Friday, May 31, 2013


22nd December, 1961

New York : The New York Daily News in an editorial headed,'The Hindu Faker', yesterday slammed Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru for attacking and capturing Portuguese Goa.

“Of all the sidelights on Indian Prime Minister Nehru’s grab of Portuguese Goa, we treasure most the Hindu leader’s own crack that the quick success of the operation proved it to have been right. “The late Adolf Hitler couldn't have said it better. A bank robber might as well argue that the loot was justly his because he took it in a hurry without killing anybody and made a fast getaway.
“Seriously, though, this Hindu faker Nehru has encouraged greedy, grabby characters like Soekarno and Mao Tse-tung all over the world. After a lifetime of pacifist preaching, he may turn out to have been a champion breeder of wars.
“Can the United States do anything to register a strong disapproval of Mr Nehru’s hypocritical aggression?
“It happens that the US Time Corporation, prior to the Goa grab, was all set to build a five million dollars, 1,500-job, watch-making plant in India. Now Time Corporation notifies New Delhi that the deal is off, and the factory may well be set up in Pakistan, the neighboring nation that Nehru hates most.
“Why not a similar re-jiggering of US aid to India and to Pakistan?”

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