Friday, June 3, 2016


Well I have been shouting from rooftops about 2 serious issues related to Goa for some years now !
1) Dual citizenship for Goan's (which must include the process Identifying Goan's who are descendants of people living in Goa before 18 Dec 1961.(also not to forget Goan's who had migrated to different parts of the world, including British India, then the newly formed India/Indian Union which gained the status of a republic only on 26th Jan 1950.
The present day demarcation of Goa is existing since 1788.
* The Communidades the Goa/Gaocares are existing since 1400's according to studies conducted, present day 223 are existing in Goa.(Socio-agricultural-economic-institutes)
They are similar to autonomous regions of Spain.
I am happy that many Goan's have begun to take interest to know the real truth behind the latest issue of dual citizenship & the confusion the BJP govt has been trying to create,
1)They & centre wants to deal with Goan's acccording to the Indian Citizenship act of 1955 & Citizenship rules 2009.
2) You must be aware that the centre is against the idea/request from Goan's a special status, whereas we Goan's actually deserve autonomy(in subjection with the descendants of people living in Goa before 18 dec 1961)
The simple logical questions are as follows.
1) Was Goa a part of the Indian union on 26th Jan 1950 when India adopted a constitution/republic ???
2) Was Goa a part of Indian Union in 1955 ???
3 Why are Indians now contradicting the judgement by SC of India Union ???
3 cases. of which i know where it has clearly stated that: Indian Union has taken over/anexed/Invaded/Conquest over Goa by using military force on 18 Dec 1961.
4) Who are these people at the centre to dictate terms to Goans ???
*Also Read about Hyderabad which was annexed under operation Polo 1948.
* MYSORE joined the Indian Union in 1956.
* Try to find out more on other states who were annexed/merged into Indian Union after 15 Aug 1947
* Please don't forget to read the treaty signed in 1974 between external affairs minister of India, Y.B Chavan & External affairs minister of Portugal Dr Mario Soares.
(PS:Dr Mario Soares was an unelected representative & YB chavan was the CM of Bombay as it was known then, the MGP in Goa passed a bill to merge Goa with Maharastra1966, but the front door entry was closed through an illegal opinion poll by Goans,this dirty trick engineered by then PM: Indhira Gandhi instead of fulfilling the promise of Plebiscite by Nehru prior to Indian Union Invading Goa)
Sadly none of the Goan MLA's serving office were aware of this treaty, neither the Gaocars from the Communidades were taken into consideration.
This is the time i can say that Bastard Mario Soares sold our Goa to Indians.
Talking about NATO/VETO & THE MATTER AT UN is for another day !
Guess its high time Niz Goemkars take a close look at the case of Goa again & come up with amendments where ever required !
Thank you for reading this lengthy post.
Could be thought provoking for some 
RSS-BJP Bhakts or right wing ideologist can get lost !!!

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