Monday, October 10, 2016

Contribution Of Christians In Goa's Progress – by A. Veronica Fernandes, Candolim

BJP’s “Christian appeasement” ‘forced’ formation of GSM (Goa Suraksha Manch), the newly political party disclosed this, as appeared in the Herald on 05.10.16. This political party accuses Goan Christians as promoters of western culture and western education. Christian bashing looks to be the main purpose of this party.
It is a hard fact that Christian bashing was started openly immediately after Goa was invaded by Bharat, by those who dubbed Chrstians as Pro-Portuguez.  Many of them were wrongly informed that Hind means Hindu Raj and this view in his mind, on 17thDecember 1961 at about 7.00 PM, one Dhobi Esso from Candolim Orda when he came to deliver the laundry of Candolim Asst. Parish Priest Fr. Marcus Menezes, where Esso got the news that Indian military already entered Goa, Esso left the laundry in the Church premises and ran home like a mad man shouting bad words against Christians saying“tumkam atam ami kitem tem dakoitoleaum, tumkam ami marun kobar kortoleaum, tumcheo igorzo ani kopelam ami moddun kobar kortoleaum etc.
Elsewhere from Siolim and Chopdem side the promoters of Hindu Raj came in big Trucks and Tempos in our side on 20th-21st-23rd December playing Drums and hailing Hindu Raj and in Candolim at least for 2-3 days after 19th December some fanatic Hindus namely Shamba Xet, Balkrishna and others started abusing Christians and their Saint Sr. Francis Xavier and also taunting Him saying “where is gone your Forsulo now?” Thy were also firing crackers in front of the houses of Christians and also in front of some Christian passers-by taunting them as pro-Portuguese.
The formation of Maharastrawadi Gomantak Party immediately after 19.12.61 was an act against Goan Christians in the sense to decimate the power of Christians by making Marathi as official language and thereby weaken the power of Christians in Goa who are almost foreign to Marathi.  Secondly, the followers of MGP were under the impression that Goan Christians enjoyed better facilities during Portuguese time and for this they should be punished by merging them with Maharashtra which is a big ocean where they will  dissolve and live like non-entities without any importance. MGP was under the impression that Goan Christians were the promoters of Western culture, language and traditions and as such they are pro-Portuguese.  By dumping them in Maharashtra will be the best course of action to liquidate the influence of Goan Christians in Goa. This view was also subscribed by the Nagri Konknnivadis. According to MGP, in Christian community there was no Bahujan Samaj, it was only in Hindu community, for this reason MGP is called communal party.
It is wrong notion that Goan Christians are pro-Portuguez.  The involvement of Goan Christians in the freedom movement was second to none. The first mighty revolutionaries who revolted against the Portuguese rule in Goa were the Christians and moreover they were priests from Candolim known as Pintos. When they were caught they were punished very savagely.  Dr. Francis Luis Gomes the Goan parliamentarian in Portugese Parliament who raised his voice in support of Goa’s liberation was a Christian too. Likewise there are so many Christians who fought against Portuguez rule in Goa.  Overwhelming majority of Salcette Freedom Fighters were prominent Christians having secular principles and not fanatic anti-Christians as many from the North.
Our Church leaders should have told the faithful from the Pulpit and Altar the contribution of Christians in the service of Goa to make ignorant Christians aware of the excellent work done by Chrisitians in getting Goa liberated from the Portuguez rule. Instead our Church leaders behaved like cowards, slaves and ignorant with fear complex instilled in them by the crooks from the opposite camp who thought they alone were responsible to create an awakening against Portuguez rule in Goa.
During Portuguez time the entire Mining Industry was in the hands of Hindus and the major portion of Commerce was also in the hands of Hindus. Most of the government jobs were in the hands of Hindus only. Where were Christians then to enjoy better facilities?
Was it not wrong then to say Christians were given better facilities by the Portuguez? Christians were used after 19.12.61 by the interested persons and segments to get better dividends for them. For example: During Opinion Poll the entire Christian community was used to win this Poll.  For Konkani movement again the entire Christian community was used to support Konkani and in the end the script used by Christians was rejected and Nagri script was forced on Christians by the crook Konknni Nagrivadis. For any mass movement Christians only came forward to support the Goan causes. Christians showed much higher patriotism for Goa and Goan causes even though they wore western dress and many of them converse in Western language more fluently, this does not mean they are the followers of west.  They are as Indian as any other Goan Indian though Indian citizenship was forced on Goans by Indian government. 
Why those who bash Goan Christians as promoters of western culture and education don’t stop wearing western clothes and taking western education?  They are traitors and jealous of Christians and the progress Goan Christians have made.  Becaause they are jealous of Diocesan Schools they want to starve them by cancelling the grant to these schools as if they are giving this grant from their Azo’z account.  The Diocesan Schoools are not discriminating between students from Hindus and Christians.  These schools serve all the communities and not only Chrisitans.  Last time MLA Wagh was roaring like a“Ranantlo” Vagh in the Goa Legislative Assembly against these schools but within a short time had to be admitted into Bombay Hospital where he is still not fully recovered (Devachea Marank Avaz Na), thus goes one Konkani proverb.

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