Monday, February 23, 2015


Indian Navy Grabbing Goa’s Land In The Name Of Fake Terrorist Attack Alerts by Menino Fernandes
Till date there was no terrorist attack on Goa’s soil. Goa police have not reported any suspicion, intelligence have not reported any sign of impending terrorist attack from, within or surrounding Goa. It is very much evident that the Indian navy is only hallucinating or are trying to impress the central communal BJP government of such an imaginary attack, which will never materialise. The Indian navy does so only with the intention of grabbing as much land as possible of Goa for their own luxuries and to build for themselves resorts where the navy personnel can enjoy their lives.
To add to this they now have our rogue Manohar Parrikar as the defence minister who the navy knows very well, would realise their dream of more paradises by creating hoax terrorist attacks along Goan borders.
Ever since the invasion and illegal occupation of Goa by the Indians, there never has been any danger or any signs of any terrorist attack, since the last 50 years so the question of a terrorist attack is a farce created by Indian navy. In fact the Indian navy should be termed as a kind of terrorist organisation itself that is out to loot Goa’s land for their luxuries. Goans cannot be expecting any more any support from the communalist Narendra Modi the current prime minister of India. 
The lame excuse of a fake terrorist attack is created by the Indian navy since long back. The police/intelligence are silent and have never at any time uttered any nonsense of any impending attack on Goa or surrounding area.
Where was the indian navy sleeping during the Bombay attacks? Why didn’t the Indian navy take any active part in fighting the terrorists who attacked the Taj hotel in Bombay on 26/11? It was the brave Bombay police who acted and sacrificed themselves to save Bombay from the terrorist attacks of which Ajmal Kasab was a part. The Indian navy was busy enjoying themselves in Goa and other places when they should have been at the centre of the attack trying to thwart the Bombay attack.
The Indian navy acted like Eunuchs during the Bombay attacks. But this very Indian navy are acting the terrorists in Goa and are busy in their devilish plans of grabbing over Goan islands in the name of fake terrorism. These eunuchs could do nothing during the Bombay attacks like said above. They were busy having XXX RUM during these attacks. Neither the army was seen in the scene. The prime task of fighting the terrorists should have been of the Indian army and the navy and not the police as it was an external terrorism from another country. This was the case of sovereignty of India which was at stake and albeit to defend it was the prime duty of the Indian navy and army.
Looting Goan land has been the main task of Indian navy and that too with a fake excuse which would not be acceptable not only to the Goans but to any other country. Terrorist attacks in or around Goa is unimaginable as it never happened for last 50 years.
However now the Indian navy is capable of creating a fake terrorist attack just to grab the islands which they have eyed for so long. We the Goans have no hope or support from the centre as the BJP is communal and we have the snake in the grass Manohar Parrikar there as a defective minister who looks after the defence of India. This snake is now become a bigger threat to Goan land as he is the boss and master of the navy and army as well.
As long as Goa does not have its own party ruling them, it would be very difficult to keep in control villains like Manohar Parrikar and the Indian navy. To save our Goa and its land from being looted we need to get a Goan party to power. We have to do so before a fake terrorist attack really takes place on Goan soil and Goa is reduced to size. We have to give up our greed for money that we take to vote the rogues to power. Vote for honest party or honest independent candidates and form an honest government at our very root level that is the only way we can save our Goa.
I would also request Floriano Lobo to come out on the streets and hard against all the evil that is taking place in Goa and show courage to tackle the crooks. Floriano and Goa Su-Raj Party is made up of honest members but it needs to be out on the street. GSRP must now be fiery party and fiercely attack all the evil. With its excellent road map and constitution, it can be a party to reckon with. But now it the time to come out in public. I hope Mr. Floriano Lobo is listening to the voice of the Goans. We would be proud of you and GSRP once it starts taking initiatives and would really be proud to be its Goodwill Ambassadors. As for me, I am looking forward to work for the Goans through GSRP. The up lifting of Goans and mother Goa is our MUKHEL HETU (principle). Saving of Mother Goa is and should be our main and primary objective.
So dear Goans let us unite and save the looting of our land and islands by the Indian navy.

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