Monday, June 3, 2013

RESOLUTION 998 ON GOA INVASION By Angnelo Gomes, Combakar

Goa was not liberated in 1961 by the Indians. Resolution 998 of the United Nations clearly states that it is an Invasion.

Resolution was introduced in the UN, however, it was vetoed by Soviet Union. US seventh military fleet was sent to Indian Ocean at the request of Portugal since Portugal was part of NATO, then. Portuguese ships with soldiers were on the way, they were stopped at the Suez Canal by Egyptian Leader Abdul Nasser at the request of Jawarhalal Nehru, Indian Prime Minister. It was all cold war time, then Egypt, India were aligned toward Soviet Union, although these nations claimed that they were non-aligned.

Portugal never accepted Goa as part of India, until 1970, the democratic government of Portugal officially recognized it.

Then, was the Portugal had its right to give away Goa to India, without the approval of Goan people? Goans were divided on religious lines, they were not patriotic towards their motherland Goa.

Goa had leaders like Dr. Jack Sequeira, Mr. Dayanand Bandodkar, etc.. These leaders were more interested for their own personal gains, than looking into interests of Goan people.

This sentiment Goa as an Indepedent Nation is kept well alive by persons like me with Goan Flag, and by much younger generation born after 1961. This younger generation have their own website called "" managed by Errol Rodrigues.

I consider Goa is an occupied territory of India. Because of my strong sentiment, I have lost many friends, and I'm sacked by TGF and Goanet lists.

The price tag is heavy, but freedom of making that statement must be sweet.

At the moment Goa and India are rated by UN as third world nations, its average citizen living below poverty line of Rs.20,000. It's sad. No one can make the difference except by the people together, if they have the capacity of being the patriots.

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