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Indian Military actually landed on Goan soil on 18th December 1961. We saw them in their innumerable Jeeps and Tanks early in the morning on 18th December 1961 approximately at 5.30 AM going to Aguada. First time in my life I saw Sardarjis with their beard and turbans and I was so terrified that I thought what I was seeing were not normal human beings but someone from the other planet, so much I was frightened to see them. I was young then doing my schooling in my village Portuguese school. During Portuguese time we were not accustomed to see such human beings having so different outlook as Sikhs. My one brother working for SESA Goa was stranded at Sircaim about whom we were very much worried while the other brother working for Goa Police was at home since he was a technical man at Panjim Headquarters and was not required for fighting the Bharati enemies. The distance between my house and the main Road was approximately 50 metres and next to the main road we had our paddy field. My father who had great admiration for Salazar and his strict laws in Goa was very sad to see Salazar’s rule in Goa is ending while my Goa Police employee brother was telling “now Goa will turn into a “Moula ani Chor Raj”. Very prophetic words. He made this remark because earlier he had been to Bombay where he witnessed how bad Indian rule was. Indians are not good rulers but good “Chors” and current “Chors” of Goa learnt this art from Indian “Chors”. Goa since December 19, 1961 was disgraced by the introduction of Bharati rules, tradition, culture and influx of non-Goans.

On the same day early in the morning while my father was going to check the flow of water in our paddy field, on the main road he was stopped by the Bharati Military Peronnel occupying the front Seat in the Military Tank. Since my father was wearing a white banyan, his fair body like that of Portuguese Paklo, attracted the attention of that Bharati Military man who thought my father was a Paklo too. He shouted at my father to stop there only. My father was afraid. To pacify that Indian Millitary man, my father immediately started to talk in Hindi. Then that Indian Military man stopped the convoy of Jeep and Tanks for few minutes to talk to my father. At home seeing from distance, we all were terrified mainly because of my father’s pro-Portuguese inclination. But my father did not show any leaning towardsPortugal and went on answering all the questions posed to him by the Indian Military man. It was about 10 minutes conversation between my father and Indian Military while proceeding to Aguada where the major portion of Portuguese Military personnel posted. The questions posed to my father were:

1. First Question: Who are you? Are you an Indian or Portuguese? My father replied: I am a

2. Second question: Where are you going so early? My father replied: Going to our paddy field.

3. Third question: Why are you wearing this poverty stricken Banyan? My father replied:
Because I am a poor man.

Then the Indian Military man said: Yes, we know the Portuguese Government has purposely kept you poor. Henceforth, you will not remain poor, your standard will be high under Bharati rule. Don’t worry, you will enjoy best of life in Goa under Indian rule.

4. Fourth question: What is the strength of Portuguese Military stationed at Aguada? How long it will take for our convoy to reach Aguada? And what about Chapora Fort? Is there any Military Portuguese posted there? Do you have any idea?

My father replied thus: There is nothing at Chapora. At Aguada around 200 Portuguese soldiers are stationed and it will take around 30 Minutes to reach Aguada from my place.

My poor father ignorant of Bharati Raj of “Chor” and cunning, out of happiness wrongly believing as Gospel Truth what Indian Military man told him, came home immediately even without checking the flow of water in our Paddy field, so much he was excited for the good days that will come on Goa. When he reached home, he was all smiling and in happy mood thinking of the better days to come on Goans especially poor Goans under Bharati rule. While going to our Paddy Field my father was saying Salazar Zindabad but while returning home he started saying Nehru Zindabad and Salazar Murdabad. Poor man my father!! He was fooled by Indian Military personnel. And who was he the Indian Military man? Where is he now? Alive or dead? God alone knows.

Tomorrow 19th December, Goa will be celebrating Liberation Day of Goa. What liberation? To hell with this liberation. It was NOT Liberation but it was a ROBBERY because on this day in 1961, Bharat Serkar of Nehru ROBBED MY BELOWED GOA and annexed it to his corrupt Bharat without taking into consideration our views. Goa was not Nehru's "Paiche Bens" to acquire it forcefully without our consentA few Freedom Fighters were not the spokemen of Goa and Goans. Morarjee Desai was against using force to drive away Portuguese from Goa.

According to the landmark judgement delivered by India’s Apex Court, i.e. the Supreme Court, on 19th December 1961, Goa was NOT LIBERATED by Bharat but CONQUERED. One of the renowned Goans the then Principal of St. Joseph’s High School Arpora told the students in his class at Arpora that Goa was invaded by BHARAT and NOT Liberated while many others said on 19th December 1961 Goa as Goa was ROBBED by Bharat to destroy its genuine identity, this was what Nehru cunningly wanted. For some political reasons Nehru wanted to eradicate total identity of Goa. In view of this 19th December should be marked NOT AS LIBERATION DAY OF GOA BUT AS ROBBERY DAY OF GOA. All the genuine Goans who love Goa must oberve this day as the day of Robbery.

By all means Goa had to be liberated from Portugal but not the way it was done. Because of force used against Goa, the Non Violence doctrine preached by Bharat under Nehru was put into disgrace. World leaders accused India under Nehru for using violent method to drive away Portuguese from Goa. There was no need to use violence to exit Portuguese from Goa. Nehru was a crook. Without consulting Goans based in Goa he took unilateral action and when some world leaders accused Nehru for using force on Goa, Nehru was shocked and he took this shock very seriously leading to deteriorating of his health.

The rule of Bharat in Goa is a curse. Bharati administration in Goa is a shame. There is nothing good in Bharat and because it is so, all the top and low Bharatis are flooding in Goa making Goa as Ghantti Raj. The character of genuine Goan was destroyed by the Bharati Ghantti in Goa. Nobody trust a Bharati because he is selfish, crook, traitor and first class “Chor”. What is happening in Goa now is the result of forceful occupation of Goa by Nehru’s Congress. In order to lead a Maharjas Life, Congress stripped Maharajas of their doles and themselves turned into new Maharajas. In the name of Socialism they have amassed wealth by robbing poor citizens. In Goa every top Congressman is become a crorepoti by robbing the poor Goans. Goan Freedom Fighters are not interested in this robbery because they have already sold their sacrifices under Portuguese rule in Goa for Pensions and Tamrapatra. Their fights and imprisonment during Portuguese rule against Portuguese were purchased by the Government. For this reason they are keeping their silence over the rot that is going on in Goa now. Prof. James from Assonora, Bardez who himself suffered so much under Portuguese rule for being a genuine Freedom Fighter had no answer to this question when I met him a few years back.

Immediately following the takeover of Goa by Bharat, many of the Non Brahmin Hindus in my village were acting like Dadas, threatening Christians, firing crackers in front of the houses of Christians and Crosses and making rough statements against Christians and St. Francis Xavier as if Chritians were Pro-Portuguese and anti-Indians. Regretfully, all of them who were harassing Christians and talking against Christianity in my village died very miserably. I pity them and their families. They thought Bharati Raj means Hindu Raj for Hindus alone to rule over all others. They were ignorant because they equated India with Hindus. They did not know how the word India originated. They were communal in thoughts and deeds. Later on they all supported ZALACH PAIZE, i.e. Merger of Goa with Maharastra. They never realized the great contribution of Goan Chritians in fighting against Portuguese rule in Goa. To know more of the contribution of Goan Christians at regional and national levels they should read the latest book “PATRIOTISM IN ACTION” by Valmiki Faleiro.

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