Thursday, June 2, 2016

Isn’t Liberation A Cruel Joke When Goa Is In Chains? – by A. Veronica Fernandes, Candolim

On 19th December 2015, Goa completed 54 years of its conquest by India from Portugal. (Supreme Court of India – Monsg. S.F.X. Monteiro V/s State of Goa 26 March 1969).  This was followed as seen above, by the treacherous the so called Indo-Portuguese Treaty of 31st December 1974.
As a direct result – with every passing day, it becomes glaringly clear that the sole objective of both the signatories of the so called Indo-Portuguese Treaty of 31stDecember 1974 was to ensure their own individual and national interests. And in their scheme of things, Goa and Goans were chosen as their SACRIFICIAL LAMBS!  Very ironically but not surprisingly, both India and Portugal vociferously claim to be Democratic countries and both are signatories of the Charter of the UNO.
Also, with every passing day it becomes glaringly clear to those who are honest enough to see the continuous, wanton destruction of all that is Goa and Goans; and to those who are enough to hear the agonizing silent cries of Goans whose pleas and protests are ignored, mocked at and bull-dozed by powers-that be.
i)       The scarce land of ours is grabbed by the land-sharks from across the borders and by the Armed Forces using their money, political and muscle power;
ii)                Our ancient Ghaunkari (Communidades) Institution zealously guarded by our ancestors and respected by the different Dynasties that ruled Goa over thousands of years as well  as by the Portuguese Government during its 451 years of rule, are now being systematically dismantled despite our written and verbal protests;
iii)             Our lives and limbs are in perpetual danger;
iv)             Our moveable and immoveable properties are robbed by those who descend even by vehicles from across our borders and/or by taking advantage of our still – trusting nature;
v)      Our peaceful, happy, convivial relationships among all Goans regardless of our different religious affiliations are being poisoned with communal virus by Right – Wing Organisations at a dangerous alarming pace.
vi)             Anxiety and fear rules our hearts and minds;
vii)           The population of Goans that was about six (6) lakhs in 1961 is now well beyond fourteen (14) lakhs of which the population of Non-Goans is over 50% and literally growing daily in leaps and bounds;
viii)   Because we are peaceful, non-violent, civilized people, unable and unaccustomed to killing, burning, rioting, we feel alone and forsaken by the Community of Nations, despite undoubtedly being aware of the misery and injustice heaped on us.

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