Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Goa Liberation ? By Arwin Mesquita

The Liberation of Goa was supposed to be the most happiest moment in history for Goa. But are we really liberated?

1) Goa was once the most beautiful and cleanest places in India, now it's going filthy by the day. Just look at the pictures in 1961 and going into today

2) Black Money rich Indians are buying out Goan land left right and centre with the assistance of the Corrupt Goa Governments, looks like Goa is being liberated from the Goans!

3)The Centre, Goa Government and mining companies are looting and taking award most of our rich Mineral Wealth. Had we had this for Goa, we would have been one of the richest states in the world

4) At Liberation time most of the Public Administration was by Goan, now that is gradually going to be a Goan minority! Again being liberated from the Goans

5) Environment is gradually being destroyed, water/air polluted. We are gradually importing the stinking corruption from rest of India!

6) Promises made by the then Indian Government in 1961 for Goans to decide the destiny of Goa to preserve the identity of Goa and now totally ignored !!

So what are we really celebrating !!

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