Friday, January 27, 2017

Dear Niz Goenkar/Indigenous Goans By A Pereira

This movement is founded to protect the rights of the Indigenous People of Goa. The United Nations has issued a Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples to guide member-state national policies to collective rights of indigenous people, such as culture, identity, language, and access to employment, health, education, and natural resources.
Goans are taken for a ride and made to behave as if we were always tenants of State Rulers and are glorifying the Law that treats us as Tenants of the State.
If we are a pure Goans, how can we vote to constitute the Goa State Legislative Assembly under the Representation of People’s Act, 1951, when the President of India is not our Landlord even after the ouster of the Portuguese Rule?
While the Election Commission of India (ECI) is very strict in checking abuse of money power during elections, it turns a blind eye to the whole procedure to enroll as a voter, which by any procedural standards is a sham. Any Indian citizen can come with some documents from any other place and get registered as a voter. Thus, thousands of migrants, who can easily be included in the Goa state voters list, also stay enrolled as voters in their hometowns. Recently in the Village Chandor (South Goa), in a ward called Mena Cavorim had about 53 bogus migrant voters. On complaining to the BDO, the complainants were given a torrid time to provide proof that these voters had not cancelled their voting in their native places. The Government authorities harassed the complainants but finally after great deal of perseverance the fraudulently entered names were deleted. The Government Authorities which committed the fraud are scot free. When the ECI is having all the information of the Voters all over India, this information is not perused by the authorities who are entrusted to prepare the Electoral rolls.
India it seems Liberated and yet Annexed Goa in 1961, under a solemn pledge to the entire world and the United Nations Security Council that Indigenous people of Goa will be allowed to choose their Political future and fortunes as per all UN resolutions applicable to de-colonised territories. While India has belligerently disallowed Indigenous Goans to exercise their right to self determination, the first Assembly Elections were conducted in 1963 after two years of martial law. This Conquest and Annexation of Goa, Daman & Diu, as rightly termed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, was recognised by Portugal vide a bilateral Treaty inked only in 1974-75, without making Indigenous Goans a party. India by invoking the Geneva Conventions imposed its laws on the conquered territory, but has forgotten that by virtue of the same Conventions it cannot send its own population into the conquered territory. The menace of Migrants in Goa has reached to such proportions that indigenous Goans are soon going to be a Minority in their own homeland. By the pace at which hordes of migrants enter Goa it appears that almost every Indian wants to be a Goan. The Migrants hardly knows the background and character of the Candidates and therefore lure of money becomes the sole factor to garner votes. While the ECI is over-enthusiastic to investigate, identify and cancel the names of Goans with Portuguese passports, it does nothing to weed out all the names of migrant voters registered at two places. We must expose the Game deliberately played on Goans by the ECI and call for boycotting elections (GLE)
On 4th Feb 2017.
Issued in interest of indigenous Goan's
Esquerda-Certo: Sr. Zico X Rodrigues, Pe. Jovino Pereira, Sr. A Lyndon Pereira "Baba", Sr. Prof. António Alvares, Sr. José L R Vaz - INDIGENOUS GOANS FRONT

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