Sunday, October 2, 2016

Movement for Special Status discusses action plan

MARGAO: The Movement for Special Status for Goa (MSSG), met at the Rosary Parish Hall to discuss the future course of action.

At the meeting, a number of youth, expressed their anger at successive governments “for fooling Goans by dangling the Special Status carrot during elections.”
The youth pointed out that the Central government is denying special status for Goa on ground that it is unconstitutional, even as it has not been honouring the commitments it made at various international conventions vis-à-vis territories acquired by conquest. 
While the various UNO resolutions mandate that the demographic character and identity of an acquired territory and its indigenous inhabitants must be preserved at all costs by the conqueror nation, hordes of people from all over India are moving into Goa, the pointed out. 
The young members expressed their deep anxiety that in no time Indigenous Goans will be a minority in their own homeland. They also sought to know that if India has adhered to the Indo-Portuguese Treaty.

, then how is the civilian airport in the control of the Navy? 
It was resolved to study all the issues and spread the movement all across Goa. Members also wanted to expose the Goan politicians who have reaped personal benefits by singing the Special Status tune. It was resolved to bring out a comprehensive document defining the tenets and the parameters of Special Status.
It was also resolved to form village level committees and hold awareness programmes on what Goa as a decolonised territory is actually entitled for. It was also resolved to force the panchayats to look into the conditions of migrants staying on rent in small cubicles as this amounts to human rights violations. 
The MSSG would petition the Directorate of Panchayats to impose the mandatory submission of PAN cards as rent is taxable income.

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