Saturday, January 9, 2016


I say that the Pakistani Panelists were all full of shit. They shouldl have cited Goa as an example to the much shouted Gilgit Baltistan on how India has done the worst there.

If I was one of the Pakistani Panelist, I would have shut this loud mouth Arnab Goswami and sent him cringing.

He has been shouting at the Pakistanis that they are treating Gilgit Baltistanis below human standards.
If I was a Pakistani arguing the case, I would have pointed out how India has treated Goans after taking over Goa by force from the Portuguese even after both Portugal and India having been the members of the so called cockeyed United Nations.

What has India done to Goa and Goans?

Have you not screwed these indegenous people's life's aspirations?

Have you not slapped Martial Law on Goans when you walked into Goa as an act of war? to so called liberate Goans? If you had liberated Goa then why impose martial law? If you had really liberated Goan, you would have gone back packing to your India to leave Goa to Goans to handle, as according to your promises.

Did you not promulgate the Indian Citizenship Act in 1962 in violation of the international norms to push your Indian citizenship down the throats of Goans without they asking for it?

Where you not supposed to have conducted the United Nation mandated PLEBISCITE in Goa so that Goan could either opt to be Indian Citizens or remain separate? Was this self-respect to Goans accorded?
Was this not what Nehru promised before he decided to shore up Khrisna Menon in his Bombay elections, to allow him to march into Goa? so that he could win the elections?

Have you not diluted the Identity of Goa and Goans when you had promised to uphold and protect it? How come your people from across the state borders are on Goa's electoral rolls when your Representation of People's Act 1951 says that no one person can be registered in two places, in this case in India as well as in Goa?

You think Goans have taken it lightly?

You think, just like Gilgit Balitistanis, Goans will not rise up to fight the neo-colonialism that India has promoted in Goa after ousting the Portuguese colonialists? and then conniving with them to sign the Co-operation Treaty of 1974 without confiding with Goans themselves? Was not India responsible to send in Satyagrahis from the mainland to destabilise Goa?

In which way are you better and different than Pakistan handling Gilgit Baltistan??

You promise special status to Goans and then after winning elections, you say that it is impossible?.
Have you not promoted and encouraged the Opinion Poll of 1967 which, if it had to go against the Goans and Goa, Goa would have been a part of Maharashtra? and their identity that your so cheaply promised diluted for ever? Why couldn't you tell Bandodkar to forget about merger of Goa into Maharashtra and just concentrate on governance? When you liberate a place, you rape women, loot and plunder? Was Goa liberated or looted?

Was this the promise your Prime Minister gave to Goan and Goa before entering Goa?

Arnab, if I was the Pakistani Panelist today, I would have made you cry.

And you would never have gotten to get the courage to moderate a sensitive debate like this ever in your life.

That is the truth.

Only remember, just like Gilgit Baltistanis are going to liberate themselves from Pakistan as according to you, Goans are going to do so very soon from Indian forced occupation of Goa. Be very sure of this.
Goa's new generation is not going to be cuckholded like their peers, who had no spunk in their balls and wholeheartedly opted for pensions rather than keep the interest of future Goans and Goa at large at heart.


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