Sunday, June 26, 2016

Our Freedom Fighters Failed Us – by A. Veronica Fernandes, Candolim

Who is responsible for the current ugly happenings in Goa? Surely, if not fully then at least partially the living Freedom Fighters of Goa for not doing enough after the ouster of Portuguese from Goa. It was not the Freedom Fighters who uprooted Portuguese from Goa but the mighty Military power of Bharat though falsely the Freedom Fighters take credit for this.  Before going further let me be frank in paying my highest respect for all those Freedom Fighters who were sincere in their mission for the betterment of Goa and Goans.
That Portuguese rule in Goa had to come to an end was a sure fact otherwise I would also join the freedom struggle but after driving out the colonialists I will not sleep content with Pension and Tamrapatra. Instead I would mount more pressure on Indian government either to leave from Goan soil as it did in Bangladesh or to give us greater autonomy on the pattern of Macau or Pondichery at least, as assured by Nehru. But I would never remain silent on the re-colonisation process of Goa by the Bharatis who are now lording over every segment of our Goa.
By upsetting the demographic structure of Goa the Bharatis are de-Goanising Goa by creating more and more facilities for non-Goans to settle down permanently in Goa exactly the way Israel did in Palestine to dePalestine the homeland of Palestinians by inducting more and more third rate Jews from outside. This was the cunningness on the part of Israeli leaders to commit a silent genocide on original Palestinians in Palestine. India is also following the same method in Goa. The major portion of the Bharatis who are permanently settling down in Goa are from lower and mediocre segment for whom Goa is like a Heaven. They get lot of facilities because they are bribed easily and to extort money and sex is easy from them. 
What was the quality of our Freedom Fighters to think high for Goa and Goans? Some of them in the garb of Freedom Fighters robbed the innocent people and even killed them. In Siolim in late fifties who killed the local Regidor? Again in Siolim Soddiem who captured the house of Casador Manuel Xavier and robbed his both Guns? Who robbed the Banco Ultrmarino during the day time by showing Guns to the Bank employees? Who came to the Salgaocar’s home with Guns to demand money? Who were those who were robbing people near the Hilltop behind Parra Church? And who were the Krimidores who cut the tongue of a “Poder” in Anjuna falsely accusing him to be an informer to the Portuguese Police? While accusing many Freedom Fighters of committing cruel acts I salute the genuine ones. They have suffered so much from the hands of Agente Monteiros and sacrificed so much for the sake of Goa but are they happy that their goals are achieved?
Some of them are feeling sorry to see the Goa they dreamt is not realized. They openly show their regret but why not act to put pressure on the government to bring changes in Goa of their choice? One of them was cursing present Goa and Goan rulers but none of them is coming forward to conduct at least a peaceful Dharna in Panjim to draw the attention of the concerned authorities to their grievances? I know they are not young now, I also know they are ageing but they can organize their movement peacefully. If nothing works then they must surrender their Tammrapatras and even Pensions because their goals are not achieved and as such it is wrong to receive the Awards. Those who are regretting now to involve in freedom movement for Goa are not even ashamed to disclose their regret. They should have committed suicide, at least this will prove their sincerity.
Many of the Goans especially the Non-Christians got themselves involved in Goa’s freedom movement to create Hindu Raj in Goa, most of them are having their roots in neighbouring Marathi land for this reason they supported merger of Goa with Maharashtra.  They are anti-Christians having an impression that Goan Christians are Pro-Portuguese. But they failed to realise that the Goan Christians who participated in Goa’s freedom movement were genuine freedom fighters with genuine secular credentials.
The first Goans who revolted against Portuguese rule in Goa were Pintos from Candolim headed by the Catholic Priests, including another Candoikar Abade Faria, all coming from the same Vaddo Pintos in Candolim.  When they failed in their mission they were caught and tortured and hanged.  Which other Non-Christian freedom fighter faced such a harsh punishment? Goan Christians are not Pro-Portuguese but those who were controlling Trade and Commerce during the Portuguese time in Goa some of them even supplying Sex to Portuguese Pakles are Pro-Portuguese.  The contribution of Goan Christians in fighting against Portuguuese rule in Goa is second to none.  Dr. Francisco Luis Gomes even went to Portugal and raised his voice in favour of freedom for Goa.
If it was not for Salazar, Goa would have been in depended long ago, the enemy of Goa was Salazar and not the current Portuguese government.  Many of the members of current Portuguuese government were the victims of Salazar’s ferocity.  They also suffered from Salazar’s regime.  Showing hatred for them is not correct; they are democratically elected in the democratically political system of Portugal.  They maintain good friendly relationship between Portugal and Goa and as such the “ROSTAD” type of Goan freedom fighters should not bark against them. 
These ROSTAD must know first that it is not Portugal that needs Goa and Goans but it is Goans who need Portugal. The Goans having Portuguese Passports are not the security threat for Goa and India but the real security threat for Goa and India are those Goans who are corrupting the entire Goan system.   The real threat for Goa are the ROSTAD Goan politicians who are looting Goa.  These corrupt Goans must be thrown out from Goa by shutting down their operations, buildings, offices and residential bungalows and not the Portuguese Consulate in Goa.
Is there any Freedom Fighter who can campaign against those politicians who are looting Goa?  If they have marbles in their Pants then they must raise their voice against all the Goans who are guilty of looting Goan wealth. Shouting against Portuguese Passports and Portuguese Consulate is the job of the cheap persons.  And besides, who gave an authority to these Freedom Fighters to act as spokesmen of Goa? 
They must first apologize to Goans for not doing their job properly. They must first destroy the places named after Portuguese people to woo the tourists from Europe. Most of the Goan Freedom Fighters are cowards, some of them had a very bad reputation because in the name of Freedom Fighters they harmed innocent Goans, robbed innocent Goans and killed innocent Goans If they don’t stop their Tamasha of showing their hatred for everything Portuguese then people will stone them.  

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