Wednesday, March 2, 2016

My Dear Goan Sisters And Brothers – by Floriano Lobo

My Dear Goan Sisters And Brothers – by Floriano Lobo
You will agree with me that Goa is systematically militarized. Matanhy Saldanha who wanted the Navy out of Dabolim for its illegal occupation and who was against MOPA Airport [which is the brain-child of the Indian Navy to digest Dabolim's age-old Civilian Airport] was removed from the scene as incompatible. They named a building in his name and put up his statue in the village he was born in. Is that it??? And we have kept quiet having been pacified?
Every Central Agency is making a bee line for Goa. Why? Because our own Goan Chamchas are hand in gloves with the Centre to feather their own nests? Is this not obvious? Is Goa having volatile borders? When the Indian Navy liberated East Pakistan [Now Bangladesh], did they stay there? Why did the Navy stay and take control of Dabolim, Goa's Civilian Airport since 1955, and not leave after 'Operation Vijay'?
I want to stand up to these indignities as a bonafide GOAN. Will you, my brothers and sisters support me to free Goa from this new generation colonialists who are masquerading as DEMOCRATIC ANGELS, and who are, in fact, dividing and sub-dividing us GOANS so that they can have the cake which has been baked for us GOANS by our fore-fathers, and eat it too?
Coming Saturday [5th March] I, Floriano Lobo, the committed citizen of Goa who was born in 1947 and who loves Goa and who does not want Goa to be militarized for nothing, am packing my lunch and dinner bag all in one with enough water to last me for a day and the night, and am going to park myself at the Quitol Plateau, whether the enemies of Goa are going to allow me or not, spread my 'shendri' and bask in the GOD GIVEN SUN, not to allow my Goa to be militarized and not to get the bitter curses from Goa's posterity for allowing this to happen when I am gone.
Will you, my Goan sisters and brothers join me to safe-guard AMCHEM BANGARACHEM GOEM for our children and the children of our children so that when we go to lie down six-feet underground, we could relax in the understanding that we have done what was expected of us??
Therefore, do decide whether it is going to be the coming Saturday that you are going to sacrifice for the betterment of your GOA. For, our Bangarachem Goem needs us to do this SACRIFICE for the sake of our POSTERITY.

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  1. respond to Criminals are preparing for yet another assembly election under the modern-day Republic of India. Goa is ripped off in all different ways by criminals who get protected through democracy under the Indian constitution. The extention of Indian type democracy brought into Goa by your father, most respected patriot Late Shri.Roque Santan by holding 3 day Satyagraha is not working as he intended.

    All every election just transfers corruption in different hands. Goa core cause ‘Special Status’ which was the only way we could save whatever was left of Goa under present circumstances the only way out of this vicious circle is time for Goans to think a course of action and explore them.

    India does not hold mandate to rule Goa, having been denied then the timely plebiscite, nor through any authoritative world international order body like United Nations. India continues to illegally occupy Goa. It is time for Goans to take Goa out of India. This is the easiest and simplest thing that can be done to benefits our Goan population and leave us at peace. The mere intention to grant every Goans born before 1961 Portuguese passports the International Law endorses the Goans as bona fide legal claimants of their territory of Goa. The Chavan/Soares treaty which is just a bilateral treaty and has not come in the way of this intention and in any way stopped it. Under the International Law this intention to grant every Goan Portuguese (Citizenship) passport makes Goans rightful owners of Goa. At the time of negotiating of officially transferring of power of Goa to India in New York in 1974, only the two persons – foreign ministers of India and Portugal – decided what is good and what is bad for Goans without even consulting Goans. Nor all that was done in Indian Parliament can take the Goan right should be challenged in the United Nations.
    We have to approach within the current generation and see if we can get a new leadership from them to fight peacefully for our rights, by approaching UN, and Challenge and undo all this for our land.

    UN Charter gives certain facilities to the indigenous people who are facing a disguised genocide in Goa. Global Goans can think over this issue because they are in better position to make their voice more audible.

    Deforestation in the Goan mining belt, corruption in the implementation of Medicine to Goans, sale of Goan lands. The Christian community and their festivities. Not allow people on Anjediva Island for the feasts, as the Indian navy has been building luxury resort for their families there and fooling Goans by making up fake terrorist threats. The Navy out of Dabolim for its illegal occupation. All this is proof that Goans cannot trust the democratically elected Government under the Indian constitution.

    In 1961, the Indian Union invaded and annexed Goa to them without any plebiscite, merely a result of a conquest by force of arms! This was hypocrisy and this is the root cause of all this corruption.

    Realising that injustice was done to Goans Jawaharlal Nehru said in reverse psychology - “It is not true that we covet Goa. That small bit of territory does not make any difference to this great country India. We do not desire to impose ourselves on the people of Goa against their wishes. It is definitely their responsibility to choose for themselves. We have assured Goans. That it is for them to establish their own future and I further assure them on matters such as Religion, Languages and Customs”. - 21st August 1955.