Tuesday, May 10, 2016


There was nothing wrong with the Liberation if it was given into hands of the Goans. They could have always tailored it to their own fitting and liking (Special Status, opt-out etc.). Unfortunately that did not happen. Instead the Liberation cake was snatched from the table by Sarawati and their Marathi counterpart which was meant for the Goans themselves, thus leaving the Goans blank.

These Saaraswati/Marathi had nothing to do with Goa and her Goans because they were not present in Goa from the beginning and all through the Portuguese colonization that transformed the original Goans (Muslims/Hindus) and were not subjected to undergo the same transformation into what is known to be indigenous Goans entity, the real proven sons of the soil of Goa. The Goans are the ones who suffered and bear the scars of colonialism as indigenous and Liberation was rightfully their reward to be earned.

These Saraaswat/Marathi dacuus from the non-Goan territory, many centuries later, driven by their own insurmountable problems in their territory like acute drought, famine, disease and pestilence or lack of livelihood, and peeping and seeing no danger of further evangelism, quietly crawling sneaked into the safe haven of Goa. Besides, the Goans being colonial subjects did not have the reigns of the Government to desist, prevent or regulate these peoples’ coming into Goa, being denied only to await Liberation. 

When Liberation came these intruders acting as proxies were first to run to the table and grab the cake and start eating without waiting, each one feeling their two pouches to the maximum leaving no crumbs to the Goans. Imagine Bandodkar’s family coming from Tuljapur, thousand miles way up in Northern Maharashtra and having entered into Goa in around 1911, in dire condition, their son Dayanand Bandodkar within 50 years of their coming, shot up to be ruler of Goa as First Chief Minister. 

This is an empty Liberation the Goans have been given. This is the graphic academic political truth of Goa. This is exactly how Mario Miranda would have depicted Goa’s Liberation in his famous cartoons!

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