Sunday, May 15, 2016


We have been writing time and again to the Goans to pick up themselves and to wake up from their deep slumber. But no one seems to heed any writings or comments. Some Goans have been even ridiculing the writers who are trying to cause an awakening.
To all those Goans who are awake and those who are still sleeping, it is all over for Goa. With the Indian invasion of Goa it all started and we never bothered to think over and take control of our beloved Goa. We were busy constantly fighting amongst us, which led to another invasion by Indian migrants into Goa. Nothing is left of Goa and the Goans.
To add to that the current Fake Freedom Fighters like Naguesh Karmali, Flaviano Dias etc brought in more misery than it was brought in by the real Freedom Fighters.
The Indians pushed their people into Goa like anything with the advice to destroy Goa and its unique identity. To destroy the Goans forever and disintegrate Goa at all costs. They came down with one motive to ruin Goa completely. Those who sought the destruction of Goa knew the weakness of the Goans and they used it to their advantage.
It was seen that the ninety percent of the politicians were and are illiterate; seventy five percent of the ministers were and are illiterate who could be used to their advantage. It was seen that these illiterates could be bought using money and so the destruction of Goa began.
Goans never cared or bothered to question them. Slowly Goans started selling their votes which gave more confidence to the invading forces to grab Goa piece by piece. They in turn started buying the politicians who were a willing object of sale. If we look around we see nothing but a red destruction of Goa especially by the migrant forces with all their bad habits and bad etiquettes.
Our corrupt politicians are responsible for this and the bigger responsibility lies with the Goans who started renting and selling out their properties to these outsiders who took full advantage of the situation.
Can anything be done about it? No not at all. It is all over. The re-election of the current crooks and corrupts like Churchill Alemao and his brother Joaquim Alemao, Atanasio Monserrate, Ravi Naik, Pandurang Madkaikar, Digambar Kamat, Mauvin Godinho, Mickky Pacheco etc will spell a complete disaster for Goa and its doom ultimately.
BJP destroyed the communal harmony that once existed in Goa among Goans of all the religions. They recruited the RSS, Bajrang Dal, VHP etc to do their work of destruction of Goans and Goa.
The remaining part of destruction is done with the help of Tourism. Russian mafia are now prowling Goa and it may soon be that the Russians will take over all the Goans and Goa with the help of Ministers like Digambar Kamat, Halarnkar in the name of Tourism. Russians are playing havoc in Goa and the Goans are afraid to face them. The morality too has had its toll due to the Russians. One should see the naked Russian aunties with their saggy breasts on the beaches who do not bother to budge an inch even if children pass by. This is yet another form of destruction of Goa and its moral culture. All the fault of our corrupt to the core ministers.
Now there is only one alternative left for us to save Goa and that is PRAYER. Ardent prayers are required to save Goa. Only the Almighty can save Goa and nothing else as the destruction of Goa and Goans is almost complete thanks to the corrupts and crooks of Goa who rule us.
One Goan Late Mr. Domnic Fernandes RIP said that only Divine Providence can help us in our troubles and that is absolutely true. We all true Goans or Niz Goenkars of all religions should start fervent prayers for our salvation and redemption from the clutches of evil that has befallen Goa and is about to disintegrate Goa.
All Hindus, Catholics and Muslim Goans I mean the Genuine Goans of all faiths who love Goa and care about Goa should now start praying to God from the bottom of our hearts to save Goa and Goans from the clutches of the greedy and looting politicians. Please pray hard and remember ONLY GOD CAN DO A MIRACLE AND SAVE GOA AND GOANS

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