Friday, December 18, 2015

Liberation Of Goa – by Nixon Fernandes

Liberation Of Goa – by Nixon Fernandes
Goa was liberated on 19th Dec 1961 and were included in the Indian territory by the then PM of India. Goans have paid a very heavy price for this annexed of Goa into India. In fact Goa and Goans are still paying the price.
The military that came to liberate Goa from the Portuguese rule unfortunately didn't leave and after the liberation stayed back in our beautiful Goa and started grabbing lands on the pretext of security in the name of defence. Now they have set their eyes on all the islands of Goa. For the Navy Goa is their holiday destination and nothing else. Goa is for their leisure purpose, look at the way they have captured the only civilian airport of Goa at Dabolim and now claiming that it's a military airport.
Now our Defence Minister Mr. Parrikar wants to give a part of land in Betul for this amusements called as Defence Expo, looks like Mr. Parrikar forgot what happened few years ago when two naval aircraft during training coiled against each other and many young and budding lives were lost. Mr. Parrikar is justifying his move by saying revenue will be generated and tourists will come to watch this Expo at Betul but in reality all those land grabbers from other states will be there to grab more and more land, their evil eyes are set on Goa, coz Goa's land is a goldmine for them. Goans doesn’t need any kind of Defence Expo and unwanted guests in Goa anymore, it’s the BJP who wants to fill its coffers by hook or by crook.
Today everyone who has money and muscle power wants to sell Goa to the highest bidder, be it CM in Tiracol, DM in Betul and our Arch Bishop in Vanxim, all are on the same page, all of them wants money and more money, their greed has increased and now it knows no leaps and bounds, if anyone objects they try to take him/her on their side if S/he is not bowing to their pressure then they are eliminated systematically, a classic example everyone has in front of their eyes is of Fr. Bismarque Dias.
If we want to change this then the real liberation of Goa should come from within us, yes we the people of Goa should start reasoning now, do we really want to protect Goa or just shout and do nothing, if we want to protect Goa then we have one last chance, it’s the power that we possess in our own hands and nobody can take that away from us. It’s the power of our precious vote.
Let's all join hands and vote for the candidates who will protect Goa and won't do just lip service like some of the current MLAs and Ministers. Lets vote for clean, non-corrupt and honest candidates who will be the guiding force for all of us, S/he can be one among us, we have a last chance before2017 assembly elections to choose the wise one.
Let's all decide this coming assembly elections lets Liberate Goa from the clutches of the hungry beasts who are out to destroy our beautiful Goa. Let's liberate Goa from the communal and Corrupt parties and their Ministers and MLAs.
Finally lets liberate Goa from the Maharastrian import CM, who in spite of knowing that the state has only one only official language i.e. Konkani yet he took the oath in Marathi.
Let's kick him and his affiliates out and let really liberate Goa for once and for all.
This will be the real Liberation of Goa.

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