Friday, January 24, 2014


The Opinion Poll was a DIRTY FILTHY TRICK the CHEATING Indians played on us. We need to understand the situation at the time when Dr Sequeira was operating under. Conditions then were not the same as today. The Bandodcar family had tremendous power, even Catholics were in awe of the Bandodcar family, (even one prominent catholic on this website recently extoled his love for this family, supposedly for offering a seat their dinner table!). Dr Jack did what he could at the time and we have to be grateful for it.
The alternative was death to Goa. Remember even the Goans in Africa were willing to send all the funds needed to free Goa, but too many catholic Goans wanted to be 'Indian'! Read the accounts of the African Goans who were on fire for independence for Goa, but they were dissed by the Goans in Goa. It has humiliating and painful for them when they were turned down. I can tell you many went to their graves crying. They NEVER got over it! Their own people betrayed them! 
It was a very different time then. Looking back, yes it was the worst blunder for Goa. Sometimes when you have some very stubborn catholic Goans who feel just because they were educated they wanted to be 'Mahatma Gandhis'. The truth is Mahatma was an anomaly!!!!!! Had he not lived in Africa, he too would be setting fire to widows on funeral pyres. These people made the biggest mistake in our history!!! If you recall one 'proud fake freedom fighter' a female was dying a destitute in Mumbai recently, if not for the catholic mission she would have died like a dog on the streets. She too claimed because she had a doctorate, she was 'too smart' and whole-hearted being a 'proud Indian'.
So my brother, we need to put things in the context at the time. Goa was full of CATHOLIC traitors! FULL!!!! They considered themselves 'PROUD INDIANS'. The Indian government exploited them and used them like pigs. Dr Jack could only put a Band-Aid on a Goa that was haemorrhaging to death. For that, we have to thank him! It is up to us now to continue the fight and continue where he left off. Unfortunately you still have to deal with these powerful traitors, some like the URINE KOREAS who will fill the newspapers with propaganda and love for Bharat. They will label us Pro-Portuguese, as it works well to conjure hatred for colonists and for us.
I do believe we can still fight for plebiscite. However the older catholic Goans still believe in a Bharat nation. They don't understand that their children will be slaughtered to death with one spark. India is just a spark away from the bloody riots that occurred during independence. I don't know how you get through to these people? The brainwashing has been complete in Goa. Indian succeeded in their dirty plan! Like the British always said, 'the Indian is a dirty cheat'. Why didn't the British say that about the Goan when we were in closer proximity to them? In Africa the Indian is hated, HATED I say, by the African.
The African sees the Indian as a dirty cheat, exploiting them and treating them like dirt in their own land. In Fiji the Indians are despised, as in the West Indies. The Indian has the 'CHEATING' gene in him, it is part of his psyche, it cannot be removed! The longer Goa is part of India, the longer she will be exploited and extracted and raped. Have we not see it with indiscriminate mining. Now every damn Indian wants to run away from dirty India to come stay in Goa. They will use all means possible to do it and take over our land. We don't stand a chance against the corrupt Indian. Most Goans don't have it, in them on compete on their level and will lose. We are already seeing that! The writing in on the wall, it could not be more clear.
I am glad social media and the internet is now beginning to expose India for what it really is: a bunch of thugs, rapists with rods and despicable cheats. Even in the US the IT Indians are now being scrutinized as they have found that almost all CHEAT on their CVs. Americans are getting tired of finding out after they are hired that they LIED and CHEATED on their CVs. They then cry and beg not to be sent back home, and contrary to what most people believe Americans are very kind and feel sorry for them and feel they need to help and keep them.
Sorry, I could go on and go.....what use does it do? We had some BAD, BAD catholic Goans who were traitors in our midst emboldened with the power they were getting from Delhi.
Dr Jack did what he could do, and we have to thank him for it!  All we can do now if pray for justice to prevail over the evil that has been perpetrated on us and our beautiful homeland of Goa! GOD PLEASE help us! Have mercy on your people! Free us from the powerful clutches of an Indian-occupied-Goa! Prayer is a powerful thing, and we must use it. 

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