Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Evening of the Good By A Pereira

Unfortunately the Pandit didn't pass away due to 'Hanging' in Goa...


"The man never ever took the trouble to visit any battle fronts, either in Kashmir, Tibet or in the North-East when the Chinese communists attacked India. Our boys had to fight a singularly difficult battle which had been rendered impossible by Nehru's ideological stupidities, who suffered from hallucinations and used to imagine himself as a 'British' Viceroy of India after the departure of Lord Louis Mountbatten of Burma. The man's retribution did come by divine intercession, one would say; he died a victim of syphilis. "

Bal Raj Madhok, Kashmir - The Storm Center of the World, Foreword by Publisher, A. Ghosh Publishers, 5720 W. Little York, #216.

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