Friday, December 9, 2016


After illegally invading Goa in 1961, the Indian Government have forcibly transferred its civilian population into Goa (occupied territory) and has illegally entered their names into the Goan electoral roles. By changing the demographic profile of Goa, the Indian Govt has violated the Geneva Convention IV [Article 49 ( 6th para)]. (This also constitutes a WAR CRIME according to the International Criminal Court Statute (Under Article 8(2)(b)(viii) of the 1998 ICC Statute). 

Now, the Election Commission is busy deleting Indigenous Goans names from the electoral register, and encouraging non-Goan voters to register. 

Next , the Indian Agencies will SUBVERT the election process in Goa ( as they have always been doing). for example- by splitting the Goan votes by promoting several pro-Goan parties, etc. They are fully aware that if a True Goan rightfully wins the election, he/she would expose the illegalities done by the Indian Occupation forces to Goa/Goans through fraudulent land laws, regional plans, electoral rolls, demographic change, environmental damage, etc..

A True Goan MLA/ sarpanch is seen as a serious threat to the Indian occupation forces, and therefore the Indian Agencies would go to any extent to stop a True Goan candidate from being elected.

There is no democracy even at the village level. The FRAUDULENT PANCHAYAT is another scheme to fool the Goan villagers. Panchayat members, who are elected by Goan villagers, are then bribed to make them work against Goan interest (e.g. approving real estate project, thereby destroying the environment), Villagers have no say regarding major decisions in their village, like land conversion, or construction licences for projects, but TCP can give full permission for constructions on Goan Land, thus making a mockery of democracy. 
Next, after the elections, the INDIAN AGENCIES ( via TCP, bureaucrats, chief Secretaries, Governor etc) will support the MLAs to work against Goa/ Goans, by rewarding them for their actions ( by allowing bribes, corruption, etc). They have even been using Goans ( Catholics) as puppets to make ( or endorse) anti – Goan decisions, so that it would appear that these are democratic actions taken by Goans themselves ( and blaming corruption amongst Goans)..


All Indigenous Goans ( Catholics), irrespective of which passport they hold, are GOAN CITIZENS !! and must be allowed to vote in Goan elections. Goa is an occupied territory and Goans were never interested in Indian Citizenship, but very much care about Goan politics. Therefore DUAL CITIZENSHIP must be granted to allow Goans to vote. Or a GOAN CITIZENSHIP must be established along with a Goan PASSPORT. ( E.g.-Similar to the Nagaland Accord signed last year between India and Naga rebels- )

The Indigenous Goans have been living under INDIAN DICTATORSHIP since 1961 due to this SABOTAGE of the Goan political system. The “so called elected MLAs” have NEVER represented Goa / Goans and have always made decisions which were detrimental to Goa / Goans. Moreover, Goans have no safeguards from this DICTATORSHIP, as even the Governor acts as a mute spectator (collaborator) and readily passes all anti-Goan bills /laws.

Now, the International Community is beginning to realise that India is not a Democratic Country, and does not represent the people. The current Kashmir conflict has exposed India. Although India show they had “Elections” in Kashmir (with installation of a puppet Government of Mebooba), in reality, this disputed territory is under military rule with around 1 million men perpetrating large scale brutalities ( killings, blinding civilians with pellet guns, destruction of properties, etc). Similar situation also exists in other states too. 

If Kashmir had no elections, it would have been a strong case for international intervention [Like US intervention in Kosovo, Bosnia, derecognition of Govts in Communist Nicaragua, Cuba, Lybia, Syria ( and support for Contra rebels in Nicaragua, Libyan rebels, Syrian rebels, Cuban rebels in bay of pigs, etc). Although, India tries its best to argue that Kashmiris have elected a Pro-Indian Government, it is just a matter of time when India is held accountable for its SHAM DEMOCRACY.

TRUE GOANS will not get fooled by this FAKE DEMOCRACY !!!

Elections in Goa are a MERE EYEWASH, just meant to prove to the INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY that Goans have willingly accepted the Indian rule. ( so that India can legitimise their occupation of this seized territory). 

If Goans can PROVE that they are SUPPRESSED under ANTI-GOAN DICTATORSHIP, it will warrant INTERNATIONAL INTERVENTION to liberate Goa from Indian occupation (like East Timor, Bosnia, Kosovo, etc).

It is therefore of VITAL IMPORTANCE that an Indegenous Goan ( Catholic) party is formed, to fight for Goan causes and to protect Goan land (roughly old conquest territory), Goan Language ( Roman Concanim), Goan food ( beef and pork) , Goan public holidays ( Good Friday, SFX feast), sanitisation of electoral rolls ( deletion of illegal non-Goan voters) , registration of indigenous Goan voters worldwide, etc.etc. If Goans are not represented in elections , a parallel Goan Parliament has to be formed ( which will soon receive international recognition).

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