Thursday, May 21, 2015

Portugal Have Displaced Goans by Vicente E. Do Rego

Portugal Have Displaced Goans by Vicente E. Do Rego
Honestly speaking Portuguese has displaced Goans since 1961. Portuguese surrendered to invading ruthless bloody Indian army and instead of remaining committed to Goa, without consulting genuine stake holders openly handed Goa to corrupt India and thrown Goans into the filth which they could not bear the brunt of lawlessness after all they did no adapt such thing in life.
You ruled Goa for 450 years and kicked us to someone known to be rascal’s rogues and freebooters, was it a joke? Ever since then Goans started moving out of Goa with no stop.  Now again, exactly after 25 years of foolish decision of handing Goans to its neighbours Portuguese came back haunting Goans once again in 1985 with appetizing cake on platter which Goans could not desist and that is Portuguese nationality which resulted in ultimate displacement of Goans from Goan soil altogether and forever.
For people it may find very lucrative since it has given a golden life time opportunity to relocate to the shores of Europe without any efforts or sacrifice. However, if one could think deeply it is bit naive.
Before, only highly educated or very rarely family connection would migrate to western countries, but now anybody could do so and that resulted in giving up all the family tradition of occupation that was running over the years successfully providing their square meal. Some people were very well settled within Goa either through jobs abroad or running local business and these very same people have given up or leased out well settled businesses and to my knowledge some have even sold everything from their home to ancestral properties leaving nothing in Goa thinking they will visit Goa only as tourist and have and still moving to Europe with this red valuable booklet. Off course given an opportunity anyone will move for better standard of life no matter what type of occupation one may engage in adopted country keeping in mind only first generation will have to struggle.
Not critic here, is not that whole fault lies with Portuguese? First they ran away fearing invading army living people of that land to fend for themselves when I say “for themselves” only very few freebooters were pro-Indians and rest never wanted to be slave again under someone. Secondly, latest trend of easy go offering their nationality is that not something strange? Only right thinking person will realise it but for most of us it is like let it go.
As long as those first generations are alive with vigour they will visit their motherland to take care of aged loved ones and property but as years passes on second generation will never want to visit nor take care of what their parents have left back. Only option would remain with them is to sell everything and go back and this is a fact believe me.
Goans have been displaced from their home and land!!

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