Monday, July 6, 2015


The fundamental truth is that Goan patriots don’t have access to funds to launch an independence movement against the Indian Union.

The Delhi colonists continue to siphon away the wealth of our land towards sustaining their hindi heartlands and into their Swiss bank accounts.

The Goan population is kept busy by the powers-that-be in the daily struggle to make ends meet, we have always been ruled by outsiders, hence independence is something we cannot perceive.

Those who say Goa will always be part of “India” and we should learn to accept this bitter truth have been brainwashed by the Indians.

Western world does not acknowledge the “progress” that the Indian Govt claims to have achieved, because in real terms it is miniscule compared to the Chinese.
The British empire on which the sun was not supposed to set, was ultimately killed by the wars with Germany. Nothing lasts forever.

The Indian Union (full of contradictions) is bound to fail sooner rather than later, primarily because like the former Soviet union and Yugoslavia it is an artificial entity comprising of several proud nations.

The rate at which the hindi population is growing and the pressure exerted on its limited land-water resources, it is bound to cause conflict with the non-hindi nations.

Once this tinderbox is activated, I expect Goa will be partitioned by the Marathis and the Kanadigas between themselves, and the 1961 borders will be lost forever..

Until then we need to make the best of our situation for the sake of our children, either work within the Indian system or immigrate to the western countries.

Goa is dead, long live Goa!

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