Wednesday, December 23, 2015

MISUSE OF FREEDOM By Satyajit Prabhudessai

During the freedom struggle in India there were two types of freedom fighters-the Extremities and the Moderates. Extremities are those type of people who want to achieve freedom in extreme way through violence, strength, power etc. Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar, Savarkar etc. were Extremities, where as Moderates were the people who want to achieve freedom through peaceful ways i.e. non violence, moderate means Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru, Maulana Azad etc.were Moderates.

In Goa many freedom fighters fought against the Portuguese rule and gave us liberation, with the help of Indian Army. All people who were jailed during Portuguese regime cannot be said as freedom fighters, because many people were caught in smuggling alcohol near the borders of Goa, some were caught for robberies,etc. But a true freedom fighter is the one who fought against Portuguese, without any of his vested interest and only to benefit Goa and Goans,so that freedom should be achieved by us in democratic way.

 Some of our freedom fighters even refused to accept pensions from the govt. and said that 'we fought for Goa's freedom, achieved freedom for our people and our State and not for  the benefit of collecting pensions and schemes.' Unfortunately these people are no more, they suffered and were punished under Portuguese  rule.

Looking at the present scenario freedom fighters will be the most unhappy people in Goa, they never expected  democracy to be how it is  today. In the name of democracy our politicians looted the State and Goans, they do whatever they want bring projects by grabbing communidade land, farmers land, tenants land etc.doing something which is not required at all without being bothering about the ecology and environment. Deforestation, cutting of hills is the order of the day today. 

There is no safety for Goans in Goa, one cannot raise his voice against illegality and if raised his voice is suppressed for instance the recent death of activist Bismarque Dias and when people ask for justice for Bismarque's death they are  manhandled  and arrested by our police. Is this  democracy, is this  the reason why our freedom fighters shed their blood and gave us freedom. Portuguese were much better in governance, Goa was much better in their hands.

The Portuguese dictatorship was hundred times better than Indian  democracy to be honest Indians gave us freedom only to benefit them and treat us as their colony. The only difference is Goa now is a colony of Delhi and not Portugal.

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