Monday, September 16, 2013


In whichever way China may be perceived in different quarters, China will not spare India, and that is just as sure as the sun will arise forever, every morning.  India has notoriously established itself in the forefront as a regional culprit and therefore it is but inevitable that India is in the waiting to be taught a hard corrective lesson even harder, sooner or later. China did it in 1962 after Goa was invaded but has been incomplete.
It is India who has given a cause to .the Chinese by swallowing other people’s territories and administering them with impunity under her suppressive colonial regime. Indeed, India has swallowed more than it can digest and will soon have to vomit or defecate. India has retained and swallowed Chinese territories that have been occupied through bogus treaties initiated by the British when they made pacts with Tibetan monks and other regional chieftains ignoring the Chinese authority at Peking, to rewrite India/China border to run along the crest of Himalayas when traditionally the Chinese border begins from the foothills from the Indian side!
India pirated Goa on the International high seas, when Goa along with every other former colony irrespective was conceded by UN to be decolonized, and while it was in the course of its transition to a sovereign statehood, with its unequivocal right as per every former colony to stand side by side and shoulder to shoulder as a nation, along all nations of the United Nations.
In 1975 India swallowed chicken sized Sikkim overthrowing the young monarch to be an incapable drug addict. For generations now Kashmir has been held in a limbo denying the Kashmiris their deserved freedom to self exists as a country. 
However , the Chinese are no any fools and know this all well, and are watching critically at seeing the way Goa has been ruthlessly colonially suppressed and brutalized and ill-treated vis-à-vis to the high degree preferential autonomy and dignity accorded and granted   to Macao and Honk Hong to self-rule their domain under their own honoured flag unhindered, and to participate in the international events like FIFA and Olympics and, where they can stop, unlike in Goa, any Ghanties or Russians to enter their territories.
Imagine if Goa could be part of China’s territory instead of being part of colonial India’s. If only! And how advanced and prosperous Goa would be with Goa and its resources reserved for Goans only!
The Chinese can also now see well how the Goans have been so mal-treated and humiliated as to prostrate in submission as beggars, to beg for Special Status, when there is no cause for them ever to beg, when they have full dignified right to be masters of their own land and destiny under their rightly entitled independence and under their own Goan nationality.
However, since China is bound to invade to regain its territory sooner or later and when this process starts, it would be wise on the Goan part to seek help from the Chinese to free Goa together with their territories in order to restore peace and stability to the whole region in all fairness of International justice.
In such an event there will not be a place for such IIT graduate clown like Parrikar to run a one-man-show because Goa will highly advance like Macao and Honk Kong and will need highly qualified people to take charge. The quicker China attempts to regain its land the better will be for the Goans. It will be a blessing in disguise from heaven!


  1. Very informative article. I think aside from greed and expansionist instinct, one reason India invaded and annexed Goa in 1961 is to demonstrate to the Chinese of their military prowess because India was probing China at that time via the 'Forward Policy' of setting posts deeper and deeper into Chinese territories. Subsequent events of course prove the opposite. India got the bloody nose and is still nursing its hatred towards China ever since.