Monday, December 12, 2016

GOA PEACEFUL MOVEMENT By Agnelo Gomes, Combakar

Goans are very peaceful citizens of this planet and we are not engaged in treason nor sedition against brutal conqueror India, we are defending our birth rights protected by UN against a conqueror that preaches morality but is one of the most violent nation in the world “Global Peace Index (GPI) for 2014 is 143rd nation out of 162 at the of the list and Goa should be at 4 or higher going back to status in 1961 – the most peaceful” .
We demand Macau Status to Goa like China gave to Macau to protect Nation Goa before extinction in hands of brutal gang rapist India; like Macau will remain part of India and will have absolute autonomy what Dr. Antonio Oliveira Salazar from Portugal proposed but rejected by then Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru.
Now our Nation is left destroyed with rampant corruption, no law and order. Rapid Rise of Indian Migrants amounting to 1 Million outnumbering Goans 2:1 ration, losing our identity.
There is uncalled development that brings more Indians on our soil, destroying our environment, agricultural land, destruction of sea wild life, dolphins, bird sanctuaries, breeding grounds for corral fish, sea throttles that come nesting in coastal areas. Uncalled Coastal land is created by reclamation of coastal areas destroying sea habitat for fish, corrals, cubbes, tisros, crabs, etc., dolphins

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