Tuesday, December 15, 2015


The circumstances of the President of Comunidade/Gãocaria of Jua:- José Bismarque Desidôrio Dias' death under controversial circumstances has not been cleared up and is open to hypothesis which demands a "transparent" inquiry into the occurrence, which is going on.
Witnessing the forthcomings of people who not knew Bismarque can be well ascertained. Allow us to elaborate on the same:-
Post-meeting, on group chat, concerning Zico, he spoke point blank with his honest opinions since he was one of the few who knew Bismarque personally, above all who was also "denied" a humble request to speak for five minutes.
Such are the folks, considered suffering from Síndrome Sequeira and are known as Feicu Qalandares. They are a bunch of illiterates who will, as usual, come out from Goa, who do not know the meaning of liberation, invasion, occupation and colonialism. They only know one empty word "liberation", (which is also so-called) with no meaning whatsoever of what it should have otherwise meant, and which they have been taught by the illegal governance of the Indian Republic, to be fooled and kept in her slavery.
Deconstructing the said post:-
1. This is a fight by every single Goan JFBD?
- A person who knew Bismarque well, wasn't allowed to speak, his time constraints weren't taken into consideration. Nor did the public speak on the mic, but just a few individuals of JFBD. If "every" is considered, that depends on how many souls have registered themselves in JFBD. There were no arguments nor people hitting one another, hence none can consider, whatever happens as "fights", but "reasoning" the intelligent crime.
2. Crab Mentality?
- Unfaithful non-comprehending Goans who do not know the value of the Comunidades, basically need to be "fucked" black and blue, only then will they visit their true senses. Crabs are yet better, but Goans have basically inherited "Stray Dog Mentality" - Rostáde. Bismarque has been a victim of the same.
3. I may not have vast knowledge?
- Then why the interference!, when people use the word "may", it is always "so-so".
4. Nook and corner and youth in the forefront?
- Zico was denied his request. As also he isn't a "youth", though people have placed him into that faction. Like all homo sapiens males, he does get erections and can make babies, hence one cannot call a person who has crossed his teenage life as "youth". Everyone ate apples, just because another ate an apple first, doesn't mean, that s/he is much more educated than the experienced.
5. Merzina Clemente?
- All what we can denounce on these words that she isn't Aunt Sally but has been "used" carefully by another for his/her future political motives in 2017, everyone wants to play the good guy/girl.
Everything added above are minor opinions from various other Goans. We feel that this was a 90% rehearsal towards the candidates in 2017. Non-comprehending Goans who understand nothing about the "Basis of Law" as usual love to "go" on such jolly good rides towards another illegal agenda under puppet governance of the Indian Republic.
Do Goans want to suffer more?

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