Friday, June 5, 2015


Goa has been already colonized on 19th December 1961 by India exactly to the minute, hour and day, 10 years earlier to the Liberation of Bangladesh by India on 19th December 1971 and to be duly handed to the Independent Bangladeshis.

India has found that Goans are unworthy and was inappropriate to release them the same likewise freedom given to the Bangladeshis, but instead to continue to hold Goans as colonial slave dogs on chain right into this day of the 21st century.

This bunch of generation of Goan academics perhaps are unaware that Goa has been already colonized then on 19th Dec. 1961 and by writing as “Goa Is Getting Colonized One…At A Time” must have not come earlier across the definition of the word ‘colonialism’ in their curriculum during their studies, and have only now woken up belated from their sleep to realize the true meaning of colonialism. What they perhaps don’t know when they describe “one….at a time” is that India has been eating ‘once piece by one piece at a time’ of the Goan cake, preserved by the Portuguese for Goans only for four and a half centuries, which India has acquired for itself by colonizing Goa, as its colonial booty, leaving the slave dogs to eat the crumbs and if they are not happy to leave Goa totally. To achieve its objective easily India has put in place its own sucking periphery called Government of Goa stringed across Goa’s border with Ghanti parties. They, the Indians, have now the cheek to tell the Goans rudely that they are liberated.

All this nonsense is because of continued illegal occupation by India of Goa. It is time for Goans to take Goa out of India. This is the easiest and simplest thing that can be done to benefits our Goan population and leave us at peace. This should also serve as a clear warning to India. I am happy that such things have started happening in Goa, only for the Goans to realize, because Goans are not quick enough otherwise, because their have space only to accommodate saw dust of ignorance in their brains. 

India does not hold mandate to rule Goa, neither from Goans, having been denied then the timely plebiscite, nor through any authoritative world international order body like United Nations. 

The mandate solely lies in the hands of the Goan. The matter as it now stands has ceased to the point where the Russians vetoed against Security Council Resolution calling India to move its forces to Goa/ India border. But this did not give India a mandate to either occupy or rule Goa. It is doing so unilaterally and illegally in violation of many international conventions. The mandate to rule Goa by International Law lies within Goans and therefore remains for Goans to tell India forthright to get out of Goa just like East Timor did to Indonesia taking Indonesia to UN General Assembly. By granting the Goans Portuguese passports the International Law endorses the Goans as bona fide legal claimants of their territory of Goa and not claimants to the territory of mainland Portugal from where they never ever originated, although Goa through a political matrimony, as a worthy bride, became provincial part of Portugal. 

What this rightly means, when elaborated, is that under the International Law the holders of Portuguese (Citizenship) passport are rightful owners of Goa, although not recognized by India, and those holding Indian passports are illegal alien in Goa just as India is illegal in Goa.

This contradicts the Chavan/Soares treaty which is just a bilateral treaty to establish bilateral diplomatic working relation between the two countries. This treaty does not come into the context of UN or international world order, where Goa’s inalienable issue is firmly entrenched and anchored, although is presented in a veiled deception by India for Goan consumption of ignorance.

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