Tuesday, May 31, 2016

GOA IS A NATION ! By Vicente Correia-Afonso


Metaphysical India is a congeries of nations. Goa is Mother India's knee and became INDEPENDENT on 18.12.1961.

On 31.12.1974, Mario Soares signed a CRIMINAL SALE DEED OF GOA with the Government of India transfering Goa to the Union of India, as if it was his private property.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Portugal Also Cheated Goans – by A. Veronica Fernandes, Candolim

Further to my  article in this forum on 23rdof this month on  “GOANS WERE CHEATED BY NEHRU”,  I  want to say now how Portugal  also cheated us, Goans.
Macao like Goa was a long time colony of Portugal but when the time came to surrender Macau to Communist China, Portugal signed a treaty with China on 20th December 1999 with regards to its colony Macau.  This Treaty consists of 17 Clauses that safeguards and respects the wishes and aspirations of the citizens of Macau.  Even as of today China does not claim to be a Democratic country yet the said Treaty is highly democratic, human and humane.  
It is ironic how Portugal applied one principle to Macao and one principle to Goa. How nice it would have been for Goa and Goans if similar principle was also applied to Goa when singing Treaty for Goa’s surrender? Portugal acted worse than Judas by betraying Goans.
This treacherous so-called Indo-Portuguese Treaty completed 41 harrowing years for Goans and for our homeland Goa, on 31st December 2015.  It could not be otherwise since the so-called Treaty was a conspiracy against Goans and Goa hatched by the then Big Man of Portugal, Mario Soares and the government of India.  Besides, as Dr. Inocencio Galvao Teles – ex-Law Minister in Dr. Oliveira Salazar Government, wrote in the Weekly “Diabo” in 1990 that the “Indo-Portuguese Treaty is Invalid”.
i)       So, what is our status as a people before the Community of Nations that are signatories of the “Geneva Convention” and the “Charter of the UNO”?
ii)         Also, since Portugal transferred its sovereignty over Goa to India only on 31stDecember 1974,  what according to the community of Nations, is the status of all the laws, transactions etc. taken by the government of India with reference to Goans and Goa, 13 years – i.e. from 19thDecember 1961, prior to this so called Treaty of 31stDecember 1974?

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Goans Were Cheated By Nehru – by A. Veronica Fernandes, Candolim

Somewhere in mid fifties, speaking in the Parliament, Premier Nehru said, “once Portuguese are ousted from Goa, Goans will be given a choice to decide their future but will not bring them under the Indian Union against their wishes”.  According to political observers a referendum should have been conducted on this issue but once grabbed, Nnowehru and his Congress Party forgot the assurance given to Goans. This is called cheating and India is well known in this art.
On 31st December 1974, both the Foreign Ministers of Portugal and India namely Mario Soares and Y.B. Chawan respectively, signed a Treaty in Delhi officially surrendering Goa to India.  This Treaty comprised only 6 Clauses giving no benefits and privileges to Goans to protect their rights.
While the same India when it signed the similar  Treaty with France with regards to Pondicherry, on 28teh May 1956, India incorporated in  this Treaty 31 Articles and 8 Articles of Protocol.  All these Articles are regarding the wishes, aspirations of and safeguards for the citizens of Pondicherry.  These Articles were arrived at after a couple of years of consultations with the representatives of the citizens of Pondicherry.
Again our last aspiration to protect our Goanness was rejected when Special Status facility was denied to us by the BJP government by citing Constitutional hurdles when the same Constitution of the same India granted Special Status privileges to 11 States in India.
When Goa matters we are denied our rights and privileges but for others there is no problem.  Are we Goans second class citizens of India?  We are treated not as liberated but as conquered and precisely because of this the Supreme Court of India in its verdict on Pe. Chico Monteiro’s case declared “Goa was conquered” on 19.12.61.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Is AAP here to hit the last nail in Goa’s coffin? By Joseph L R Vaz

With Goa assembly elections a year ahead, things have started heating up with entry of the Aam Admi Party in Goa. A few days ago three events happened in a row, 1st there was a thought provoking article in the media from Jason Keith Fernandes, followed by a not so convincing reply from Dr. Oscar Rebello and on the next day some social activists from Salcete joining the AAP. This weekend there is Arvind Kejriwal visiting Goa for a Public meeting.

After the initial hype some of us are unsure as to whether AAP is the solution or a part of the problem, whether it is merely the same old wine in a new bottle. These doubts starting arising after we realized that the AAP was not taking any interest in any of the current pressing issues in Goa, like Regional Plan, Medium of instruction, Mopa Airport, Portuguese Passport. They even dismissed Goa’s Special Status request as too late. 

The problem of AAP in Goa starts with their leadership. Despite the fact that there are a large number of members in AAP Goa worthy of leading the party, it is obvious that the leadership is being restricted to members of a single caste, regardless of their religious background. The top leaders thus far and the new office bearers all share the same caste identity. We could understand if these office bearers were active in social issues and popular with the masses. 

Add to this the appointment of a non-Goan, settled in Goa, as Goa’s representative in the AAP national committee. Despite all of their faults, none of the established national parties ever appointed a non-Goan to represent Goans. It was always Goans who represented us. Should AAP’s decision to break this tradition, be understood to mean that they think that Goans are useless and not worthy? If so, then there is further need to rethink AAP’s relevance to Goa.

AAP Delhi leadership has landed in Goa with a lot of workers from all over India. I understand that all these people are come here for a free holiday, but the point here is that the AAP Delhi leaders are literally forcing the Goans to use their workers from across our borders for door-to-door campaigning. Never in the history of Goan politics, non-Goans have participated in election campaign of any party. That raises a very important question: whether they are here to save Goa or whether they are here to complete the destruction of Goa started by Nehru in 1961.

Then there are things as Jason pointed out in his article like wearing “Topis” and adding suffix “ji” to the name which are alien to Goan culture. None of the other national parties practice such things in Goa. The Indian culture is heavily influenced by Brahminism, the culture of master and slave. While the whole world shakes hands, ie. Practices a culture that suggests that we are equals; brahmanical Indian culture says namaste, meaning I bow down to you, you are superior. Add to it Arvind-ji, Pankaj-ji, ect, which for a Goan it should be Mr. Kejriwal or Mr. Gupta. These things lead to idolatry and Hero worship, which is a part of Indian Culture.

Goans in the past have got carried with minor issues and lost on bigger ones. Take the example of the so called Liberation of Goa. Even the Supreme Court has declared it as conquest/ annexation of Goa. The genuine freedom fighters of that time were fighting to liberate Goa from Portugal. Liberation did not necessarily mean joining India. They sought India’s help to liberate it from Portugal only, not to join Goa to India. The whole movement for Liberation from Portugal was sabotaged by a few, with vested interested who got more publicity than the genuine ones. What followed Liberation is known to all. 
India’s then Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru had promised in the United Nations Organisation that he will ask the indigenous Goans whether they want Independence or join India. Instead India conducted opinion poll whether Goa remains a separate state or join Maharashtra. People like Jack Sequira whom I hold in no esteem got more publicity than Adv Antonio Bruto da Costa, who wrote a 33 page letter to Nehru reminding him of his duty. Goans got carried away by manipulation of emotions by our enemies between Catholic and the Hindu Bahujan Samaj and happily accepted the false opinion poll.
After that Goans fought for statehood, but has anything changed for us after getting it? Nothing. Then 7 Goans lost their life, fighting for Konkani. But Konkani only in Devnagri (script of the SG Bamons) became the State language and Romi was excluded, while Marathi language somehow got its due by including it as 2nd language. 

There is also another fear of Goans, that the limits for free electricity and water will not help any Goan, on the contrary more migrants will be attracted to Goa as land, water and electricity will be free in Goa, what else do you want.

Now everybody knows that this is the final battle. So as Goans who love Goa and “Goykarponn” let us not jump into any boat. Let us use our brains at least at death bed and not get carried away by emotions and hype. AAP as I know are using corporate methods in Governing their Party. They say that they don’t believe in democracy at every stage. Well that’s good, but lot depends on the intentions of the top leadership. If you analyse closely, AAP looks like a third front promoted by the same Corporates who control Congress and BJP. Seeing that Congress is failing, the same corporates have propped up AAP in Goa, before any real alternate option comes up. Look closely at the assembly elections in some states. Also how much money is flowing in to build up the AAP in Goa.

Hence let us be shrewd and not get carried away emotionally as the issues facing Goa are much bigger than corruption. In fact corruption in Goa is a result of the absence of clarity on the other issues.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

On Goa Invasion day By Reggie Goveas

The lying, thieving, manipulative politicians of questionable morality and loyalty and their main sponsors, the SC-contemptuous mining looters are joined by

- real estate sharks with unsustainable mega projects in eco zones - golf courses, marinas, gated compounds with (Italian) 'VILLAS' for the resource-hungry uber-rich black money hoarders (including their entourage of maids, cooks, gardeners, aaiyas and assorted bonded slaves, with one car each for every member of the family)

- rapidly expanding gambling and prostitution industries

- cops who cover up crimes rather than investigate them (while honest officers get quickly shunted out for catching family members of the powerfuls)

- cover-ups of rapes, murders of women, children, tourists to preserve the 'image' of a friendly state
- bore wells and pressure pumps to suck the water table dry
- the loss of 'TREE' status to Goa's much used symbol - the coconut palm
- de-forestification, neo-urbanization, concreteization of villages
- threats, harassment, assassination of village activists protecting their land and culture
- assassination of the people-designed RP 2021 by a builder-friendly and corrupt TCP (shark central)
- portrayal by the rest of the country's media as the extra special place to let lose the underbelly of frustrated filth and sleaze frothing inside the pseudo-moral hypocritical countryside...
to name a few.
We love you Chennai and empathize with your recent calamity...
but FORCA GOA be needing that trophy much much more tomorrow!
Viva! Re Viva!


We have been writing time and again to the Goans to pick up themselves and to wake up from their deep slumber. But no one seems to heed any writings or comments. Some Goans have been even ridiculing the writers who are trying to cause an awakening.
To all those Goans who are awake and those who are still sleeping, it is all over for Goa. With the Indian invasion of Goa it all started and we never bothered to think over and take control of our beloved Goa. We were busy constantly fighting amongst us, which led to another invasion by Indian migrants into Goa. Nothing is left of Goa and the Goans.
To add to that the current Fake Freedom Fighters like Naguesh Karmali, Flaviano Dias etc brought in more misery than it was brought in by the real Freedom Fighters.
The Indians pushed their people into Goa like anything with the advice to destroy Goa and its unique identity. To destroy the Goans forever and disintegrate Goa at all costs. They came down with one motive to ruin Goa completely. Those who sought the destruction of Goa knew the weakness of the Goans and they used it to their advantage.
It was seen that the ninety percent of the politicians were and are illiterate; seventy five percent of the ministers were and are illiterate who could be used to their advantage. It was seen that these illiterates could be bought using money and so the destruction of Goa began.
Goans never cared or bothered to question them. Slowly Goans started selling their votes which gave more confidence to the invading forces to grab Goa piece by piece. They in turn started buying the politicians who were a willing object of sale. If we look around we see nothing but a red destruction of Goa especially by the migrant forces with all their bad habits and bad etiquettes.
Our corrupt politicians are responsible for this and the bigger responsibility lies with the Goans who started renting and selling out their properties to these outsiders who took full advantage of the situation.
Can anything be done about it? No not at all. It is all over. The re-election of the current crooks and corrupts like Churchill Alemao and his brother Joaquim Alemao, Atanasio Monserrate, Ravi Naik, Pandurang Madkaikar, Digambar Kamat, Mauvin Godinho, Mickky Pacheco etc will spell a complete disaster for Goa and its doom ultimately.
BJP destroyed the communal harmony that once existed in Goa among Goans of all the religions. They recruited the RSS, Bajrang Dal, VHP etc to do their work of destruction of Goans and Goa.
The remaining part of destruction is done with the help of Tourism. Russian mafia are now prowling Goa and it may soon be that the Russians will take over all the Goans and Goa with the help of Ministers like Digambar Kamat, Halarnkar in the name of Tourism. Russians are playing havoc in Goa and the Goans are afraid to face them. The morality too has had its toll due to the Russians. One should see the naked Russian aunties with their saggy breasts on the beaches who do not bother to budge an inch even if children pass by. This is yet another form of destruction of Goa and its moral culture. All the fault of our corrupt to the core ministers.
Now there is only one alternative left for us to save Goa and that is PRAYER. Ardent prayers are required to save Goa. Only the Almighty can save Goa and nothing else as the destruction of Goa and Goans is almost complete thanks to the corrupts and crooks of Goa who rule us.
One Goan Late Mr. Domnic Fernandes RIP said that only Divine Providence can help us in our troubles and that is absolutely true. We all true Goans or Niz Goenkars of all religions should start fervent prayers for our salvation and redemption from the clutches of evil that has befallen Goa and is about to disintegrate Goa.
All Hindus, Catholics and Muslim Goans I mean the Genuine Goans of all faiths who love Goa and care about Goa should now start praying to God from the bottom of our hearts to save Goa and Goans from the clutches of the greedy and looting politicians. Please pray hard and remember ONLY GOD CAN DO A MIRACLE AND SAVE GOA AND GOANS

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Goa Police Force Acted Worse Than Hitler – by A. Veronica Fernandes, Candolim

Yesterday the Hell was created in Panjim by the Satanic Police force of Goa when these Satans headed by their IFS Lucifer lathi charged the protesting fishermen mercilessly including the poor women.  I have no words to express my anger over the barbarity the Policemen has committed and also I have no words to express my sympathies to the suffering traditional Goan fishermen.

Oh Mathanay Saldanha!  “If you were alive now, our fishermen hath need of thee”.  Their fishing boats are rudderless in your absence. Guide them thru right path from wherever you are.

Your wife Alina is incapable to alleviate the sufferings of the poor traditional Goan fishermen who are asking only their rights as Goans but they were brutally assaulted by the Police force headed by a Non-Goan who displayed his total anger against Goans.  Portuguese Policemen were far better than these Ghanttes and those who were fathered by the Ghanttees.  The Salazarist Policemen in Goa showed more concern and sympathy to poor Goans than all those Policemen who mercilessly assaulted yesterday traditional Goan fishermen and their womenfolk.

The brutality of Police force yesterday was so great that they went berserk with the unlimited power they wielded during the lathi charge.  Their number looked more than that of the agitators and their brutality surpassed even that of Portuguese time Agente Monteiro and his deadly Pakle colleagues and the Goan Cabo Sukddo.   Is it the fruit Goans enjoying in the name of liberation and democracy?  If this is the case then I don’t want this democracy and liberation. I strongly feel that the rights of Goans were better protected during the Portuguese rule though Portuguese had to leave from Goa with all their Agente Monteiros but not to replace by the worst Ghanttee Agente Monteiros with IPS degrees.

It is now clear that this BJP government to protect the interest of Casinos will do anything whether Goans live or die.  Because of this agitation of fishermen the Casino business was terribly affected and since Casinos are the babies of BJP government, the government machinery acted thus thru its Hitlerian Police force.

The election is around, Goans must work to defeat BJP giving priority to the defeat of Avertano Furtado who failed to shoulder his responsibility properly.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


There was nothing wrong with the Liberation if it was given into hands of the Goans. They could have always tailored it to their own fitting and liking (Special Status, opt-out etc.). Unfortunately that did not happen. Instead the Liberation cake was snatched from the table by Sarawati and their Marathi counterpart which was meant for the Goans themselves, thus leaving the Goans blank.

These Saaraswati/Marathi had nothing to do with Goa and her Goans because they were not present in Goa from the beginning and all through the Portuguese colonization that transformed the original Goans (Muslims/Hindus) and were not subjected to undergo the same transformation into what is known to be indigenous Goans entity, the real proven sons of the soil of Goa. The Goans are the ones who suffered and bear the scars of colonialism as indigenous and Liberation was rightfully their reward to be earned.

These Saraaswat/Marathi dacuus from the non-Goan territory, many centuries later, driven by their own insurmountable problems in their territory like acute drought, famine, disease and pestilence or lack of livelihood, and peeping and seeing no danger of further evangelism, quietly crawling sneaked into the safe haven of Goa. Besides, the Goans being colonial subjects did not have the reigns of the Government to desist, prevent or regulate these peoples’ coming into Goa, being denied only to await Liberation. 

When Liberation came these intruders acting as proxies were first to run to the table and grab the cake and start eating without waiting, each one feeling their two pouches to the maximum leaving no crumbs to the Goans. Imagine Bandodkar’s family coming from Tuljapur, thousand miles way up in Northern Maharashtra and having entered into Goa in around 1911, in dire condition, their son Dayanand Bandodkar within 50 years of their coming, shot up to be ruler of Goa as First Chief Minister. 

This is an empty Liberation the Goans have been given. This is the graphic academic political truth of Goa. This is exactly how Mario Miranda would have depicted Goa’s Liberation in his famous cartoons!

Friday, May 6, 2016

This Letter Written In Blood To Her Excellency Ms. Caroline Kennedy, USA Ambassador – by Andrew Antao

This Letter Written In Blood To Her Excellency Ms. Caroline Kennedy, USA Ambassador – by Andrew Antao
This letter written in blood to Her Excellency Ms. Caroline Kennedy, USA Ambassador to Japan. Your father the most respected world leader and US President late John F. Kennedy was very much affected by the invasion of Goa by PM Nehru, it was your father  who took the Goan invasion matter  to many countries for support to bring it in the United Nations and told India to get out of Goa. Following your father's tragic assassination this matter is still pending in the United Nation Security council. President John F Kennedy called Prime Minister Nehru a butcher for invading Goa.
Criminals are preparing for yet another assembly election under the modern-day Republic of India. Goa is ripped off in all different ways by criminals who get protected through democracy under the Indian constitution. The extension of Indian type democracy brought into Goa by our elders is not serving purpose. 
Every election just transfers corruption in different hands.  Goa core cause ‘Special Status’ which was the only way we could save whatever was left of Goa under present circumstances  the only way out of this vicious circle is time for Goans to think a course of action and explore them.
India does not hold mandate to rule Goa, having been denied then the timely plebiscite, nor through any authoritative world international order body like United Nations. India continues to illegally occupy Goa. It is time for Goans to take Goa out of India. This is the easiest and simplest thing that can be done to benefits our Goan population and leave us at peace. The mere intention to grant every Goans born before 1961 Portuguese passports the International Law endorses the Goans as bona fide legal claimants of their territory of Goa.
The Chavan/Soares treaty which is just a bilateral treaty and has not come in the way of this intention and in any way stopped it. Under the International Law this intention to grant every Goan Portuguese (Citizenship) passport makes Goans rightful owners of Goa. At the time of negotiating of officially transferring of power of Goa to India in New York in 1974, only the two persons – foreign ministers of India and Portugal – decided what is good and what is bad for Goans without even consulting Goans. Nor all that was done in Indian Parliament can take the Goan right should be challenged in the United Nations.
We have to approach within the current generation and see if we can get a new leadership from them to fight peacefully for our rights, by approaching UN, and Challenge and undo all this for our land.
UN Charter gives certain facilities to the indigenous people who are facing a disguised genocide in Goa. Global Goans can think over this issue because they are in better position to make their voice more audible.
Deforestation in the Goan mining belt, corruption in the implementation of Medicine to Goans, sale of Goan lands. The Christian community and their festivities.  Not allow people on Anjediva Island for the feasts, as the Indian navy has been building luxury resort for their families there and fooling Goans by making up fake terrorist threats. The Navy out of Dabolim for its illegal occupation. All this is proof that Goans cannot trust the democratically elected Government under the Indian constitution.
In 1961, the Indian Union invaded and annexed Goa to them without any plebiscite, merely a result of a conquest by force of arms! This was hypocrisy and this is the root cause of all this corruption.
Realizing that injustice was done to Goans Jawaharlal Nehru said in reverse psychology - “It is not true that we covet Goa. That small bit of territory does not make any difference to this great country India. We do not desire to impose ourselves on the people of Goa against their wishes. It is definitely their responsibility to choose for themselves. We have assured Goans. That it is for them to establish their own future and I further assure them on matters such as Religion, Languages and Customs”. - 21st August 1955.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Goa: Stripping the land By Raj Chengappa

A one-time 'Rome of the Orient' with its azure skies and its golden, palm fringed beaches, Goa's ecological charms are being systematically deflowered. The magnificent forest canopy which once covered half its area has, in the past 20 years, shrunk to a quarter of its original size.
The constant discharge of oil from its busy shipping lanes has desecrated its virgin beaches. And with the urbanisation rate escalating rapidly from 26 per cent to 32 per cent in the last decade, the Goan houses with their ornate porticos and old-world charm are fast being replaced by concrete high-rise monsters. Said the soft-spoken Chief Secretary of Goa K.C. Johorey: "It's a serious problem and if we don't take steps to prevent it, nothing may be left."
A concerned Central Government asked the Planning Commission to set up a task force to chart out an eco-development plan for Goa in May last year. Headed by eminent scientist and former member of the Planning Commission, Dr M.S. Swaminathan, the force submitted its report recently and urged speedy action on several recommendations like conservation of ecology, habitat planning and development of tourism which deserved "urgent attention".
With a total area of 3,701 sq km, the Union Territory of Goa is hardly a thumbprint on the vast Malabar coastline. Of its population of 10.03 lakh, about 60 per cent are concentrated in the four coastal talukas of Tiswadi, Bardez, Salcete and Mormugao. In contrast, the hilly and forest talukas of Sanguem, Satari and Canacona have sustained both the lowest population density and the most merciless deforestation.
Within two decades about 900 sq km of forest stands denuded and the once lush green rolling hills are now barren and rocky. An estimated 1,030 sq km have been affected by severe soil erosion and need urgent soil conservation treatment, and uncultivable wastelands have gone up from 13,228 hectares to 28,736 hectares. Said the portly Minister for Tourism Wilfred De Souza: "Goa is becoming barren. At this rate there's going to be nothing left for the tourists to see."
Heavy Mining: The main reason for this massive deforestation has been Goa's mining industry which netted Rs 176.3 crore as foreign exchange in 1980 and is the backbone of its economy. Goa accounts for 32 per cent of the country's iron ore production and 55 per cent of its exports. The other important minerals it produces are manganese ore, bauxite, industrial clay and silica sand. Beginning in the early '40s, mineral production in Goa peaked after Japan installed a sizeable sintering capacity for iron ore here. The '50s were a boom decade under the Portuguese, with people acquiring mining concessions which gave them proprietary rights over the land for an unlimited period. Currently 500 sq km of land is covered by mining concessions and 70 per cent of these encompass forests.
With mining being done by the open casting method, apart from chopping trees in the area, the indiscriminate dumping of an estimated 300 million tonnes of rejects resulting from the extraction of 200 million tonnes of ore, has been disastrous. Since the mines are in hilly areas, the debris is washed down.destroying the agricultural lands below and polluting all the rivers.
In some areas, mining has reached well below the water-table and pumping of water from these mines has affected the flow of water in streams and springs. With a view to ending the devastation, the Centre has ordered the Union Territory Government to issue notices terminating the leases from 1983 onwards, and make its prior sanction for the cutting of forest produce mandatory. Warned P.P. Malhotra, conservator of forests: "If mine owners do not take necessary precautions, we may have to stop mining before long, even if it means loss of foreign exchange."
Moreover, one-third or 259 sq km of the total forest area is privately owned or comes under the system of communidades which were institutions recognised by the Portuguese for the welfare of village communities. Because of over exploitation, most of these have been degraded and in many instances reduced to sheet rock. In addition, the Forest Department has had no control over private forests, except to give formal permission to cut trees.
Official Initiative: Consequently the Goa Government is likely to pass a Tree (Preservation) Bill soon, which will establish tree authorities all over the state to regulate the felling of forests. Apart from this, about 26 km of communidade land has been acquired by the Forest Department which is planting cashew trees on it.
Even the beaches have been denuded of their casuarina cover by the mining of silica sand, and a government move to cancel the leases was quashed in court by the owners. Mining has thus continued unabated, despite the task force's warning that the 73.3 km of sandy beaches would be damaged unless the Mining Act was amended.
The cumulative effect of all these factors has been to severely strain Goa's ecological balance. Even the normal yardsticks of progress - per capita income and rate of industrialisation - have not spared this sunny union territory their side-effects. Goa enjoys a galloping rate of urbanisation and a per capita income of Rs 2,675 - the highest in the country. Industrialisation too has grown apace, from a meagre 66 units in 1964 to 2,374 units today, 95 per cent of which are located in coastal talukas.
However, unplanned construction activity has spoiled some of the best residential areas. The task force has observed that: "The new construction is ruining the architectural harmony and distinct character of Goan settlements." Multi-storeyed buildings are sprouting all over, especially near the waterfronts in an "unbecoming manner". As an ecologist angrily remarked: "Goa is fast becoming a mini-Bombay."