Tuesday, August 18, 2015

JOIN THE REVOLUTION !!! Zico X Rodrigues

Brothers & Sisters
Today on18th Aug, we are 4 months away from the "so called" Goa liberation day.

many may not be aware of the SC ruling which states that the Indian Union has taken 
over/annexed/invaded/conquered Goa by using military force on 18-19 Dec 1961.

The so called freedom fighters were looked upon as heroes.

Any Goan who had any association with the ex government i.e Portugal (Salazar's dictatorship) were paraded half naked forcing them selves to go about the city with the Indian flag & shout slogans like jai hind & so on....

The medium of Instruction was changed from Portuguese to HIndi/ English/marathi
Many of our Goan's then suffered from the change in MOI which was the first step to Indianize Goa.
2nd step was filling up top posts largely central/State govt with people from other states to dilute the Goan population unlike before where there was an Immigration for Indian to enter Goa & vice versa.

Considering this status Goa deserved a status like macao.

Goa was under military rule of India till the first elections took place in 1963 ( which are ill-legal according to international law & UN)

if one does a little research on the invasion of Goa you will learn that since 1954 after India put an economic blockade on Goa, Nehru had promised a plebiscite to Goan's the Indigenous people i.e who ever lived or is a descent of a person living in Goa prior to 18-19 Dec 1961.

Why was there military rule if people are made to call it "Liberation of Goa" ???

Indian army have liberated bangladesh from Pakistan in 1971, now that is called liberation.

3rd step was when the biggest traitor of all times called "Bahu"

Got all the bills from the state of maharashtra & imposed it on Goa.

Where we already had one of the best systems.

This was to create a drift among the Bhatcars & mundkars.

obviously the mundcars became the slaves of MGP,its vote banks & this also had a major setback on the thousand year old system in Goa i.e the communidades De Goa Aka Gaocare system which owns 75-80% of the entire land in Goa, was only codified & given recognition by the Portuguese Govt.


MGP passed a bill for a merger of Goa into Maharashtra.
that's when they showed their intentions.

the differences in opinions among the United Goans actually led us to the state where Goa is today.

Dotur Jack should have knocked on the door of UN instead of the central Govt then.
there were a considerable nos of Goan who were in favor of complete autonomy.

But the Bammon chuth Jack Sequeira licked the Ghanti arse on the contrary.

No doubt that many Goans will say today that Goa is saved because of himself.

The Brainwashing/Deluding history book will state that Jack Sequeira is the father of the opinion poll.
What does it matter to enlightened Goan's about the father of opinion poll the the child it self was illegitimate ???

(The history we studied in school will not have 1 fact rightly nailed)

What right does the Indian Govt have to hold an opinion poll after annexing Goa into Indian Union "WHICH ITSELF IS AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION OF INDIA" ???

Only in 1974 when the carnation revolution is overthrown in Portugal
Mario Soares external affair minister signs a treaty with YB Chavan external affair minister/some other post too.

Which recognised the India's sovereignty over Goa.

Kindly note YB chavan was the CM of Maharashtra when they passed a resolution to merge Goa with their state.

after the front door entry was shut by the illegal opinion poll, this was a victory for them.
As the MLA"S of Goa neither the people of Goa were considered in the treaty.

Which was almost the demise of our motherland Goa.


Today on this day we Goan's have turned out to be a minority as we are outnumbered by the migrants from Indian Union.

& our Land is grabbed in every possible way by the Central & State Govt.

MOPA,DABOLIM, TERACOL are hot issues but there is much more to it under the blanket.
its been almost 10 years the people of Goa are requesting for a special status.

But the Center is denying us the same.

Wonder how many years ???

We Goan's will no longer RIP until we meet our demands.

The next move will be have a status like Macao with the Indian Union to further protect our identity & land.

Let us all come out with candles to march out, from the Luis Gomes Garden at campal to the Miramar Round about at the statue of unity to as a mark of Solidarity to Goa & Fellow Goans.

Remember to mark this day in your diary...

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