Sunday, October 5, 2014


With all due credit to Aires and Prudent Media, it has to be remembered that both these respective organs are operating within the political confinement of Indian Occupied Goa (IOG) and therefore are obviously restricted to some degree to limits of expression of free speech unlike in the totally press free world outside.  However, they play a vital and helpful role in maintaining a check on the excesses committed by acting as watch-dog and to contribute to and sustain the developing of the diverse Goan society by functioning within the given tight situation.
However, it has also to be remembered that at the same time a media can be a dangerous weapon when in wrong hands as has happened in Goa all along the half century history of its Indian rule through state censorship, intimidation and government policy.
Besides, Goa’s media that emanated and came to be implemented all along immediately after Indian occupation has been notoriously and maliciously instrumental in playing a partisan role to favour a particular section of Goa’s population, and tipping it against the other, to destabilize the other and forestall itself over the other’s dominant existing status quo and to marginalizing them altogether. This was done explicitly at the behest and connivance of the think tank in New Delhi to ruthlessly rid Goa off any potentially expected dissent or impediment from those quarters.
Thus Goa’s media by leaning itself towards occupying force, India, allowed India to tighten its grip over Goa even further. So this is exactly how far a harm a biased press can do to an indigenous population
Goans should indeed be mindful and not forget that India has all along used and continues use the press to exploit Goan’s mind through misinformation and suppress the peoples of Goa. Brainwashing and consigning them to the dustbin of ignorance.‘Dirty and evil’ is how the Indian Media can be described towards the Goans. Ironically it had to happen at the very spot and place where media was first born and took its root in all Asia! In fact, besides its gun India found the press an ideal weapon to suppress the Goans
Media is no new phenomenon to Goa. In fact Goa is the forerunner of media in all Asia and Americas with the establishment of the first printing press East Suez way back over four centuries ago in 1556, when media first emanated on Goan soil, the first in all Asia, in form of books and other informative literature and matter! Perhaps with the fanatic regime that has been at rampage in Goa, with highly hyped ideological drive to devalue all that is Goan, the children at Pramod Acharya’s school time may have been brainwashed into ignorance and made to believe that the Media made its first ever appearance in the world was in Devanagiri form and not in Romi as Goa’s own history tells!
Such idiotic fallacies have kept young generation in Goa away from contemporary modernity into primitive ages.
However, with the technological advance and innovation in the Western world and the introduction of colour television in India as late as 1982 it has over ridden and helped Media to make rapid striders to where it is now.
Yet so, to whatever heights Aires or Prudential Media strives and attains, they will always be a step lower in their achievement, to gain to express freedom of speech and expression that can allow them to question and challenge India on its illegal presence in Goa.
These suchlike Medias like Prudential Media and others, if it is to serve Goa they have to be to be free and universal because of Goa’s nature itself. Goa is not only confined to its part that is held by India. Goa is large and widespread, the best and vibrant half of Goa is in diaspora not just in the Indian Sub-continent, but splintered and spilled and spread all over the world embedded in every Goan you find there, as a result of self-imposed asylum resulting from organized and institutionalized deprivation, and ethnic marginalization by the Indian Occupation of their land..
It is the total Goans in Goa and around the world put together who make their land Goa as one, that lies hanging outside in balance politically denied its right to its original space or sloth in Peninsular Indian Sub-continent with its territorial right to its location that predates the later establishment of India’s own territorial right. sought and awarded to itself to its portion of Peninsular Indian Sub-continent, as established itself in conjunction with Pakistan, and endorsed within the confinement of its territorial sovereignty by International Law, when it first came to its reasoning of its presence as a nation in 1947.
Therefore, the all Goan total-ness and to-gather-ness constitutes one single component Goa, all amalgamated as one Goa, and not divided in parts as the one colonially held at ransom by India, and to tell the Goans in diaspora that they are no longer the owners of Goa, when the ownership to their land precedes that of India’s own to its land portion, and yet all above the Goans be told they are but foreigners.
By holding Goa at ransom, India is answerable to withholding at stake the freedom and future of all Goans including around the world and not just those ones held in Goa under its gun in the Sub-continent, and to hinder progress of their generations towards the developing their motherland Goa. Therefore India’s action on Goa has International repercussions and it is time for Goans to counter India’s action. Whether India recognizes all Goans to be citizen of their land or not is India’s own problem not Goan’s.
To begin with Goan people did not give India a mandate to be in Goa by way plebiscite or referendums as per status quo 1961, for India to decide who is a Goan and who is not. Also, because after all it would not be a problem for Goa if it was free, since all Goans anywhere would be Goan citizens with their own nationality, including those in India.
They would not be separated as India separates them, as Goans or foreigners. This is institutionalised eviction and therefore institutionalized genocide to decimated Goans from their own soil and falls short of the crime of Nazis eliminating Jews from their soil. Again India by denying Goans in diaspora to be part of their country Goa violates Goans’ Universal Human Right to be, what and who they are. Besides, by holding their land and imposing their citizenship on them by force or coercion is total colonialism that is unacceptable under UN convection.
We can now gauge the shortfall Aires and Prudential Media inherits in their expression of the ultimate treasured freedom of speech and expression, if they are to address fully the issues that pertains to Goa wholly in all dimensions, and the constraints felt in their full free expression, unlike the Goan Media in diaspora, Niz Goenkar, that enjoys full unhindered freedom of speech and expression in a fully democratic world, that also allows me to pen this piece!
It can be a shining beacon that can guide Goa to its freedom if both Medias, in Goa and in Diaspora can act in consort to achieve at last that long waited freedom and independence that Goa rightly deserves!!

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