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It is a little surprising at times when one comes across many Goans, other than those who are mere laymen, who know so little or are not conscious in political context of themselves and accordingly how their lives and their higher potential has been affected.   It would be news to many to know that Kuwait was invaded by Saddam through explicit instigation and persistent proactive coercion from her mentor India. 
It was a requisite for India, having occupied Goa illegally, as it does so even today, and in the absence of International Law to validate such kind of invasion, and to consolidate her position over Goa’s invasion, internationally (which cannot be done unless followed by the universally laid down  procedures and under UN to confirm to International Law), it was necessary for India, to establish a parallel to her action of  occupation of Goa, and therefore had to coercive other potential countries, similarly positioned like herself, and who would follow her procedure likewise, in order to establish an 'popular consensus’ and then to establish a kind of new ad-hock international world order that would circumvent to entitle them a ‘de facto’ status to retain the then illegally seized territories and to ‘legalize’ them as part of their own territory!
India therefore exercised her leadership to instigate these potentially rogue countries like herself, to violate International Law on her similar basis, which would  allow India to broadly justify her own illegal action on Goa. On the other side, India went steps beyond and attempted to tamper with the workings of certain International Organizations to pose resistance to impart international justice to those respective, thus victimised territories. .
It proves that India is the worst kind of colonialist even worse than the Western countries that it had the audacity to propagate her colonial culture and philosophy, applied in Goa, to be transported across the seas to distant countries, to colonially subjugate, oppress and deprive the right to those inhabitants by their respective regimes, as is done in Goa, and in territories where India is least known or not connected to the lives of those people. It would be worth for Kuwaiti people to well understand this.
There is ample amount of such evidence to demonstrate how India used every means to hamper East Timor’s independence because this would set a precedent uniquely matched for Goa’s likewise entitled independence. One such, of many illustrative incidents, which were widely reported in Portuguese media, was NAM conference in Luanda, Angola, when India as one the founders of NAM used her prominence to physically debarred Fretin, the East Timorese movement from gaining even an Observer status at that Conference. However, after some years of uphill struggle and much to the Lusophonic wisdom and influence prevailing high in support of East Timor’s just cause, East Timor eventually  gain her presence in NAM in defiance to India’s resentment. This was one of the many venues adopted by East Timor, to which Goa is equally entitled, to pave for her eventual independence and sovereignty. 
The Indian mooted invasion of Kuwait by Iraq was well conceived and meticulously planned all along and not without India’s help and counsel, and with New Delhi, as its principal mentor and originator of the very idea, was kept informed at every step.
It has to be remembered that the issue of Saddam invading Kuwait was very essential for India because India was then looked upon as the lone violator of International Law under Decolonization which was linked with Goa, and therefore India wanted fellow partners like Iraq and Indonesia to boost each one’s moral and prove to the world, collectively that in such circumstances as theirs that it has to be commonly accepted to be  world order or common norm, as if to be Universally applied and as if it licenses them to literally rob wholesale their small neighbour.
No sooner had Saddam declared success in occupying Kuwait immediately that very day I. K.Gujral, India’s Foreign Minister grass-hoped to Baghdad to famously bear-hug Saddam Hussein and heartily congratulate him on his successful invasion of Kuwait that put Kuwait in par with the invasion of Goa, which India much desired.
Back in New Delhi, India was buoyant and jubilant  to have come one notch nearer to ‘validate’ her hold on Goa vis-√†-vis Kuwait and was most celebrative declaring to the world that India is the first country in the world to congratulate Iraq for invading and occupying Kuwait!
But unfortunately this dream for Saddam and fortunately this nightmare for Kuwait did not last and was short lived unlike in Goa the nightmare half century on still lingers into 21st century. Kuwait’s aspiration to regain her freedom came true when 33 nations grouped together under the UN banner to free Kuwait from the claws of Iraq.
India branded as champion of ugly colonialism and not champion of freedom was condemned for her nefarious deed and ostracized and hunted away by the Kuwaitis from their scene
Ironically Goa’s aspiration for her independence was re-echoed along with Kuwait’s wish, in a most symbolic manner with Portugal being part of this 33 nation group contingent who provided a warship. Portugal’s gesture was well in keeping with her high aspirations to free all territories from colonialism and to grant independence to all her former colonies with Goa included, as expected, to be free independent sovereignties. 
These three Gangsters with India being at the pinnacles were surely out to set a new world order “rob thy neighbour”. But unfortunately much to their desire no nation scribed to this idea, and Indonesia and Iraq fell into fire.
It did not matter so much to India internally, within India, where she gagged and kick the Goans, as she still does, taking them for uneducated and unvalued to be disinherited and stripped of their mother land under harsh colonial suppression all in silence and darkness. However, it did matters very much for India in the International Community and Global Society when it comes to stand shoulder to shoulder in the league of civilized nations. Unfortunately, India does not qualify for any rank as such. She stands at the very bottom of the ebb in an uncivilized manner as a “neo-colonial power”, a reminiscent of a dark colonial past in a colonially free 21st century world order.
This Indian mooted Kuwaiti’s invasion’s orgy was a catalyst that provided a corridor to Iraq War and the ensuing biggest blood bath of the 21st century in the course that followed to seek Saddam Hussein for his atrocities, for which Hindu India of non-violent fakir called Mahatma Ghandi that boast as world’s biggest democracy has to bear the moral responsibility. Much could have been elaborated on this catastrophe of Iraq War because myriads of unspeakable implications cascaded from this tragedy which all started with the export and propagation by India of her “rob thy weaker neighbour’s country” colonial philosophy.
While Saddam may have been punished and hanged for his hideous crime of robbing weaker neighbour’s territory but Nehru, the real perpetrator and initiator of this culture and legacy who robbed Goa, missed the hangman’s noose to escape safely and stayed on to create his own dynasty while Saddam’s dynasty and his dreams vanished into ashes.
Nehru was a worst culprit in history but little the Goans know about it. Do they know that if the Indian postured tyrant Saddam was still occupying Kuwait, as India persisted, would our Goan fraternity be enjoying the livelihood and the lifestyle they are having in their host country?
For those pro-Indian Goans who openly flaunt themselves as ‘proud Indians’ in contravention of their expected patriotism and loyalty to  that noble host country who had suffered the same fate as Goa, in which still lingers in, this should be  a long lesson to study.   

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