Thursday, July 30, 2015

Bharati ‘Dadagiri’ Thru Defiance by A. Veronica Fernandes, Candolim

The entry of Bharat into my un-Bharati Goa was by force and thru “dadagiri” and the same Bharati dadagiri is still going on over my Goa and if nothing can be done by the combined might of all genuine Goans to stop this Bharati dadagiri, then this Bharati dadagiri will go on till Goa is totally liquidated not only from the World Map but also from this World. 
When Premier Nehru’s Bharat under Congress ruled government at the Centre sent Bharati troop of about 20,000 soldiers to invade my Goa on 18th December 1961, UN Security Council discussed this matter very seriously to stop invasion of Goa by a completely foreign power Bharat. However, when the Soviet Russian Veto defeated the motion in favour of invasion of Goa by Bharati dadagiri, everything was lost not for Portugal but for Goa and Goans. During the debate on the motion on this subject at the UN Security Council, Indian delegate to the Security Council, C.S. Jha spoke thus: “(The invasion of Goa) is a question of getting rid of the last vestiges of colonialism in India. That is the matter of faith with us. Whatever anyone may think, Charter or no Charter, Council or no Council, that is our basic faith which we cannot afford to give up at any cost”.
In this statement of Jha at the Security Council there is nothing but a pure Bharati Dadagiri, dadagiri is of such a magnitude and arrogance that it surpasses all other previous dadagiris including that of Hitler. See the pride and defiance in this statement of Jha when he said “Charter or no Charter, Council or no Council……… “But we will go ahead in our mission of invading Goa. He was not worried of the existence or even of break – up of UN which came into effect to create peace and avoid wars in this world. 
But India’s stand was “UN go to hell, we want our goal to achieve by all means”. Good that India is not wielding a Veto privilege otherwise India because of its arrogant mind-set would create total disaster in this world. Because of this mind-set of India, civilized and matured nations are not agreeing to give Veto power to India since it is risky to do so as India is very immature and arrogant country having immature and arrogant leaders. 
Later on when everything was finished and defiant India completed its illegal mission on Goa, the then Defence Minister of India, Krishna Menon remarked thus more defiantly by saying this,    “ Had the Security Council intervened, we would not have stopped the action (to take Goa by military force). We have learned some lessons….The nation that behaves well is always in a bad position”.
If you analyse the above statement of Menon, you will see nothing but pure defiance for civilized and decent norms which is against Ghandian principle. On top of it India adore Ghandiji as the father of the nation. Commenting on Indian invasion of Goa, the then US President John F. Kennedy asked India thus: “where is your Ghandian non-violence gone now?” Then further he said to India, “your action on Goa resembled a Pastor preaching all virtues to the faithful in the Church in the morning and in the evening seen coming out of the Brothel while putting the buttons of his pant”. But India till now remained shamelessly adamant. 
Good that there is a strong force in the world against India’s hegemonic ambition otherwise India would grab all the neighbours as it did for some princely States like Hyderabad in 1948 followed by Manipur and in 1975 the northern Protectorate of Sikkim besides my beloved Goa in 1961 without consulting and without the approval of our elders. For this reason West is supporting Pakistan and China to keep a balance on India. 
The dadagiri India used on Goa at the time of invasion of Goa, regretfully is the same type of dadagiri imposed on Goa by the Indians from other parts of India. See the incident in Terakol. To subdue the local Goans, the Leading Hotels Co. hired the services of Bouncers from Karnataka and elsewhere to grab Terakol by brute force. This trend will go on in other parts of Goa too because following its masters example on 19.12.61, disgraceful and rascal Indians by using their brute might, financial and physical, will swallow the entire Goa if we the genuine Goans are not alert for our rights. 

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