Tuesday, July 8, 2014

ROMANI KONKANI By Antonio da Costa

Romani Konkani is the very soul of Goa and its Goan people that had bonded Goans together as a strong and most unique homogenous society anywhere over the half a millennium, a formidable period of length of time in history in any mankind, until its deliberate destruction by the unwelcome invasion of India into Goa and its colonial manipulation of its people and their lives. An invasion that was all meant with sole objective to destroy the Goan, his language and his identity in order to snatch for itself his Goa, as its booty sans the Goan himself. 

The learned priest Fr. Gomes in his comments, by just lamenting over the insufficient sale of Konkani books and his dismissive trivial remark over the contempt shown by some ignorant section of Goans hyped into borrowed English, only conceals the crucial truth to the fact that it is India that has inflicted a colossal damage and devastation on Goa and the Goans and their way of life by officially banning the use of  Romani Konkani which was the mother tongue of the Goan majority which has been synonymous with Goa itself.

To inflict even further damage and obliterate Romani Konkani altogether, India has gone to the extent to extracted the original Konkani soul from the Goan body and stuff into it a falsified version of coined Konkani borrow from elsewhere to tell the Goan that it is his real original mother tongue !!

Can one imagine how inhuman it is that a human being is stripped of his mother tongue and left naked and soulless like an animal under the muzzle of the Indian gun? 
hat is what India has done to a Goan.

India has to be held solely responsible and guilty for this dastardly evil inhuman crime which in the version of UNESCO amounts to cultural genocide--a crime punishable under its convention of all nations as a crime against humanity of indigenous people, their land, language and identity.

Goa being geographically confined within its land-locked enclave between Western Ghats on the hinterland and the International border of Arabian Sea on the other, Romani Konkani was the sole language of communication and expression of the Goans both in oral and script content, and over centuries of its evolution has developed and has attained the highest level of literary and linguistic distinction and perfection of any modern language. 

It is one most unique languages in the world in the very sense that it has a base of combination two most classical languages of the world Sanskrit and Latin both languages being non-indigenous to India. In fact the Sanskrit content is more profound in Romani Konkani than in any other Indian language including Marathi.

It was the first language in history in all Asia to have been exposed to the modern printing press that had enhanced its widespread propagation besides being a church language of Christianity that formed Goa’s majority until its present systematic politically organized decimation by India.

Despite recognizable authority it can command among all world languages, India discredits and despises Goa’s only native language the Romani Konkani and does not recognize it by so banning it’s official usage in the very place it is originated from while it allows freely the official usage of Romani English the language of its former colonial master the British!

It only demonstrates that in a show of sworn anti-Goan posture India abuses, despises and ignores the good side of Goa and like a donkey praises and professes its own tail and the stench below for Goans to sniff!!!

With the Romani Konkani removed and destroyed it will be a uphill battle to regain its former glory. 
Presently, the fate of Romani Konkani hangs in the custody of handful helpless individual enthusiasts who be best advised to do the easiest thing, that is not to go India to plead nor to Modi, but to go directly to the door of UNESCO and knock on it and robustly demand their Universal Human Right to their indigenous traditional language Romani Konkani and they will surely be, as per their right, fruitfully rewarded! 

Or think and work intentionally towards total independence of their motherland Goa, where they can reinstate Romani Konkani on its highest pedestal as a first national language of Goa. 

That is where the Romani Konkani stands to bask Anton ioin all its lasting glory!!!

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