Friday, June 6, 2014

LAMBERT MASCARENHAS By Antonio da Costa, Lis-Goa

Lambert Mascarenhas has been conferred Gomant Vibhushan, the Indian administered Goa state’s highest civilian award for his contribution to literature, which ironically happens to be English literature and not in Devanagiri or Marathi. 

But what it effectively omitted, in a discreet and sly manner, is to state that the award explicitly and more profoundly, as he merits, has been conferred on him primarily for his services as the Goa’s Greatest PIMP, who will have a permanent seat in Goa’s dark history, much to the future knowledge of our children and future generations who are the precise unwarranted victims of his dastardly and unsavoury deeds.

It is for this precisely that he is awarded!!! 

Otherwise, there are hundreds of Goans in Goa and all over the world who have far excelled him in English literature and other languages and who are not accounted or noticed and recognised by Goa Government to be of a interest to be awarded. 

He, in a life long mission as a PIMP shouted, touted and solicited for the infamous Indian BROTHEL called LIBERATION from which Nehru was famously described, by the then the President of United States, John Kennedy, as seen coming out!!! It was a façade, the so called LIBERATION, that masked the advent of yet another, a far worst and stinking colonialism, in the history of the world, to replace over Goa, that has now totally destructed our motherland Goa.

It is for his dastardly and unsavoury act of pimping for the BROTHEL called LIBERATION that sold into it our motherland Goa, that’s for which he has been deservedly made meriting Gomant Vibhushan award by his pro-India peers.

On the Romani scripted English Literature he is best remembered as a author to the book that bore a very meaningfully premeditated title that has more meaning to which Goa’s state has been driven presently into the reality of to-day’s Goa. Significantly, the title ‘Sorrowing Lies My Land’ has less semblance to the era of its writing than to the profound resemblance to reality to which Goa has now fallen. It looks that it was his cardinal wish to see that fulfilment as his accomplishment, so much so still not content, he has prolonged himself to live to see Goa’s total and final end and demise.

One of his multi-facets has been as the editor of Goa’s first English Newspaper-The Navhind Times and therefore worked for Dempo, the biggest looter of Goa’s natural resources to the deprivation of Goans. 

A looter who transported Goa’s mountains to places like Japan and China, and other places, as if it was his father’s property, thus damaging environment and ecology, much while he did not belong to the indigenous native community of Goa.

In this sphere Lambert played a very successful instrumental dual role based on his Pro-Indian - Anti-Goan editorial policy to raise the stature of Occupying Colonial Regime and its periphery, the Goa Government, while maintaining a convenient smoke-screen in media and exercising public relation over the activities of his boss and his cortege in looting Goa’s wealth. 

He aided India along with successive Goa Government to promote and dispense their anti-Goan ideology to brain wash the real Goans-the indigenous Goans.

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