Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Goans Set To Lose Voting Rights – by Marcos Alemao

It is wrong on the part of ECI to make the Representation Act and Election Rules applicable to Goans who obtained Portuguese Passports and delete their names from the election rolls. The Goans born before December 19, 1961 are already Portuguese citizens by birth and after the Indian Military took over Goa on Dec 19th 1961, they became Indian Citizens by right, as such they should not lose their voting right.
The central Government under BJP rule is forcibly trying to evict Goans from the soil of Goa, where they were born and lived. This BJP Government supported by RSS is trying to finish Goans especially Christians from their own land. Lakhs of Gujaratis migrated to UK with UK passports did they lose their voting right. Pondichery was ruled by the French and many of them already migrated to France or other European countries, did they lose their voting right. Why only Goans should lose their voting right?
Secondly many people (migrants) migrated to Goa and are staying in Goa, they have everything, ration cards, voting cards obtained by bribing, talatis and mamlatdars and with blessing of the sitting MLAs. Many of them have voting cards in Goa as well as in their states. The joint CEO Mr Narayan Navti should check and delete their names from election roles. Perhaps even the joint CEO will have his name on election roll in Goa.

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