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Minister of State of Justice, Simon Hughes in claiming over a hearty meal that Goa is being spoken in glowing terms all over the world and thus heaping all praise does not provide a match to justify the squalor that Goa has receded into since he illegal occupation of Goa by India which has destroyed the very fabric of the now dying Goan society. 

In what the context he is addressing he ought to take into account how Goa’s whole situation presents itself today. Today, Goa is best reputed to be the drug capital of Asia with all sorts of different nationals from all over the world including from far flung country like Nigeria doing a lucrative trade, and at which Britain needs to be wakefully conscious, having fought a costly war in Afghanistan to eradicate drugs, which also provides a supply source into Goa, a destination frequented by many visitors from Britain.

What Goa needs more then just ‘shouting’ is a political revolution for Goans to handle Goa by Goans themselves other than languish in a colonial system in the wake of this 21st century, which has ironically persisted over Goa in continuity, now over five centuries, the longest colonial slavery in mankind history!

India’s principal objective has been to make Goa free from Goans in order to gain for itself a free foothold on Goa, as a economic natural resources-rich booty, a prize for its invasion that rivals an oil-rich sheikdom and therefore in a furious jealousy fends off any Goan opposition to its colonial exploitation. For this reason in order to have a strong control over Goa’s wealth, India has made it certain to see that the exploitation of Goa’s rich resources are strictly concentrated and conducted through the hands of a select princely clique of few tycoons who share part of that booty, and not left to spill or filter down to general Goan public who are supposed to remain accordingly resources-hungry! Otherwise, India would have to pick up the remnants of fallen crumbs, with no funds left to buy arms to bully other neighbouring nations, expect a feared China, and do just it has done to Goa. All at Goa’s cost!

All along for the past ½ century, India has sought through every politically institutionalized means to systematically uproot Goans from their land Goa, literally throwing them out of Goa along with their culture, identity, cuisine, and pots and pans together. Instead of going to the end of accommodating them as indigenous people belonging to the Sub-Continent to live separately with their unique identity and culture, it has gone to the length to evict them as unwanted, as if they neither belong to India nor the Sub-continent of India in their own right. And therefore, as if the entire Indian Sub-continent, north to south, west to east which comprised British India is owned by one only India, and as if Goa has no space to have its own physical confinement within the Sub-contentment unless permitted by India! An idiotic outdated ideology only a morbid mind can father! 

In such a scenario of exercising eviction, in a well calculated, devised, engineered, and politically manoeuvred move India has successfully hatched and sought and concluded a bogus and deceptive bilateral bargain-treaty with Portugal, with no mandate under the decolonization process. Therein, India has traded indigenous Goans as slaves to allow Portugal to grant them Portuguese Citizenship in exchange in batter to their permanent denial to their indigenous right to their native cradle land Goa, and thereby disallowing them the right to their identity by declaring them politically non-Goan. Thus the very land that created and cradled the origin of a Goan is now held at ransom for creating that Goan, leaving him all destroyed and soulless to float in the air the world around!

It is not only by denying officially his identity to his cradle land Goa through political engineering as in the case above, that would otherwise rightly identify him to call himself proudly a Goan, but even more robustly, India, in classic characteristic of most ruthless colonialism unleashed, has gone to far extreme end to use every conceivable method by way of use of denials, brute force, intimidation and threats to destabilize and break down the Goan, his will and his identity, who has been otherwise a part of a strong homogeneous, sensitive and cohesive Goan society 

Bent on to decimate the Goan presence in Goa which then commanded a Christian majority and to demean him psychologically, India forcefully superimposed its own ‘invented’ brand of identity based on India’s outdated ideology and philosophy, that has no link to him, the Goan, having evolved himself over the half a millennium into his own unique home grown identity. 

In a deliberate socio-political move, in order to make it a nightmare for a Goan to live in peace in Goa, and thereby as a result flee from Goa, leaving Goa free, making it easy then for itself to rule and exploit Goa freely, and at the same time maintain a divide and rule policy over those who will replace him, India has opened all sluices to import all sorts of species of unwanted aliens people and influences to creep into the midst of a conservative homogeneous Goan society. Uncontrolled, all sorts riff-raff aliens interlopers, along with their social evil have been allowed in, beginning with Indian’s own, who are popularly known by the locals as Ghanties, whether they are labourers, students, editors, professionals or executives running Government offices. Added to these are all sorts shaped foreigners ranging from Russians to Nigerians and others who fall in between who find their way into Goa easily even without travel documents to engage in shoddy and illegal activities. This is India’s deliberate planned policy to destabilise Goans, because when a place becomes chaotic the public are then kept busy to struggle harder for they daily lives living no time to indulge and check on function of the government, which allows a government a freehand to rule unhindered particularly in a divide and rule policy.

Besides, India in express hurray seeks to dilute Goans’ identity even further, chiefly by forging its own political parties to drag Goans into its domestic mainstream politics while being non-supportive to allow Goans’ own representation at their democratic roots, according their distinct identity and needs.

One of the earliest set-backs the Goan suffered to his identity was the denial of his freedom of speech and expression by India, to vent his feelings and be heard. All he could do is be a silent spectator to what was happening around him without raising his voice,
The first thing India embarked over its illegal occupation of Goa was to kill the Goan voice of its freedom of press and speech. India denied the Goans of freedom of speech and expression under strict censorship. The news papers were made to abide strictly to the editorial policy set by the Government 
It is now after decades with the advent of the universal Internet the hidden truth is beginning to unravel to some degree and the Goans are now beginning to understand what they are now have been deprived of and the suppression they were made to endure without their knowing. 

With the freedom of speech suppressed India was safely able to embark on the other aspects of its colonial rule. While Goa commanded Christian majority at the time of invasion India interfered in his freedom of worship by brining certain restrictions. Some religious public holidays related to Christians were removed while at the same time Parsi, Sikh and other religious holidays were added when before the invasion no Sikh or Parsi ever existed in Goa. It means that India despises the identity of the Goan to give it its due importance. It also points that India’s interest lies in resources-rich land of Goa but not the Goan people.

The most serious crime committed by India in human kind to destroy the Goan with his identity has been the denial of the use of his indigenous Goan language and mother tongue Konkani and its script that has existed as his sole language both in speech and writing for half a millennium, which has been dubbed by India as non-Goan, and still remains unrecognized and officially banned by the India until today. In contrast this contradicts India’s official recognition of a foreign language of its colonial master English and its Roman script!

This colonial method of ‘socially engineered persecution’ has had adverse consequences on the indigenous Goan population which has made the Goans to flee Goa and has left the Goan totally oblivious of his Goan presence leaving him to float in the air soullessly. This sort of persecution to make Goa Goan-free is ideal for India to colonially exploit Goa which was the prime objective to invade. 

There is an endless long list of horrid crimes perpetrated by India to break the Goan, and his identity
firstly through invasion, social persecution and dehumanization that constitutes a crime against humanity and compounds as genocide, a crime against indigenous people of a region and is punishable under International Convection and norms that needs to be followed up through diplomatic channels.

The degree of torture in physical, spiritual and emotional terms the Goan has been victim of colonialism, which still persists over him to this day of the 21st century is far worse than he would suffer under a worst communist system, where the whole society is self-subjected and undergo collectively, whereas in this case the Goa is targeted on his particular individuality based on his identity 

With all the squalor brought through the advent of Indian colonial rule into Goa, today Goa is being baptized with a new identity not with water or fire but with sordid sins that has ashamed Goa’s identity and that of the Goan who is identified through it.

Goa now oozes at all its seems plagued with prolific prostitution, rapes, drugs, murders etc. and all kinds of crimes and vices that Goa’s identity for wrong reason is made famous. The situation is in anarchy with the constant break down in law and order with inept police and courts to dispense proper justice. Apart from lawlessness the system is culturally riddled with bribery and corruption. 

By now Hon. Simon Hughes as Minister of Justice should be aware of the several law and order issues that have confronted the Britishers over the crimes committed on the British citizens in Goa and the dodgy and absconded justice meted to them in the courts in India

Yet added to this is ongoing orgy is the threat that is posed by the Russian ‘invasion’ that has carved its own domain on Goan territory where the Goans are unwelcome and ostracized on their own land, a situation established in connivance and nod from India with much reciprocating thanks to Russia for favouring India at UN to get a foothold in Goa! 

Apart from India with its determination to colonize Goa at all cost, it is the Russians who has to take the blame to the present colonial predicament brought to Goa by its illegal, immoral and unethical gesture in UN in allowing India’s presence in Goa and thus gifting Goa to India on a platter, to the discontent and disapproval of Britain and other western civilized nations committed to the principles of decolonization of all colonies and their specific borders retained as per their former colonizers. This is what India has failed to abide until now and remains a violator of the Universal Charter. 
It was the neglect of the western nations who have taken charge to oversee the world order not to nip this distressing situation in the bud which has now has taken the same direction and compounded to replay in the yard of the very European Nations in the current fiasco in Ukraine over Crimea.

Yet another unforeseen dilemma that awaits Europe is the fallout of the bogus Indian hatched bilateral ill-conceived and concluded by India with Portugal which has been fabricated to conveniently conceal and override the due owed independence to Goa. However, this can pose a serious concern to EU and particularly to Britain in particular with the uncontrolled influx from India. India has to be solely held responsible to bear the onus to this ill-conceived pact that awaits to pose serious consequences to Europe.

If Hon. Simon Hughes, as a politician worth his salt and as a Minister of State for Justice cares to scrutinize discerningly and goes along the applicable law under International Law he should be draw on the verdict that over 1 million inhabitants from Goa are eligible to European citizenship and they will entirely land Britain as has been the case. This is a formidable force to create a chaotic situation good enough to knock hard at Europe’s door.

Hon. Simon Hughes, as a Minister of State for Justice in Britain, a country committed to world order based on justice, should be in better position to understand these issues;

A country at the very start of India’s occupation into Goa has objected India’s presence in Goa.

A country firmly committed to see the decolonization of all territories under colonialism take its course in its entirety to deliver their land into the very hands of the rightful indigenous people who have suffered from that colonialism and who bear its colonial scars as witness on themselves. 

A country that stood without fear and favour in justice on its verdict on Goa despite being India’s colonial ruler that gave and was responsible to the independence of India.

A country that stood at the poignant moment for justice to defend Goa’s right and condemn
India’s invasion into Goa

As charity begins at home so does one’s identity begins in his motherland. With their identity broken in Goa itself and with Indian identity replacing theirs, what Goans are doing when celebrating now in London and elsewhere is, collecting the shattered remainents of that identity strewn all over the world to celebrate

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