Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Goans, never loose hope, frustrations and Special Status people will get us to nowhere, be determined!
For your kind information; one cannot go to United Nations or ICJ unless one is a member nation, they do not entertain other parties or organisations. In case of Goa, Goa was declared as a non-self-governing territory (courtesy: 'The Comunidades' ) during the Portuguese rule. Once a territory is declared as non-self-governing, nobody can rob it of its independence, as per UN Charter. Thus Goa has some hope to make its case heard but through proper approach.
Either Goa has to be sponsored by one of the member nations or a liberation movement has to start within which could then be brought to the attention of the UN. We are also trying out other channels like UNPO, Indigenous Rights, Self-determination, etc. to gain entry to start with. If Comunidades, GAKUVED, and other liberation organisations unite, then independence will not be too far.
It is very important to recall that Goa was the first territory of the Indian subcontinent to be colonised. There was no Indian Republic then, but numerous territories/kingdoms under different rulers/kings with absolute sovereignties. Indian Republic is a federal state of the union of such sovereign territories founded on an original agreement between them based on mutual concerns and interests. Similar agreement or contract needs to be signed between the indigenous people of Goa and the Indian Republic for Indian to claim federal sovereignty over Goa.
Theoretically, it is Goa who has an initial right, to claim sovereignty over concerned territories of the Indian subcontinent and not vice-versa. The whole idea of de-colonisation process was to reestablish sovereignty of the colonised territories, or else de-colonisation would make no sense.
Special Status is just a SHAM of the illegal governance.
Goans, you'll are not BEGGARS, beg not nothing from the Indian Government! That has been illegally occupying Goa since 1961.
Support this by going to the ICJ. The majority CANNOT deprive us of OUR RIGHTS.

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