Tuesday, December 8, 2015


It is now clear that INDIAN AGENCIES ( i.e Intelligence Bureau,via chief Secretaries, etc) are USING the Goans ( Catholics) to make decisions leading to the destruction of Goa and Goans. For example- Nilesh Cabral(MLA) proposed CBI inquiry against Claude Alvares (Goa Foundation),, Michael Lobo ( NDPDP) declaring a proposal to convert huge comunidade agricultural lands around Mapusa for expansion of Mapusa ( benefiting non Goans),,, and Francis D’Souza ( Deputy Chief minister and Town and Country Planning minister) trying to change the Regional Plan to destroy the environment and demographic profile to benefit anti Goans. They have also USED Forensic Medicine HoD Dr Edmund for providing a bogus Autopsy report on Bismark, to make it appear that the death was natural/accidental..

These Indian agencies (who behave like snakes) are therefore attempting to prove to the International Community that INDEGENEOUS GOANS have themselves to blame for the concretization of Goan villages, and therefore saving themselves from possible International Intervention ( e.g. air and drone strikes on anti- Goan targets, etc) for this illegality...

Also there is no system to protect Goans at the VILLAGE level. The FRAUDULENT PANCHAYAT SYSTEM does not protect Goan villages. Panchayat members who are elected by Goan villagers ,are then bribed to make decisions against Goan interest ( e.g. Carmona panchayat approving Rahejas real estate), making a mockery of democracy. There is no referendum in villages for major decisions like land conversion, or construction licences ( But TCP can give full permission to construct on Goan Land).

Any True Goan who has the potential to expose these illegalities are murdered in a sophisticated way (E.g. Mathany, Bismark), so that Indian snakes can continue with the destruction of Goa without being exposed to the International Community. Bismark was poised to Unravel the Illegalities of the Government, therefore they have got rid of him. The murder of Bismark was so smooth, that it was definitely carried out by more than just ordinary hired killers.

These are the same manipulative strategies India have been using in Kashmir after they were forced under International Pressure to end Governor’s rule (and genocide of the Kashmiris in the 80s/90s) and have elections.. However they have managed to heavily bribe the National Conference ( Farooq and Omar Abdullah) then and now the CM Mufti Sayeed to support the Indian rule over Kashmir and suppress the right to self determination of Kashmiris..So now India argues that Kashmiris support India as they have elected a Pro- Indian Govt.. This proves India is just a SHAM DEMOCRACY.

Another U- Turn by India- 

After Pakistan’s PM Navaz Sharif’s meeting with US president Obama last month, there was a SUDDEN U- TURN by India. (Obviously under US pressure). The BJP, who have been refusing to talk with Pakistan on KASHMIR insisting that “talks and terror cannot go on together” (and trying delaying tactics),, have suddenly started dialogue., 

Last week, Modi held a bilateral meeting on Kashmir with Nawaz Sharif in Paris. This was followed by secret Kashmir talks between the two National Security Advisers in neutral Bangkok.

Today BJP External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj will travel to Islamabad to hold talks on Kashmir with her Pakistani counterpart, Sartaj Aziz.

Let’s see what BJP has to say about why it is resuming the dialogue with Pakistan after earlier rejecting talks. Will it tell the truth that it has bowed down to International Pressure?

The Censored Indian Press will also fool the IGNORANT Indian population, with its Indian version that the talks were about Pakistan sponsored terrorism, instead of reporting the humiliating truth that India bowed down to International pressure , and forced to sort out the Kashmir dispute.

The Bottomline is that if India goes against International opinion, Pakistan would no longer be under international pressure to block and suppress Muslim insurgents, who would then cause widespread insurgency in India , leading to the disintegration of India., 

Moreover, India is well aware that any US intervention into India will be a cakewalk ( nowhere as difficult as Afghanistan or Iraq, whose people continue to fight on). US just needs to demolish the command and control centres of India in a day. Selfish Indians would then immediately bow down and serve their new masters, as Indians have always done in the past ( when the Moghuls or British invaded it).

The urgent need now is for indigenous Goans is to form a United Front and Demand Independence at the International level. Goans have been living under Indian dictatorship (fake democracy) for too long !!!.

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