Thursday, December 15, 2016

Adv Antonio Andre Pereira.

Certified copy of the Order said to be passed by High court on 7.12.2016 dismissing writ petition no. 1045/2016 before even admitting the same for hearing of the concerned respondents is not yet read and for reasons best known to the Judges. This State of Goa stand captured from the Portuguese Rule only to place its law abiding sons of the soil under bondage of evil minded politicians hailing from across the then boundaries of Goa and only to be plundered their land and natural resources by falsely promising to them that they will be liberated from Portuguese Rule as with freedom to rule their State themselves. There was no reason to extend the Central laws in Goa of which provisions are founded under the British concept of jurisprudence that treat the citizens as tenants of the State and replace the State made laws in force in State Goa founded under Roman concept of jurisprudence besides the laws founded by usages and custom of times immemorial. That without such extension it was not possible to extend the jurisdiction of the High Court of Bombay to Goa. None in Goa holds land by State land tenure to be covered under inherent jurisdiction of the High Court of Bombay which stands established in the State of Maharashtra consisting of State land tenure holdings. The Jurisdiction of High Court of Bombay came to be so extended when the then Chief Minister and Revenue Minister of Goa, Daman and Diu provided false information in the year 1963 to the then Planning Commission that Territory of Goa is 100% covered by State land tenure holdings. It is a fraud played by those vested interested persons seeking to capture the power of the State unto themselves by ousting the legitimate indeginous people of Goa from all of body politics.

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