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Síndrome Sequeira and The Case of 2008

As mentioned by Mr. Kennedy, that the Pundit had been caught coming out of a brothel, as him and then Dr. Sequeira, there were and yet will be many Goans who are a product of Bainá. Such Goans usually mumble flagrant dregs through cooperativeness of other products of Bainá who suffer from Síndrome Sequeira.

They, who will never comprehend on the matter that we have suffered an unjust invasion and are living through subjugations and a considerable amount of violations of moral conduct, the code and human law.

Recently the "coloured" president of US freed the prisoners of Guantanamo as he/they understood their mistake. Whereas what about the Pundit who stepped on Goans and their habitat? Where do the UN and ICJ jurisdictions stand?

The world and the universe concerning aliens estimate that Mr. al Tikriti was wrong in invading sunni Kuwait; in the sub-continent of Asia; was the Pundit justified? So, how was Dr. Sequeira to an extent justified to support the "Red Light" machinery? Maybe the doutor's wish is fulfilled now, witnessing the unstimulating situation in Goa today. If Mr. Kennedy witnessed the Pundit as an imposter walking away from a brothel, how couldn't Dr. Sequeira respect the land and its people and condemn the Republic for its shameful deeds?

I wasn't born to know what the non-practising doutor preached, but presumedly I realise that he seems he wasn't astute with International Criminal Law and the Geneva Conventions; and like a "dud" took part in a political environment, was it a concert for him? Sort of like a false prophet preaching Gõycarponn. Many will blabber a lot, but he preached no equality amongst Goans, denying them theirs, our birth rights to justice; rather brought the illegal rigged opinion polls in an already illegal environment, hence he deserves my expectorate.

And, will I respect a quisling like him? Who didn't have the cojones to go on a higher level between the UN and ICJ. Rather, sat with his illiterate mind.

Many will blabber about Goans, that the Pundit affixed a word for us, as 'ajeeb'; why? Did he know that we had traitors amongst us? Did he take an example and consideration of Pinto do Rosário's relative and the likes? Or whether because of the likeminded truth-seeking natives who stood together, is it them, is it us who were labelled as 'ajeeb' by the Pundit?

The doutor, born in Burma, has the same mentality as the sepaios of the Indian mutiny, in the same manner this non-practicing doctor renegaded against his own kith and kin without using his so-called intellectual memory. Today these Sequeira's who've mingled and jingled with the Gantias have the same "Indian Cheating Genes" in them, and the best example is the Sukhija family running Panjim Inn. They should be prehumously honoured the - Batota de 1º Ordem.

Such characters in Goa are in fact the lowest in class and caste grade, depending on their levels of illiteracy, who have to be shunned from decent Goans especially from the villages such as Sanguém and Satári. I am sure that if he was really a Goan with native ideologies/thoughts, as also well aware of criminal justice then he would not override us, rather would have fought for Goans.

Screw the Doutor; let me the Baba, be the Mecánico Legal for now to explain:-

Soon after the conquest of India over Goa on December 19, 1961, a new issue of self-identity immediately cropped up. One of the Indian States laid claim on this new territory on the basis of similarities between language, culture and traditions in both the regions. But a political party of Goa opposed and firmly believed that Goan language (concanim) was an independent language and not a dialect of the other and insisted that Goa had its unique identity of its own and thus cannot be part of the other state.

Late. Indira Gandhi, the then prime minister of India, decided to resolve the issue by holding an Opinion Poll, after dissolving the then existing Assembly. The Congress central working committee resolved at its meeting on 3 September 1966 to hold Opinion Poll. The options were two – either retain Goa as the union territory or merge Goa into the neighbouring state.

The people of Goa voted for a independent state and won. However the percentage of voters who participated in voting were mere 10% of the total population and were mostly non-indigenous people.

The concept of Goa Statehood was sparked by different classes/groups/individuals in Goa who had vested interests, and who wanted to dissolve the identity of Goa. One was the tenant class of Goa who wanted to become owners of the land of Comunidades while the other were the political parties who wanted to exploit the situation. Their dreams and ambitions were only fueled by the India Republic who did not care a damn to the dreams and aspirations of the natives and the indigenous people of Goa.

The Goa Statehood has been conferred upon Goans. Neither the opinion poll nor the Statehood of Goa bear any significance to the indigenous natives of Goa, because the events had mainly the participation of the non indigenous people of Goa who have no ownership or legislative rights on the territory of Goa. If Goa is to be integrated in the Indian Republic, it has to be done through self-determination of the indigenous people of Goa and through proper legal processes by signing agreements/contracts with the Gaunkars/indigenous people only, and not by mere referendum or plebiscite exercised by the masses, as the gãocarias are co-operative establishments with absolute ownership rights.

So, it's evident that the doutor chose to join the pedophile and brothel machinery, absurd thinking!

It was means to end his life through the teachings of the Rangila man, why force the Goans?

As also if he was a devout catholic, since many Goans mention, did he not know the seventh commandment according to the Catechism of the Catholic Church?

Even after everything done, what kind of faith does the doutor have? Gantianc zae titló fôttôi, nu Niz Gõycaranc. Thus it's a curse that people suffer from a symptom named after him and rot.

I have visited many during my lifetime in Goa, and do recall a nun from Chinchinim who said to me so:- There are thousand of teens in foster care who don't need perfection. They need you.

Minus my stories here. Mr. Kant said that, rational humans should be treated as an end in themselves and not as a means to something else. The fact - we Goans, we are human, has value in itself. So the imbecile doutor wore his attire, including the Buick, to achieve his idiotic thoughts and livelihood in his life. Couldn't he be wiser? I presume not!

UGP withstood? It's fizzled, poof!

A crow hatched in a hens coop does not make it a chicken, so is a swine born in a stable doesn't make him/her a horse. So when would he honour the native indigenous Goans? Did he study the etymology of Goa before taking his stand in politics? I doubt, for, if he had respect for Goans, he would respect himself through his stringent decisions.

Before leaving Goa for work due to my financial crisis, I Mr. A Lyndon Pereira, do believed through my presumptions that we could still fight for a plebiscite, at that moment we needed brains who were thinking on similar lines, thereafter we would need support of the blood (others). However, in due course understood that 75% of brain dead Goans who suffer from Síndrome Sequeira wouldn't comprehend.

For your kind information, one cannot go to United Nations or ICJ unless one is a member nation, they do not entertain other parties or organisations. In case of Goa, Goa was declared as a non-self-governing territory (courtesy: 'The Comunidades') during the Portuguese provincial regime. Once a territory is declared as non-self-governing, nobody can rob it of its independence, as per UN Charter. Thus Goa has some hope to make its case heard but through proper approach. Either Goa has to be sponsored by one of the member nations or a liberation movement has to start within which could then be brought to the attention of the UN. I also tried out other channels like UNPO, Indigenous Rights, Self-determination et cetera, to gain entry to start with. At the same I was going through a strained financial situation but never stopped thinking, if the Comunidades, GAKUVED, and other liberation organisations united, then independence would not be too far.

I thought the most practical way to fight the liberation movement is to first fight for our rights. For your kind information, the Government of Goa does not own any land, because no State Land Tenure Contract/Agreement had been signed with the absolute owners (indigenous people) of Goa as per Constitutional requirements. Without land rights, no Government can operate or collect revenues (including Angediva). So efforts shall be made to kick the Government out of illegal control (courtesy - the Comunidades). So if GAKUVED supports us, Government will have no option but to run with tumblers in hands. Liberation will be a smooth sailing thereafter. We actually might not need support of any Nation, Right to Self-Determination as per UN Charter should suffice to liberate us completely.

I needed more such minds, before I left Goa, and had to work towards the goal tirelessly. But it turned out to be fruitless. I was bold, studying the key figures, since it is better that I knew their true intentions and loyalty at that point of time in 2008.

I started open discussions and dialogues with some who I do not want to mention, enough I lived in the closet.

Because I knew, awareness creation was my first key to success. Everyone knows our Goan folks and Crocodiles too, 'Sossegados', I disturbed their attitude and made them aware of their rights. Today most of them have migrated, least bothered about Goa.

I made an effort to push our case on Wikipedia, but did not succeed because of lack of support. I was then blocked for editing articles. But some awareness came through at least among the editors and I literally shook the Wikipedia world. I tried all means to create awareness, Wikipedia was the best I thought. If few Goans had supported me then, it would've been great. I knew a few tricks of Wikipedia, it all works on consensus, not anymore since I was off the internet for sometime.

The main goals of our movement were;

1. To kick the Gantias/outsiders out of Goa, they are the burden to our limited resources.

2. To give the indigenous people their rights.

3. To eradicate corruption to an extent.

4. To make Goa a role model in governance and in sustainable living.

But to achieve the above, we needed to follow a systematic approach. The first thing was to kick the [corrupt] government machinery out of control. And, this can be only [and easily] achieved if the indigenous people came forward and fought for their rights, the way Gãocares are fighting, there is no other easy solution. Until such movement begins, we can't start smelling the scent of Independence.

Other Goans (non-indigenous/non-gaunkars) were most welcome to support our movement in the best interest of Goa.

Back in 2008 when I began to edit on Wikipedia, I directly went on an open rampage [attack], never bothered to know the rules really. Wikipedia has its own policies, and ones behaviour and conduct counts a lot, which I never cared for. But I learnt the tricks and just how it worked. You, first have got to win trust of established editors by editing articles and being active in the discussions, a slow and steady entry should be gained before you start editing your main [intended] work. As mentioned earlier, Wikipedia works on broad consensus, so supporting views are a must, in my case I had none. As regards to Goa, what I edited [or was editing, rather] was totally new [surprising/unheard] to the editors, hence majority of editors termed my work as 'soapboxing'. Had I had 5 - 10 supporters, it would have been a totally different story. Further in desperation I created multiple accounts, and got caught eventually, for 'sock puppetry'.

Why Wikipedia? Wikipedia is the knowledge power of today. Wikipedia is the most likely site one encounters during a search. So awareness creation becomes lightning fast. Wikipedia is actually a long process, it has to be our parallel activity, I had to concentrate more on my petitions and movements, and my finance, to not attack Wikipedia before gathering our flock, had to ask others to be active to support us, there had to be a sound methodology in almost anything one does.

Our work was intended to help the cause not only concerning Goa, but to all the movements the world over, if we mount immense pressure on the UN on the rights of people, then we do not have to worry if the majority does not support us, we will have support of the other movements.

The majority cannot deprive us our rights and freedom! Let them decide in their own interest.

As also I was bringing out (Internationalising) Goa's issue indirectly through my controversial book that I was editing back in 2008, which I gave up later. That would have been no less than an actual petition to the UN. Awareness creation was the key to our movement, all that is needed is to make Goa an international issue. Our job will be almost done. I also worked hard to build an interactive website concerning our movement, we needed Blood & Brains, don't we? But none supported.

Remember, even then, awareness is very important for people (Goans incl. emigrants) to know that a movement has started, only then we can expect support, and thereafter decide.

Today in 2015 we have enough members of the Goan society whom I presume, are born in brothels, these illegitimate-bastards are the followers of the Pundit and suffer from a symptom known as Síndrome Sequeira, such characters are in disguise and I will never witness an independent Goa, since they are willing to mingle with the illegal occupiers.

And it was here that I really got to know who are supportive and discouraging, I was the lone ranger. Many spoke at taverns and also got good with their gaps, but when it came to the point of support, they behaved skittish. Upcoming generation Goans are getting to know these stories slowly, I already reached my line of control and had to recede due to lack of funds and likeminded support, hence I was silent and I am silent today. Only when another bothers to ask, THESE ARE MY ANSWERS.

Such basics are our fundamentals we've heard from sermons of our ancestors, but never got it straight. Except from a few who aren't living testimonies.

Remember that a divided home cannot withstand.

When level headed people like António Alvares, Franco Fernandes et cetera fight through their teeth, it is a Goan voice. But when the ones who contradict and counter respond in a vague manner, never staying on the subject, it is their original Bainácho-fuscó.

On the other side, you'll should know, some crook started the Quit-India movement and fools believed that the sub-continent of Asia was all India. Such are the fools and sobs who live in Goa, calling themselves naturalised citizens, who in fact suffer from Síndrome Sequeira. Today only an independence movement or making the Indians to give us the right to choose with a plebiscite can save Goa.

Land grabbers almost always claim that the territory was historically theirs and they are only righting a wrong. One of the more ancient claims to righting a territorial wrong arose in 1961 when Indian sent its troops into Goa, then administered by Portugal. India claimed that "it was merely moving its troops into a part of India that had been under illegal domination for 450 years". (Schachter, supra note 18, at 1627. Military Law Review - Volume 162, December 1999. U.S. Dep't of Army Pamphlet 27-100-162.)

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

Article 19:
● "Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference"
● "and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers."

Now, there's a minuscule amount of Goan souls, who are able to see and be witnesses beyond the shadows and lies of their culture, they who'll never be understood, let alone believed by the emigrated mass population of Goans, because the truth lies with us. Doordarshan screwed Goans, every person knows that the media is the most powerful entity on earth, it has the power, the force to make the innocent guilty and vice versa. And, that's called power, as it already controlled the minds of the Goans, and now when a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the Goans after the events of December 18, 1961; the truth seems utterly preposterous and me as a speaker, a raving lunatic.

I have recently witnessed predictions about the growing "Goan Minorities" and shrinking Gãocares majority, but what I would like to see is a study by IQ. I contend that lower IQs breed more than high ones; and therefore the overall stupidity level is on the increase. There are more Iscariot's than the revolutionary Jesus.

The greatest revolutionary Jesus mentioned at his last supper - do 'this' in memory of me. Are his followers abiding by it? Raúl Gonçalves and Felipe Ferrão themselves are running elsewhere. And, the Goans who were true to theirselves have migrated to other continents because of the frustrations suffered from other Goans suffering from Síndrome Sequeira.

I understood everything concerning this subject, witnessed what would be the future in 2008, of the ones who suffered from this symptom/disease since the non-practicing doctor's demise. And, if we have such personalities in our midst, suffering from this particular symptom, who've followed the likes of brothel life; then how can we have an independence from the clutches of the Indian Union and full sovereignty?

As how people realise their survival from cancer, leukaemia or a critical accident; in the identical journey of Goans, it'll be extremely late for them to understand and comprehend, since most love to live on rubbish and I justify them as uncooperative through their incoherent egos. When in fact, Goans should have the courage, as truth will always reign supreme amongst us.

If I was in this "doutor dud's" place, I am sure that I would've filed a case in the UN and ICJ, because during the same time, on the other side was Estado Novo and a considerable amount of support from Goa and other nations. But 75% of the Goan population who were true to themselves have already migrated.

And, I live not because of the doutor or the pundit, but because of the first like minded Charddes. I shall thank Wikipedia, its editors and the people who supported the Gãocar.

Goans suffering from Síndrome Sequeira aren't vigilante. Because of behaving so, they have lost their most beautiful assets, their beautiful rich culture, which was/is oppressed by the fundamentalist indians and their admirers and followers. We are romantic in culture but experiencing injustice at the hands of our own puppet government, we seem to live in a paralysed state unable to either express ourselves because of puppets like Aliná Saldanha &c. Or reach out to western cultures, whom we respect and admire. Painfully the International community of UK and Portugal betrayed by abandoning us. For the crimes of our theocratic rulers.

Rather than Doutor Bucetinho aka Jack; with respect I will and always respect Padre Chico, for his noble courage, standing for truth, justice and uncommon valor... Remember what I mentioned about Jesus earlier? - Do "this" in memory of me!

Unfortunately he passed away a year and eight months after I was born, his stories remained in our family till my grandparents demise and the owner of the place where he lived in Porvorim. I still admire his determination, his solitary stand, he fought for his existential right as per the Geneva Convention. Because no civilised Goan will ever live a quiet life towards India's unlawful annexation and bondage by force.

Padre Chico will remain as one of the greatest Goans, he will blindly make any other look like a coward, including people who support and hide behind the garb of the Tricoloured "Red Light" Machinery as also speak of it.

Religion shouldn’t involve itself in political issues; but some Goans credulously believe that our most revered St. Francis Xavier, had prophesized - “Goa ninguém a tomará, ela por si acabará” (No one shall take Goa, she will herself end) (Mário Cabral e Sá - Goa Today, Oct ‘05)

*Sequeira Syndrome - pseudo illiterate Goans who cannot comprehend with a truth-seeker, rather have great and utmost affection towards an illegal occupying power. They are fucktards who begin to write/contradict anything about a place without scrutinising the area. And it's more evident amongst non-resident Goans, Goans who've married Gantias, Goans who keep in touch with such like minded and kind-of proclaim that what they've said is the divine truth.

I do not know Dr. Sequeira's other side, but he was incompetent in what he could do to save Goa in a way, he only slowed down the de-Goanising process. So one cannot congratulate or remember him for the same, as it promotes his level of illiteracy, just as Dr. Soares and the rest dim-wits.

Such is this topic, just like a child looking through and understanding a kaleidoscope.


...and so, I only shake my head in sympathy as I live a zugzwang life listening to -

- Cartoon of a fat man in pinstrip suit pushes a guy in the face by W. Mullin.

- Additional conceptualisation and editing by A. Lyndon and L. Austell Pereira.

- Pinky and the Brain produced by Steven Spielberg and Tom Ruegger, appears courtesy of Amblin Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television Animation.

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