land of Bharat. All Indians who migrated to Invader Britain should be tagged as Anti nationals.
As early as August this year, Goa Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar had raised the issue of Goans making Portuguese passports with the External Affairs Ministry.  "They are migrating not because there are no job opportunities here...It is a mentality to cross over the country borders. We need to change their mentality," Parsekar told the State Legislative Assembly."I feel that people spend hours together outside the consulate to get the passport. They are in a hurry to lose the citizenship of their country. This is sad," the Chief Minister said. On Jan 15 2016 at the motion in the Goa assembly to congratulate Antonio Costa for becoming the PM of Portugal San Andre MLA  expressed concern over Goans taking Portuguese citizenship to take up jobs in the UK by using Portugal as a gateway and eventually the whole family gives up Indian citizenship. “This huge amount of migration is a different kind of denationalization and we need to ask Portugal how long they plan to continue this facility”, said Wagh.
Mr Parsekar, Mr Wagh. Today Despite “ACHEE DIN in India” and “make in India 1.4 million Indians Have acquired citizenship of Invader Britain. Can you raise this concern and take action on the same?
Goans, Will you allow Glorification of British Invaders on Parshuram Bhumi?

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Retired Ambassador of India to Georgia and Armenia, Mr Achal Malhotra recently said- ‘India can be said to be living in a dangerous neighbourhood…. The South Asian region is also full of contradictions, disparities and paradoxes. In the post-colonial period, South Asia has been a theater of bloody inter-state as well as civil wars; it has witnessed liberation movements, nuclear rivalry, military dictatorships and continues to suffer from insurgencies, religious fundamentalism and terrorism. Located in this volatile region (and notwithstanding some shortcomings) democracy and rule of law as instruments of political governance are well entrenched in India…. Transfer of power and annexing bordering territories have both been peaceful processes. Today, we explore that last claim a bit more by identifying the strategy India employed to gain control of its little neighbours.
Operation Polo (1948)
After the partition, the Nizam of Hyderabad, Osman Ali Khan Asaf Jah VII decided that the princely state of Hyderabad will not join India or Pakistan. His decision found favour with Pakistan but not with India. The Nizam’s state was a prosperous one and had its own army, railway and airline network, postal system and radio network. On 15th August, 1947, India declared itself an independent nation. And so did Hyderabad.
Shocked by the idea of an independent Hyderabad right in the heart of India, Deputy PM Sardar Patel consulted with Lord Mountbatten and he suggested Patel to resolve the challenge without having to resort to force. India then decided to offer Hyderabad a Standstill Agreement, which assured that no military action will be taken against it. In June 1948, before leaving India, Mountbatten proposed the Heads of Agreement deal which gave Hyderabad the status of an autonomous dominion nation under India. The deal required the restriction of its armed forces and the adjourning of its voluntary forces. Hyderabad would be allowed to govern its territory, but its foreign affairs would be handled by the Indian Government. The deal was signed by India, but the Nizam refused. While these negotiations were being carried out, communal riots between Hindus and Muslims had broken out in Hyderabad. The state was also busy arming itself and was receiving arms from Pakistan and the Portuguese administration in Goa.
As soon as the Indian Government received information that Hyderabad was arming itself and planning to ally with Pakistan, India decided to annex Hyderabad.
The battle between India and Hyderabad began on 13th September 1948 and ended on 18th September after which the Nizam’s army surrendered to the Indian Army and Hyderabad became a part of India. This war which lasted five days resulted in loss of life and casualties and it is estimated that 32 were killed and 97 injured on the Indian side and 490 killed and 122 wounded on the Hyderabadi side.
Annexing Sikkim (1975)
At the time of Indian independence, the privileges that were enjoyed by the British Government in Sikkim passed over to the new independent regime of India. The then ruler, Tashi Namgyal, was successful in getting a special protectorate status for Sikkim in the face of stiff resistance from local parties of Sikkim who were pro-democracy and wanted accession of Sikkim to India. Sikkim was to be a tributary of India, in which India controlled its external defence, diplomacy and communication. A state council was established in 1955 to allow for constitutional government for the Chogyal, which was sustained until 1973. During the Sino-Indian War of 1962, although Sikkim was an independent country, skirmishes occurred at the Nathula Pass between Indian border guards and the Chinese soldiers. In 1963, Tashi Namgyal died of cancer and his son. Palden Thondup Namgyal ascended the throne. In 1964, Nehru passed away and his daughter, Indira Gandhi became Prime Minister in 1966. She saw the reigning Chogyal as a threat to India, especially after his American wife, Hope Cooke, published a journal article advocating a return of certain former Sikkimese properties. By 1973, internal tremors in the political setup of Sikkim led to a complete collapse of its administration. By 1974, Sikkim was transformed from a protectorate state to an associate state with Kazi Lendup Dorji as its first Chief Minister. The Sikkimese youth by this time saw Chogyal monarch as a symbol of tyranny. Indian reserve police were moved in and took control of the streets of Gangtok, after the Indian Army placed the palace of the Chogyal under siege and the borders were closed. The incumbent Chogyal tried in vain to abdicate power to the elected representatives on the condition that Sikkim should not be merged with India. When he failed, he fled to the US. On April 14, 1975, a referendum was held, in which Sikkim voted to merge with the union of India.
May political scientists call Sikkim’s assimilation into India a curious blend of politics and strategy, that laid the foundation for turning Sikkim into one of the most peaceful states of the country.
The control of Junagadh (1947)
Upon partition, the Indian government made efforts to persuade the Nawab of Junagadh, Muhammad Mahabat Khanji III, to accede to India but he remained firm. India even resorted to threatening consequences in case of denial. The Nawab however decided to accede to Pakistan, arguing Junagadh (that was surrounded on 3 sides by Indian mainland) joined Pakistan by sea. Jinnah approved and counter signed Junagadh’s instrument of accession on 15 September 1947. The Indian government tried to persuade the Nawab peacefully by sending its secretary V.P. Menon with the message to withdraw its accession to Pakistan. With accession complete, the Nawab passed on the responsibility on the government of Pakistan. While trying to resolve the issue with Pakistan, India closed all its borders to Junagadh and stopped the movement of goods, transport and postal articles. In view of worsening situation, the Nawab and his family left Junagadh and arrived in Karachi on 25 October 1947. With the situation becoming critical, the Chief Minister of Junagadh wrote to Pakistan. In a return telegram, the Nawab authorised Bhutto to act in the best interests of the Muslim population of Junagadh. He decided to consult with India and it was decided that the Indian Government should be requested to take over the administration of Junagadh to protect the lives of its citizens. In February, 1948, a plebiscite was held in which 99% of the predominantly Hindu population of Junagadh voted to join India. Here’s an alternate story.
Indian annexation of Dadra and Nagar Aveli (1961)
After Indian independence in 1947, pro-India activists in the Portuguese Indian provinces, as well as Indians from other places, proposed of removing Portuguese control of Goa, Damão, Diu, Dadra and Nagar Aveli and integrating them with India. By 1954, they occupied Damão and Diu and displaced Portugese rule. On 22 July 1954, The United Front of Goans attacked the police station of Dadra and hoisted the Indian flag and Dadra was declared a free territory. On 28 July some RSS volunteers got the Naroli police station officers to surrender. Thus Naroli was also liberated from Portugese rule. After Naroli had been captured, the Portuguese police, was concentrated at Silvassa. On being asked to surrender in Silvassa as well, the 150 police personnel fled to Khanvel. On being offered no resistance, the nationalists entered Silvassa on 2nd August and declared the territory of Dadra and Nagar Aveli liberated. Between 1954 to 1961, the territory was administered by a body called the Varishta Panchayat of Free Dadra and Nagar Haveli. Finally in 1961, when Indian forces took over Goa, Daman, and Diu, Badlani was, for one day, designated the Prime Minister of Dadra and Nagar Aveli, so that, as Head of Government, he could sign an agreement with the Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru, and formally merge Dadra and Nagar Aveli with the Republic of India.
Operation Vijay (1961)
The 1961 Indian annexation of Goa, was an action by India’s armed forces that ended Portuguese rule on the Indian subcontinent in 1961. The armed action, code named Operation Vijay by the Indian government, involved air, sea and land strikes for over 36 hours, and was a decisive victory for India, ending 451 years of Portuguese colonial rule in Goa. One of the problems vexing the Indian prime minister Jawarhalal Nehru in the 1950s was what to do about Goa. The situation began to come to a head in 1955 when a group of Goan and Indian protesters staged a ‘liberation march’ in Goa and more than 20 of them were shot and killed.
He announced that Portuguese control of Goa could be tolerated no longer and instituted a blockade, which the Portuguese regime evaded by building an airport into which to fly supplies and by opening up trade with Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Portugese dictator, Antonio Salazar tried to drum up international support from world leaders. President Kennedy wrote to Nehru advising him not to use force and the Portuguese ambassador in London reminded the British government that under the terms of the Anglo-Portuguese alliance of 1899 it was obliged to come to Portugal’s assistance if any Portuguese colony was attacked.
There were more incidents and in November 1961 the Portuguese in Goa opened fire on Indian fishing boats. Nehru lost patience and mounted a military, naval and air attack on Goa using overwhelming force on December 17th. The Portuguese governor, who had at the most 3,000 men to oppose an Indian army of 30,000, blew up a few bridges to delay the invaders but his situation was plainly hopeless and he hoisted the white flag and surrendered. There had been almost no resistance and few casualties. The United States and the UK did not lift a finger to help Portugal in any practical way. Nor did anyone else.

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I say that the Pakistani Panelists were all full of shit. They shouldl have cited Goa as an example to the much shouted Gilgit Baltistan on how India has done the worst there.

If I was one of the Pakistani Panelist, I would have shut this loud mouth Arnab Goswami and sent him cringing.

He has been shouting at the Pakistanis that they are treating Gilgit Baltistanis below human standards.
If I was a Pakistani arguing the case, I would have pointed out how India has treated Goans after taking over Goa by force from the Portuguese even after both Portugal and India having been the members of the so called cockeyed United Nations.

What has India done to Goa and Goans?

Have you not screwed these indegenous people's life's aspirations?

Have you not slapped Martial Law on Goans when you walked into Goa as an act of war? to so called liberate Goans? If you had liberated Goa then why impose martial law? If you had really liberated Goan, you would have gone back packing to your India to leave Goa to Goans to handle, as according to your promises.

Did you not promulgate the Indian Citizenship Act in 1962 in violation of the international norms to push your Indian citizenship down the throats of Goans without they asking for it?

Where you not supposed to have conducted the United Nation mandated PLEBISCITE in Goa so that Goan could either opt to be Indian Citizens or remain separate? Was this self-respect to Goans accorded?
Was this not what Nehru promised before he decided to shore up Khrisna Menon in his Bombay elections, to allow him to march into Goa? so that he could win the elections?

Have you not diluted the Identity of Goa and Goans when you had promised to uphold and protect it? How come your people from across the state borders are on Goa's electoral rolls when your Representation of People's Act 1951 says that no one person can be registered in two places, in this case in India as well as in Goa?

You think Goans have taken it lightly?

You think, just like Gilgit Balitistanis, Goans will not rise up to fight the neo-colonialism that India has promoted in Goa after ousting the Portuguese colonialists? and then conniving with them to sign the Co-operation Treaty of 1974 without confiding with Goans themselves? Was not India responsible to send in Satyagrahis from the mainland to destabilise Goa?

In which way are you better and different than Pakistan handling Gilgit Baltistan??

You promise special status to Goans and then after winning elections, you say that it is impossible?.
Have you not promoted and encouraged the Opinion Poll of 1967 which, if it had to go against the Goans and Goa, Goa would have been a part of Maharashtra? and their identity that your so cheaply promised diluted for ever? Why couldn't you tell Bandodkar to forget about merger of Goa into Maharashtra and just concentrate on governance? When you liberate a place, you rape women, loot and plunder? Was Goa liberated or looted?

Was this the promise your Prime Minister gave to Goan and Goa before entering Goa?

Arnab, if I was the Pakistani Panelist today, I would have made you cry.

And you would never have gotten to get the courage to moderate a sensitive debate like this ever in your life.

That is the truth.

Only remember, just like Gilgit Baltistanis are going to liberate themselves from Pakistan as according to you, Goans are going to do so very soon from Indian forced occupation of Goa. Be very sure of this.
Goa's new generation is not going to be cuckholded like their peers, who had no spunk in their balls and wholeheartedly opted for pensions rather than keep the interest of future Goans and Goa at large at heart.


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Dear Goans,

Nice of you'll to support Goa. But few educators stop at certain explanations and delve not much. Or they want to treat Goans as mere fools.

If you'll care for Goa, you should know that it was demarcated in 1788. British India, Portuguese India, Dutch and French India were all different entities. Indian Consulate was housed in Damodar Mangalji & Cia edifice in Pangim.

Before any history professor can enlighten, please note that, we will only match our thoughts if the other comprehends with detailed facts.

Allow us for the "enlightenment" process, wherein you shall understand Goa's case in simple English.

1. Were we, as indigenous Goans consulted at any given time by a special "Visiting Mission" of the UN as per their Resolutions 1541/42 - A Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples?

2. Then Goans, A treaty is void if, at the time of its conclusion, it conflicts with jus congens of general international law. The number of jus congens is considered limited but not exclusively catalogued. They are not listed or defined by any authoritative body, but arise out of case law and changing social and political attitudes. Generally included are prohibitions on waging aggressive war, crimes against humanity, war crimes, maritime piracy,genocide, apartheid, slavery, torture. As an example, international tribunals have held that it is impermissible for a state to acquire territory through war. As per the Vienna Conventions. Hence the Treaty between Portugal (Soares) & India (Chavan) is nothing but a farce, a sham.

3. Are there any Treaty's signed by Regedores of the 223 Comunidades/Gãocarias of Goa with the Indian government?

4. Was a plebiscite ever held between 1961 - 74?

5. Article 49, 6th paragraph, of the Geneva Convention IV provides: “The Occupying Power shall not deport or transfer parts of its own civilian population into the territory it occupies."

Additional Protocol I:- Article 85(4)(a) of the 1977 Additional Protocol I provides that “the transfer by the Occupying Power of parts of its own civilian population into the territory it occupies” is a grave breach of the Protocol.

ICC (International Criminal Court) Statute:- Under Article 8(2)(b)(viii) of the 1998 ICC Statute, “[t]he transfer, directly or indirectly, by the Occupying Power of parts of its own civilian population into the territory it occupies” constitutes a war crime in international armed conflicts.

Nowadays we term people who have crossed the frontiers of Goa as "Ganttias".

So Goans, what does the Indian Military Manual mention? And even if there is one! That to term Annexations as Liberations?

6. According to any knowledgeable person, conquest is a method of acquiring territory in the past but after the Covenant of the League of Nations, the Charter of the United Nations and the General Treaty for the Renunciation of War, the acquisition of territory in International Law by the use of "force" does not confer any title.

7. What is the exact meaning of "Satiamev Jaiate"?

Please note Goans, Special Status or even the Sixth Amendment of the Constitution of India is nothing but a "SHAM", others are only fooling indigenous Goans again and after, if Goans want to get fooled for ever and ever, then it is fine for them, not us.

MARIO SOARES IS MUCH REPONSIBLE FOR OUR MESS AND NOT PORTUGAL - The United States and the UK did not lift a finger to help Portugal in any practical way. Nor did anyone else.