Sunday, August 30, 2015

India Does Not Deserve Veto Power by A. Veronica Fernandes, Candolim

Recently there is a noise around the 4 corners of India saying India must get the permanent Seat in the Security Council of the United Nations Organisation along with the 5 permanent members wielding Veto Power.  First of all, the permanent seats for the 5 members in the Security Council were given because of their direct involvement in the last World War II and coming out as victors. To gain the victory they have suffered also too much while India as a sovereign nation was not directly involved in this war and India as an independent nation was not even born during this war.  Besides, the UN Charter was drafted in 1945 when India was still the colony of the Great Britain.
With lot of excuses, India feels it must get the veto power seat in the Security Council;  one of the excuses is that India is the most populous country in the world. This is a shallow excuse having no weight in favour of India.
Excuses or no excuses, according to my observation India does not deserve a permanent seat in the Security Council because India is an immature and arrogant country capable to use veto power parochially and recklessly with bias intention. India is not a decent country following decent norms.  India is a selfish country capable to act recklessly and arrogantly for its selfish ends because Indian leders and rulers are such.
On 17th December 1961 on the eve of invasion of Goa, during the debate in the UN Security Council on Goa when it was decided that India must withdraw its troops from Goa, India’s permanent representative to the UN Mr. Jah said somewhat like this, "go to hell with Security Council and UN, India must not care for this decision of withdrawal from Goa, India must complete its mission of invading Goa by force with the support of Russian veto".  Finally India in a pure "dadagiri", invaded Goa by using violence, discarding its principle of Non-Violence thereby giving a solid kick on the back of the father of the nation, Ghandiji.  With the support of Russian Veto, India invaded Goa but if India acquires Veto power for itself then India would even venture to invade Pakistan also. For this reason Pakistan is strongly opposing giving Veto power to India because Pakistan knows India will misuse it against weaker nations. India and its leaders are not judicious in their assessment of the situation.
See what India did to Sikkim in 1975 when India swallowed Sikkim without caring for anything.  India claims to be the greatest democracy in the world but in reality India is purely a Hitlerian State ruled by Hitlers who will surely misuse given the veto power for its hegemonic ambitions. Not only this, India may even rent its Veto power for the highest bidder, so corrupt are Indian leaders.
 India had no guts to condemn this invasion because India itself was guilty of the sin of invasion with regards to Goa, Sikkim and other princely states. When such is the case, how India can be trusted to do justice to veto power? Veto power is meant to be used very judiciously by the seasoned nations governed by the matured leaders. India is not having matured leaders of international reputation, Indian leaders are parochial leaders in thoughts and in actions. When India is in the hands of such parochial leaders, having veto power in the hands of India is very dangerous. Hence, I say India does not deserve a Veto Power Seart in the Security Council

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

JOIN THE REVOLUTION !!! Zico X Rodrigues

Brothers & Sisters
Today on18th Aug, we are 4 months away from the "so called" Goa liberation day.

many may not be aware of the SC ruling which states that the Indian Union has taken 
over/annexed/invaded/conquered Goa by using military force on 18-19 Dec 1961.

The so called freedom fighters were looked upon as heroes.

Any Goan who had any association with the ex government i.e Portugal (Salazar's dictatorship) were paraded half naked forcing them selves to go about the city with the Indian flag & shout slogans like jai hind & so on....

The medium of Instruction was changed from Portuguese to HIndi/ English/marathi
Many of our Goan's then suffered from the change in MOI which was the first step to Indianize Goa.
2nd step was filling up top posts largely central/State govt with people from other states to dilute the Goan population unlike before where there was an Immigration for Indian to enter Goa & vice versa.

Considering this status Goa deserved a status like macao.

Goa was under military rule of India till the first elections took place in 1963 ( which are ill-legal according to international law & UN)

if one does a little research on the invasion of Goa you will learn that since 1954 after India put an economic blockade on Goa, Nehru had promised a plebiscite to Goan's the Indigenous people i.e who ever lived or is a descent of a person living in Goa prior to 18-19 Dec 1961.

Why was there military rule if people are made to call it "Liberation of Goa" ???

Indian army have liberated bangladesh from Pakistan in 1971, now that is called liberation.

3rd step was when the biggest traitor of all times called "Bahu"

Got all the bills from the state of maharashtra & imposed it on Goa.

Where we already had one of the best systems.

This was to create a drift among the Bhatcars & mundkars.

obviously the mundcars became the slaves of MGP,its vote banks & this also had a major setback on the thousand year old system in Goa i.e the communidades De Goa Aka Gaocare system which owns 75-80% of the entire land in Goa, was only codified & given recognition by the Portuguese Govt.


MGP passed a bill for a merger of Goa into Maharashtra.
that's when they showed their intentions.

the differences in opinions among the United Goans actually led us to the state where Goa is today.

Dotur Jack should have knocked on the door of UN instead of the central Govt then.
there were a considerable nos of Goan who were in favor of complete autonomy.

But the Bammon chuth Jack Sequeira licked the Ghanti arse on the contrary.

No doubt that many Goans will say today that Goa is saved because of himself.

The Brainwashing/Deluding history book will state that Jack Sequeira is the father of the opinion poll.
What does it matter to enlightened Goan's about the father of opinion poll the the child it self was illegitimate ???

(The history we studied in school will not have 1 fact rightly nailed)

What right does the Indian Govt have to hold an opinion poll after annexing Goa into Indian Union "WHICH ITSELF IS AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION OF INDIA" ???

Only in 1974 when the carnation revolution is overthrown in Portugal
Mario Soares external affair minister signs a treaty with YB Chavan external affair minister/some other post too.

Which recognised the India's sovereignty over Goa.

Kindly note YB chavan was the CM of Maharashtra when they passed a resolution to merge Goa with their state.

after the front door entry was shut by the illegal opinion poll, this was a victory for them.
As the MLA"S of Goa neither the people of Goa were considered in the treaty.

Which was almost the demise of our motherland Goa.


Today on this day we Goan's have turned out to be a minority as we are outnumbered by the migrants from Indian Union.

& our Land is grabbed in every possible way by the Central & State Govt.

MOPA,DABOLIM, TERACOL are hot issues but there is much more to it under the blanket.
its been almost 10 years the people of Goa are requesting for a special status.

But the Center is denying us the same.

Wonder how many years ???

We Goan's will no longer RIP until we meet our demands.

The next move will be have a status like Macao with the Indian Union to further protect our identity & land.

Let us all come out with candles to march out, from the Luis Gomes Garden at campal to the Miramar Round about at the statue of unity to as a mark of Solidarity to Goa & Fellow Goans.

Remember to mark this day in your diary...

Sunday, August 16, 2015

‘Special Status’ Is Not So Special by Peter Fernandes

‘Special Status’ Is Not So Special by Peter Fernandes
For reasons known and unknown, the term “special status” has become a bad one in the socio-political arena, which is why, special status no longer is so special. It is a total betrayal of the trust and aspiration of the people of Goa. However, it is important to understand the nature of the demand for “Special Status”. Why Goans were demanding special status in the first place? Is their demand legitimate? Does Goa deserve special status? Until its independence in 1947, India was a part of the British Empire.
Goa was not part of the British Empire, but a province of Portugal. British occupied India as a colony, but Goa was not a colony of Portugal, but an extended province. History tells us, when the English left India in 1947, those parts which were under British rule formed into two nations, namely, India and Pakistan (west and east). Where does Goa fit into this equation?
In the sixth century BC, north and south of this great land were under two different civilizations, Aryan and Dravidian. The two were not consolidated confederations. In fact, within these civilizations smaller kingdoms were constantly at war. In the fourth century BC Alexander the Great captured most of north, exposing the weakness of a country divided into petty states. The Mauryan Empire managed to consolidate major part of land, King Ashoka is a good example, but could not hold on for too long.
From middle of the third century BC, the Gupta Empire managed to rule for a considerable period of time, but only in the north. After the seventh century AD, Muslim invades came to launch a holy war, and managed to convert many Hindus and Buddhists to Islam. The Taj Mahal is one of the iconic symbols of Mogul empire, which predominated for nearly all of the 16th and 17th century, until the coming of British Empire.
The early history of Goa tells us that is was a self-ruled by Gaonkaris, who are associated with development of khazan lands, which are communidades. Until now, no government has had jurisdiction over communidade land, a hallmark of our history in which every Gaon can take pride. Indeed, Goa had its share of influence from different empires, namely Mauryan, Arabian, Konkan Mauryas, Kadambas, Bahamani and Vijayanagara rule -- as well as Adlishahi rule. But none succeeded in destroying Goa’s identity. Although the word Communidade was coined by the Portuguese, they also gave codified the system in law. Only after Portuguese rule ended did the uncouth governments try to destroy this age-old system. The Portuguese had the greatest influence on Goa, and for the most part, they tried to protect and enhance its nature and beauty.
During Portuguese rule, Goa acquired a unique identity as a “Marriage of East and West.” For the first time in history, west and east met with perfect harmony. “Goaness” is neither eastern nor western culture, which makes it very special. In fact, the uniqueness of Goa was associated with the mythological lore of the Hindus. It is said that Parashurama, the sixth avatar of Lord Vishu, settled in this land. In the Suta Samhita, Govapuri is associated with a spiritually cleansing touch: “The very sight of Govapuri destroys any sin committed in a former existence, just as sunrise dispels the darkness. One, even by making up his mind to bathe once in Govapuri attains a high place in the next world. Certainly there is no other kshetra equal to Govapuri …” The exceptionalism of Goa was not lost on the Portuguese. In fact, they embraced it. Why we are even debating about Goa’s specialness, when the case is clear?
The case for “Special Status” is wriggled now with religious-political vendetta promulgated by the hardliners who, with their false sense of history, are trying to make India a Hindu nation. Driven by Brahamic feudality, the BJP and RSS are trying to impose their hegemony on the nation; any deviation from their agenda is frowned upon. In such a scenario, the demand for “Special Status” for Goa is not special, but a thorn in the flesh.
The hypocrisy of BJP is glaring on every front, but shame on those who continue to believe and support the party. Under BJP rule, special status for Goa is ruled out, and the same goes to congress. Nehru annexed Goa under false pretense, with false promise, and both national parties continue to fool the people of Goa. Will Goa remain special for the coming generations or will it lose its uniqueness to uncouth religious-political vendettas? 

Monday, August 10, 2015


Asia’s oldest Tribunal de Relação/Relação de Goa, which was located in Nova Goa/Cidade de Nova Goa (Pangim), had no exact equivalent in the British or Indian judicial system, was downgraded to a court of a Judicial Commissioner.
In the first months, the renaming of the entire State apparatus and offices took effect so that ‘anglo-indianised’ nomenclature replaced the then existing Portuguese one. The Derecção do Serviços de Fazenda e Contabilidade was renamed Accounts Department; Correios Telégrafos e Telefones, Post and Telegraph; Serviços Aduaneiros, Customs Dept.; Serviços da Guarda Fiscal, Central Excise Department; Emissora de Goa, the Panaji Station of All India Radio; the Escola Médico-Cirúrgica de Nova Goa, Goa Medical College, &c.
What, however, proved to be less palatable to many of the locals was the downgrading of Estado da Índia Portuguesa to a Union Territory and a part of the Indian Union/Republic.
At present, throughout the length and breadth of the former Estado da Índia (regarding Goa), the official language is Concanim and Portuguese, the exception being the ex-Estado da Índia Portuguesa – Goa is the only former colony where the English (language of another colonial power) language was superimposed on the formerly imposed Portuguese, at the level of administration, education, business, &c. Thus making it difficult for the Goans to administer at various places in after the first days of the Indian Union’s/Republic’s Invasion of Goa.
The other, and of much great consequence is that its tiny population wonders how to keep its identity alive, in the face of a million new settlers of non-Goan origin and since Goa is quite small area wise, we truly need to protect our ethnicity and identity most earnestly.
It’s known that through means of ‘conquest’ by the Republic/Union of India, Goa got liberated from the Portuguese but didn’t escape colonialism by the Indian Union/Republic. We are conquered by them and remain under the shroud of colonialism.
Russia encouraged the Indian Union/Republic to take over Goa surpassing all international regulations, and later the Indian Union/Republic too encouraged Indonesia in the forceful occupation of East Timor. This is how a corrupt democratic country which practices colonialism, teaches another country how to achieve it.
The Indian Union/Republic has not taken any appropriate measures in the field of education, has superimposed on us the language of Hindi, and has encouraged the knowledge of spurious history of our historical, political, socio-economic and ethnical background existing within our territory.