Thursday, March 6, 2014


A rogue called Prabhakar Sinari is talking on behalf of Goans whom he has looted and cheated all his life. He calls himself a freedom fighter, under this disguise he use to loot and rob. Once he raped a lady in Sanguem where he was hiding under the fear of Portuguese law. I still remember the incident I was a young man then.
After bluffing the Indian invaders this Sinari became by fraud an IPS officer and came to Goa, where he not only harassed the lower staff but even used to take part of the salaries of the lower staff as his bribe which was his demand.

Sinari has harassed a lot of policemen during his tenure and then was insulted by a police constable after his retirement. He calls himself a freedom fighter but I would call him a FREEDOM FARTER.

This man collaborated with the invading Indian army to rape the Goan women and now he is demanding apology from the Portuguese government for the misdeeds he committed. He even destroyed the homes of lot of Christians of Goa with the help of the Ghanttis who called themselves freedom fighters.

Sinari says that the Goans have not forgiven Portuguese as yet. Which Goans he is talking about? Who gave this rogue Prabhakar Sinari the right to talk for all Goans? We did not ask Sinari talk on our behalf and I am sure that 99 percent of Goans will agree with me. Who is Sinari to talk on behalf of all the Goans?

Goans will also agree that the Portuguese were good, warm and friendly people and specially the great General Vassalo Silva, did not fight back the marauding Indian forces with this rogue Sinari because he love Goa and loved the Goans and did not want Goans to be killed in the conflict.

But Prabhakar Sinari himself shot lot of Goans during the Invasion of Goa by the Indian forces. He specially killed more Goan Christians. My closest friend Ruzar from Panjim was killed by this murderer and a corrupt Police Prabhakar Sinari.

Some may not agree with me but Goans be assured that this animal Prabhakar Sinari is not worthy of any praise as he has committed countless atrocities against the Goans during the fake liberation (Invasion) of Goa. He lives like a king with the loot he made during his tenure in the police department. Goans should not even give a drop of water to this animal.

I hope my friend Ruzar’s soul will catch hold of the neck of this CRIMINAL called PRABHAKAR SINARI

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